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Will ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Die Out After Season 7?

“The Vampire Diaries could be in for some trouble with the network. The episode that was expected to draw in numbers turned out to be the lowest rated of all…” The Vampire Diaries has been dropping in viewers for a while now; looking at the numbers from when the show first start, to the viewers it…

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Lon Chaney vs. Bela Lugosi: Silence or Script? May the Best Vampire Win!

“Fake blood, wax teeth and bat wings…” Discovering the art and awesomeness of silent film is a reward unto itself; many people avoid black and white, so finding people willing to sit through silent black and white movies is an exponentially more difficult task. Thank god for our older audience, and our hipsters. London After Midnight is more than…

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Fright Night 2: New Blood

There’s something inherently dishonest in the title of this film.  After all, it does not really have anything to do with the 2011 remake.  If anything it counts as a remake.  We have another Charley Brewster (Will Payne) who clearly shares no history with the “previous” film. Ditto Amy Peterson (Sasha Parkinson), Peter Vincent (Sean…

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Jemaine Clement & Taika Waititi Rate the Accuracy of Vampires in Film –and Give Vampires Necessary Financial Advice

Stephenie Meyer and Robert Pattinson have a lot of vampire blood on their hands. I know I’ve probably waxed logical on this subject about a million times, but someone has to be a champion of logic in response to all the claims out there that “real vampires don’t sparkle” –dude. “Real” vampires wear black, compete…

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Is Nina Dobrev Willing to Break Her ‘Vampire Diaries’ Contract Just to Get Away from Ian Somerhalder?

We’ve covered in detail Nina Dobrev’s desire to land a solid movie franchise and use that as a launchpad for a solid film career. The answer to that, people, is “probably not” . Because even though we believe, along with everyone else who has any common sense, –that everything isn’t that great with Ian Somerhalder…

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Foxy Vampire Seductress in ‘Blood Soup’ On Stage

 “The opening scene of Blood Soup (Canh Mau), the Sai Gon Theatre’s new play for the Tet holiday, made a strong impression on the audience by producing a shocking nightmare caused by a fox ghost.”  When this younger, nerdier generation of anime aficionados and cosplayers think of the “kitsune” –they usually think of the half-fox furry chicks in…

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Covers & Sketches for ‘The Complete Dracula’ mini series by John Cassaday

“Artist John Cassaday did a series of covers for Dynamite’s The Complete Dracula series back in 2009.”  There is something to be said for horror comics, that isn’t said nearly often enough: they’re awesome. Comic books are generally believed to be all about superheroes, villains, saving the day at the cost of great personal sacrifice,…

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Vampire of Just… Amazingly Weird? Guy Alive After 70 Years Without Food

“IF Vampires is real he is surely one, maybe feeds off humans energy/chi or emotions….” I  had to see this when I first heard about it and am still skeptical, as I think many people are. It just seems a little too hard to believe just seeing it on the internet, in this case; seeing…

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Read This: Dracula Was a Woman by Raymond T. McNally

Fictional tale of a female dracula. A lot of people rely heavily on Wikipedia when researching their romance novels, their Kindle ebooks, and the swill that is considered “trendy” literature today. But there was a time, when people wanted to research for a book, they would approach these magical places, known as “libraries”. It’s where…

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Can Stefan Help Caroline Regain Her Humanity?

“…Caroline … despite Elena’s protests, shut off her humanity for the time being.” Caroline, without her humanity, is totally a new experience for me; she’s always been very together, organized, and –honestly, very flip. Caroline, even when she was alive, was able to distance herself from emotional ordeals with a certain amount of apathy. Not…

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Fearless Vampire Killers Release New Comic Book: ‘The Vigilante’

“The group have revealed that they’ll be releasing a brand-new comic book, The Vigilante.” Ah, vampire music, –when I first saw this, I was like, “Omg, keep them away, hiss!” Because, y’know, me being a vampire and all, I feared for my life. But then, I saw that they weren’t, y’know The Fearless Vampire Killers that I…

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Valentine’s is Over… But You Can Still Have a Very Sexy V-Day Of Your Own with These Books

“There are hundreds of reasons to love romance novels, but one of them is that these love stories give us the chance to relive the joy and buoyancy of all the “firsts” of love…” Okay, so, I know I have been publicly negative about vampire erotica/romance; the genre tends to be disappointing. But February is…

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