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Huff the Vampire Hedgehog

Not to be confused with “Puff the Magic Dragon,” that song by Peter, Paul, and Mary that is supposedly NOT about drug use, but come on, you can’t tell me they didn’t at least jokingly realize people were gonna draw that conclusion. But I digress. Huff is a cute little hedgehog with a pair of…

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I admit, I can be a little bit of a snob. When I hear of a micro-budgeted movie, I tend to expect the worst. Considering my mad love for Ed Wood’s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and his other cheapie classics, maybe I should be more open-minded. More often than not, though, what I get…

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Don’t touch that Ouija!

Let’s say there is a particular fish you want to catch. We’ll call this fish “Walter.” Maybe Walter is the Moby Dick to your Ahab; you’re obsessed with Walter and you really, really want him in the frying pan. We’ll assume that you would recognize Walter by sight. Problem is, Walter is somewhere swimming around…

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I’m going to make the assumption, at the risk of making an ass out of you and umption, that regular readers of this site know who Ed Wood is. I won’t waste any time, then, in explaining to you all why the man was a true mad genius, as you should already know that, too….

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wooden stakes vampires

Got Wood?

That’s wood, with a lowercase “w,” not “Wood,” as in Ed Wood, who is the subject of another article coming out this week. (Everybody needs some Ed Wood in their lives, I believe.) Particularly we are speaking of wooden stakes, which are handy for pinning down landscapers’ strings and destroying vampires. Granted you’re more likely…

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Last week, I introduced those of you who were woefully ignorant of the man to the larger-than-life Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton (, cartographer, explorer, secret agent, linguist, poet, mystic, swordsman, ethnologist, voluminous writer, etc. and etc. And I pointed out his connections to the world of vampires, i.e. he wrote VIKRAM AND THE…

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In Memoriam: Bram Stoker

I’m not even gonna pretend that I have to inform any of you who Stoker was, or what he’s famous for. Instead I will confess that I have, I’m sad to admit, sometimes relegated the man to a less prominent position than he rightfully deserves in my personal estimations. How can that be, you might…

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barnabas b&w

In Memoriam: Jonathan Frid

This week saw the four year anniversary of the death of Jonathan Frid. (Four years already? Man, tempus fugit, alright.) Although it is frequently reported that Mr. Frid passed away, at age 87, on April 14th, his passing actually occurred on the 13th—which, appropriately enough, was a Friday. Jonathan Frid deserves to be listed alongside…

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Review: SANDS OF TIME by Christine Church, Part TWO

Authors who submit works to this site for review are always welcome to do so, but be forewarned. I don’t write puff-pieces. I consider that I have a responsibility to my readers to be honest, brutally honest, if necessary. Fortunately I don’t have to savage SANDS OF TIME: FATE OF THE TRUE VAMPIRES too badly,…

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Review: SANDS OF TIME by Christine Church, Part One

If you’ve written a vampire-related book, you can send me a copy and I will review it here. No qualifiers, no filtration system, no hoops you have to jump through. It’s easy. However, there is a potential downside to it. I’m honest. I have to be. As much as I am a big softie at…

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doug jones nosferatu

Doug Jones to portray NOSFERATU

If Mr. Jones doesn’t have a name that is immediately recognizable to all movie goers, like, say, a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt, chances are those people failing to do the recognizing have nonetheless seen Mr. Jones onscreen. (The geeks of the world, on the other hand, know exactly who he is, and started…

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Professor Elizabeth Miller doesn’t look like an expert on vampires, specifically the greatest and most famous vampire of them all, and hardly embodies what most people would think of when they hear the title “Baroness of the House of Dracula,” bestowed upon her by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula in Romania. She looks like the…

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