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10 Favorite Vampire Costume Ideas

This only a few short months until Halloween arrives, and various gothic masquerades as well as theatrical events and gatherings calling for costumes await the fan of vampire (as well as their kith and kin)! So the time to start planning your vampire costumes is really right now (although, to be honest, when isn’t it…

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The World’s Most (In)famous Ghost Ship

It’s the stuff of maritime legend: a ship sighted in the distance, hailed without response, and boarded to reveal a vessel under full sail, its wheel creaking aimlessly, cabin doors slamming open and shut in the wind, and … not a soul onboard.   The story of the MARY CELESTE is one of the strangest and…

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Life-sucking Tumor—with Teeth!

Bioarchaeologists working in Peru have discovered evidence of a teratoma, an “evil twin” tumor in the abdomen of a 16th century teenage girl. File this under creee-py. Or under Ewwwwww. Archaeologists digging in Peru discovered the skeletal remains of a teenage girl who had suffered in life from an ovarian teratoma, or “monstrous tumor.” A…

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The real Castle Dracula. (The OTHER real one.)

Hunedoara is a mandatory destination of those who travel Romania on the trail of Count Dracula. It is said that the legendary Vlad III of Wallachia (commonly known as Vlad the Impaler) lived here for a while, and as a prisoner. Somehow or other, Castle Bran got bequeathed the title of “honorary” Castle Dracula. Maybe…

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A Godzilla-sized vampire plant? Gonna need a LOT of weed killer.

The Vampire Plant’s name was given to it by the characters of the original Mothra film. The “vampire” part of its name probably means that it kills people and animals and eats them, and the “plant” part of its name comes from the fact that it is a plant. Oh, all that monkeying around with…

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Nightmares Behind Bars

For many people, listening to just one person describe their dreams is a nightmare. But for G. William Domhoff, it’s a calling… Our dreams can tell so much about us. They reveal things that are hidden, sometimes hidden even from the individual in question. Dream interpretation speaks to an individual’s fears, anxieties, hopes, lusts, guilt…

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Adorable Little Monsters

Japanese artist Kento Sato, better known as kto kto, has been releasing his “Monster Series” (怪物シリーズ) figures since the middle of 2014 but — finally — his foreign fans can buy the pieces directly from the artist. What is it about cute little things that can kill you? I’m a sucker for ’em. Gremlins; the…

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Careful with that lamp! You don’t know what’s in it!

Rushdie has stopped living in hiding, even though technically the fatwa still remains; yet on the other hand the rich tapestry of Muslim culture has remained one of his main sources of inspiration . . . Salman Rushdie may be an apostate Muslim (This is the charge that got him put on a “hit list”…

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Vampires terrorize the Tundra! (Well, not really…)

Marita Crandle, owner Boutique du Vampyre, directed my attention to a “website” discussing vampires in Alaska and advances in “vampirology and technology.” Heh heh heh. This is clever. A little behind the times, politically speaking, as the primary issues it addresses have already been decided, but it stands out as an intelligent, biting (pun of…

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If you can’t stake it, fake it!

Sean Manchester, 70, phony vampire hunter, replied to “Vampire Hunter Dodges Horror Heavyweight’s Meet Offer” (June 15, 2015). The result was unsurprising. Ah, the Internet! For all the ways in which it’s improved our lives, the ease which it has afforded to communication, the capabilities to receive pressing news almost instantaneously, it also has a…

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Don’t die with a Slavic surname in Colorado. Somebody might put a stake in you, just to be on the safe side.

Visit reports, news, maps, directions and info on Vampire Grave in Lafayette, Colorado. I love ROADSIDE AMERICA. If I’m ever going on vacation, it’s gonna be a driving trip. I don’t do airplanes unless absolutely necessary. Yes, I know that the odds of dying in a plane crash are considerably less than dying in an…

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Vampires 101

Vampire fans have a rich vein of lore to draw from. This succinct article serves as a primer for anyone still in this day and age somehow unfamiliar with the development over time of the vampire legend. The author states, correctly, that the true origins of the myth are unknown, and unknowable. It is not…

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The Dark Arts of Blood (review)

Freda Warrington’s vampire novels make for lush, intense dramas involving angst-haunted, fierce undead–lovers, enemies, family members, friends, despots, sometimes religious fanatics or raving lunatics. Her latest The Dark Arts of Blood certainly is no exception. More, her tales explore that strange dangerous moments and relationships inherent when the world of humanity blends with that of…

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