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Never take DRACULA into the bathroom!

I have OCD. If you don’t know what that is—and I’m talking about the actual condition, here, not the catchphrase version you may have heard—google it. It’s way too complicated to go into here, and not relative to vampirism—actually, I’m wrong. It is TOTALLY relatable. That thing about a vampire having to stop and pick…

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LOST BOYS TV Series in the Works

It’s a sad commentary on the state of entertainment these days that I have become conditioned to react a certain way, with negativity and derision, to almost any news concerning an established property being “reimagined.” Like tapping the old knee causes the foot to give a little kick. That was my response when I read…

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Review: THE STRAIN Season Three Premiere

Now THAT is how you do a season opener! My only complain is that it was too short. I wanted more. I wanted two hours, for sure. It seemed we’d just gotten started when the closing credits started scrolling across the screen. Tempus sure did fugit during that show, which I suppose is as good…

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THE STRAIN is being pimped hard

Producers of the FX series THE STRAIN, which returns to television sets around the world this coming Sunday (Huzzah! Suck on it, John Logan! You can’t cheat me out of THIS one!), have gotten creative with their marketing for the show’s third season. (See, Logan, this is how you do a third season!) There was…

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Thieves steal the True Cross – True Story!

Let me state here at the outset that if I honestly believed, at all, that the relic that had previously been on display at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in San Francisco WAS a piece of the True Cross, I wouldn’t be so glib in tone with this article. The True Cross is the actual structure…

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eichorst strain

It’s Fun to be a Strigoi

If you lived in the world where THE STRAIN takes place, would you choose to voluntarily become a Strigoi? This new promo (available via bloody-disgusting at the source link below), which is a clever ad for the upcoming season of Guillermo del Toro’s ass-kicking vampire TV series on FX, encourages viewers to do just that….

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A Vampiric Plea for Tolerance

A man from Blackburn, England named Darkness Vlad Tepes—And no, that isn’t the name on the guy’s birth certificate; I wonder if he pronounces “Tepes” correctly?—claims that he has been living the life of a vampire for the past thirteen years. He drinks blood: cow’s and pig’s blood, as well as human “blood substitute.” (What…

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dracula LOTV set


I do hope you all will pardon me, dear readers, for focusing so much this week on myself. I don’t usually do that, but I am celebrating a special occasion, my first, ahem, “victimization” at the fingertips of an online troll. One of the tacks my erstwhile little troll utilized was to mention my original…

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eva green PD 1

A First Encounter with a Troll, Part Two: Ode to a Troll

There are three possibilities, here, as to why My Little Troll (MLT) responded the way it did to my article on Eva Green of PENNY DREADFUL. (Suggestion: Read that article first, if you haven’t already.) My Little Troll got its knickers all in a twist over my commenting on Ms. Green’s physical attractiveness, and my…

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A First Encounter with a Troll, Part One

Internet trolls are not named after the mythological creatures. The term derives from the process of “trolling,” which is a kind of fishing wherein a hook and line are drawn through the water, often at considerable depths, to snag prey; the similarities to Internet trolling are obvious, hence the word’s origin and usage. Anyone who…

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Vampira Dentata

A few years ago saw the theatrical run of my original play, DRACULA: LORD OF THE VAMPIRES. We sold out every performance and audience response couldn’t have been better. We even had a pair of sanguinarians who came out and gave the production there seal of approval. (Note: If your theatre group would like to…

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vampire bat cute

Pokemon Go saves a Baby Bat

Last week I reported that Romania is trying to get in on the whole Pokemon Go craze, by offering a special Dracula bat monster that enthusiasts can chase and catch by visiting sites in that country of historical importance to the real life Dracula, Vlad III “The Impaler.” Now this week comes a report of…

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