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Pence’s daughter is a Vampire?

Do unto others. That’s the best philosophy a person can practice in this life. It is applicable to any situation. Since I detest it when celebrities and entertainers talk down to me, spouting off about politics and telling me how they think I ought to think, I probably shouldn’t do it myself. Spout off, that…

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As I continue to wage war against screenwriter John Logan (and by waging war I mean that I’m posting articles criticizing him) for his peremptorily ending his excellent series PENNY DREADFUL and then lying to his fans about it (see those recent articles on this site), I’ve been concurrently searching for something to partially fill…

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I had intended to go see this one in the theater. I’d seen the trailer and thought it looked intriguing, and I’m always open to fresh Horror offerings. Alas it came and went from the picture houses pretty quickly, and I had something going on at the time; I think my production company had a…

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Trekkin’ through Vampire Country, Part the Second

Justin Blair directed a documentary entitled ACROSS THE FOREST. Knowledgeable readers will know that Transylvania, the homeland of all things vampirey, literally translates as “the land beyond the forest,” and it was to Transylvania that Mr. Blair traveled for his film. He went there in search of vampire slayers. The article, available at the link…

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pere malfait

Père Malfait, the Cajun Boogeyman

After viewing an episode of KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, forerunner to and inspiration for THE X-FILES, entitled “The Spanish Moss Murders,” I wondered if the supernatural threat featured in that episode was based on a genuine legend. As most episodes of this series did feature titular character Darren McGavin fighting some monster out of actual…

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penny dreadful brona

Busted! Proof that John Logan, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, lied to his fans!

Slam-dunk, peeps. If this were a courtroom, then the prosecution just produced the smoking gun. Yes, I said that I was ready to move on, to stop shaming Logan for his behavior, but when the evidence just keeps on a’comin’, I’d be remiss to ignore it. If there is anyone out there who still believes…

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You gotta fight…for your right…to watch PENNY DREADFUL

Yes, I said that I’d said my peace (Or should that be “piece?” As in, piece of mind? My two cents’ worth?) on the subject of PENNY DREADFUL, and the way series creator John Logan had screwed over his fans, with the none-too-polite letter I wrote to him, and which Showtime promptly sent back to…

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How did I ever manage to miss MAD MONSTER PARTY? The creation of Rankin/Bass, the production company responsible for bringing us those beloved holiday perennials RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN, HERE COME PETER COTTONTAIL, THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS and more, MAD MONSTER PARTY is like all these others…

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lenore poe

An Ode to Lost Lenore(s)

Edgar Allan Poe’s poem LENORE, which began as a poem called A PAEAN, although the pair are considered as separate works today, deals with Poe’s favorite subject: a dead woman. Specifically a young, beautiful dead woman. It can be seen as the companion piece to THE RAVEN. Learned readers will know that the latter poem…

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Trekkin’ Through Vampire Country, Part the First

The year was 1890. The time of the Great Explorers was waning. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the last of the likes of da Gama, Magellan, and Leif Erikson, died that very year. There were still tracts of the world that remained unexplored and unmapped, but those places were shrinking rapidly. The world was becoming, for…

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DS 50

Happy birthday, DARK SHADOWS!

I have, on numerous previous occasions, explained to the non-fans just how important, how influential, the TV series DARK SHADOWS was, and is, to the vampire genre. I don’t really need to go through it all again, do I? And I sure don’t have to preach to the choir by telling the fans what they,…

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DS widows hill


Properly last week should have been all full-up on the DRAK SHADOWS stuff, as last weekend was the annual DS convention, extra special this year in that it was celebrating the fiftieth(!) anniversary of the series’ debut on ABC in 1966. Last week, however, there were big goings-on with PENNY DREADFUL and my righteous crusade…

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