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Nosfera-Tunes! Snuttock

Music may be one of if not the most primeval of all art forms.  Does it not predate language? Even today, with things like lyrics and moving images added, somehow music reaches right down deep into our reptile brain.  It stirs our core. For those interested in the visceral experience of undeath–in terms of role-playing,…

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The Release of ‘Bloodsucking Bastards’ is Coming!

“Shout Factory has acquired the North American rights to BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS…” The Shout Factory just acquired the rights to the film Bloodsucking Bastards which basically means that now someone has the right to actually distribute the film: distribute, as in, give it to theaters and then the theaters show it to us. Derp.  The deal covered theatrical…

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‘Near Dark’ & 9 Other Great Horror Movies That Were Supposed to Have Remakes

“When it comes to vampire movies, it doesn’t get much better than Near Dark, so it’s no surprise that the 1987 film nearly got a remake a few years back, when vamps were all the rage.” But unfortunately, Twilight beat the bastards remaking Near Dark to the punch. Oh and don’t get too excited about missing out on…

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First Look at New Fangoria Issue Cover Promises More on ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’

“Spike Lee on his controversial vampire film DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS…” Except, Spike Lee says it’s definitely not a vampire movie. Should be exciting though, I mean, he hasn’t actually opened up very much about the film so far, and I’m interested in what he has to say about the story, but moreso on…

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So Many Carmillas!

The twentieth century saw literally dozens of major adaptations of Bram Stoker‘s novel Dracula, from plays and musicals to radio productions, t.v. series, television adaptations and motion pictures.  Yet that same period saw a dearth of Carmilla versions.  LeFanu‘s classic in that period saw three radio versions, three major stage plays, three television adaptations (one…

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Yet Another ‘Biggest Threat Ever’ Comes to Mystic Falls & Sheriff Forbes Dies

“The Vampire Diaries has brought in several enemies for the gang of Mystic Falls to handle during the last six seasons.” You know how, every time someone, –that isn’t Demi Moore, –shaves their head in a movie, it’s totally fake, and the fake head makes the person look hydrocephalic? That same sense of disappointment comes…

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Check Out the New Trailer for Magicka 2… and Vampire Vlad Who Misses His Wizard Buddies

I’m eager to get my hands on Magicka 2, and assault my chums… I love Steam, and I’m way ready for new games… I just have Postal 2 right now, and I skip over the free-to-play section with intense boredom. What I really want to play are some of the sexier, expensive games. And by…

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‘The Originals’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ –Klaus Gets Around & Apparently, Sings in the Shower!

“The Originals Joseph Morgan talks about singing in the shower, getting married, and his show!” I adore Klaus, his character; he’s pretty hardcore, and very um, goal oriented. That’s an admirable quality in a man, but then there’s the whole, killed like, a shitload of people thing though. But Joseph Morgan, the guy who plays…

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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Getting Cuddly on the Set of The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder is newly engaged to the love of his life Nikki Reed but you won’t believe what we just found out about his on-set relationship with his ex Nina Dobrev!” So this is apparently what happened: between takes or while filming or whatever, Nina Dobrev sat next to Ian Somerhalder, and just laid her…

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Jason Flemyng to Direct Vampire Action Film ‘Reign of Blood’

He’s making his directorial debut with a vampire action film This could be cool; I adore Jason Flemyng, –he was great in Snatch, where he played the pikey brother of Brad Pitt; and pikey, btw, is a real thing, and actually, has been a real thing, for a very, very long time. Traveling families or communities, very…

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A New Vampire RPG: ‘Bloodletting’

“Welcome to Bloodletting, an RPG fantasy world where Vampires, Slayers, Werewolves, Witches and Angels interact, role play, fight, and engage in war with each other…” Are you ready for something new and exciting? I thought so: by the way, to get through to the game, you can click through the source article. I love PBBGs…

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So… Looks Like Liz Forbes is Going to Bite the Dust on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spoiler: Casting Call for a Funeral! Spoiler alert? Or yeah, I guess it’s too late for that: a huge funeral scene was needed for The Vampire Diaries recently, for people living in Georgia (why, oh why, did I ever move away from Georgia?), of all ages, and it was most likely for…

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‘Let the Right One In’ On Broadway

‘Let the Right One In’ based on Swedish novel and film reunites director John Tiffany and choreographer Steven Hoggett. This production of a great novel, a good film, and an okay American remake, sound completely asinine. The stage production is meant to look more like the Swedish film than the American film, and sure, there…

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