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Jack the Ripper: An Unholy Trinity?

Jack the Ripper has fought Dracula (And Captain Kirk! But that’s beside the point.) and has been accused of being a vampire. I figure it’s safe to feature ol’ Saucy Jack here on this site, then. He more than qualifies for inclusion. Sometimes I have to stretch a bit to make a topic, um, topical,…

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Clowns Abound

Man, this clown thing just won’t go away. Much the opposite, in fact; it seems to be growing. I suspect it is a sociological thing. There is no “great clown conspiracy.” The Internet makes it all possible. People read about the clown sightings that are scaring folks in some other state and decide to stage…

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THE STRAIN Asks Some Tough Questions

In case you haven’t been watching THE STRAIN—and why are you even on this site if you haven’t been?—a new and altogether illegal program has been initiated by the authorities in which people are arrested without ever being charged, then instead of being locked up they are are conscripted into duty as vampire hunters by…

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The search for BUDAPEST

You’ve all been there, I bet. It’s gotten a lot easier, sure. Today you can be out somewhere and hear a song playing, and hold up your cellphone and Siri or Google will identify it for you. Before such technological indulgences, folks had to struggle. You had to listen, hoping to hear the song again…

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Next Week on…THE STRAIN

That’s Carlton Cuse who does the voice-overs for the promos, isn’t it? The guy who says, “Previously on…THE STRAIN…” It must be cool to have such a rich, gravely voice. Myself, I have the perfect voice for writing. You’ve heard the expression “A face for radio,” right? It’s like that. My words sound better read…

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Creepy Clowns, State by State

No, they aren’t vampires, but these recent creepy clown sightings are big news right now, and scary clowns don’t have their own website, so I do hope the purists will indulge me as I continue coverage of the phenomenon here, on this site. Besides, the clown COULD be a vampire. It does seem to possess…

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GREASE: Were they dead the whole time?

I don’t usually pay any attention to fan theories, as they are wrong 99% of the time and irrelevant 99.5% of the time. I typically pay even less attention to musicals, both those of the stage variety and those that end up turned into movies. The few that I love are all Horror-themed, PHANTOM OF…

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Thoughts on THE STRAIN Season Three, Episode Four

Quinlan’s okay, so all is well! I didn’t really expect them to kill him off, but I was afraid they’d put him in a coma or something for a few episodes. So glad my fears were unfounded. He’s fine, just totally pissed off at the Ancients. Speaking of which, I hate the little vampire yes-man…

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In Celebration of Schreck

(And NO, we are not talking about the chubby green cartoon character.) I remember reading, in an actual magazine, which is what people did in those long-ago (not really), long-gone (certainly) days before the Internet, while Francis Ford Coppolla was busy filming BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, that actor Gary Oldman, cast in the lead role, a…

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Killer Identified—after 350 Years

And in this week’s biggest “Duh!” moment, the disease that caused the great plague of London in 1665-1666 has been conclusively identified as…the Plague! Yep, now we know. Of course we already knew, but now we know for sure, sure. It was the Plague. So glad that mystery is solved! Yeah, alright, I’m being facetious….

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strain book

THE STRAIN – Goin’ its own way

I’ve not read the STRAIN novels by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. I made a deliberate decision when I chose to delve into the TV series that I didn’t want to know ahead of time what was going to happen. I wanted to experience everything fresh, not knowing where the story was going. As…

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clown teeth

Clowns, Clowns, Everywhere Clowns!

If you suffer from Coulrophobia, you might want to stop reading now. You’ve probably heard it in the news, that a clown, or clowns, plural, is/are lurking in the woods around Greenville, South Carolina, trying to lure children into those same woods. Now there are reports of freaky clowns showing up in other places, too,…

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