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Research Project Explores Culture & Biology of Real Vampires

A five-year study, conducted on real vampires in New Orleans and Buffalo, details how and why they drink blood and what their lives are like. This is a fascinating study, and it seems like a bit of shame that the blogger covering it is kind of a douche nozzle. At the end of the piece,…

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The First Honest Podcast Ever Discusses Nosferatu & Hotel Transylvania

“This week, the Two for One Film Club explore horror for all the family, with Nosferatu and Hotel Transylvania…”  Okay, I was saying just the other day that a lot of people feel the need to unnecessarily swoon and cream themselves over old black and white films. In EVERY list of great vampire/werewolf/monster-of-some-kind-or-other films, there…

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Vampire Overkill in Films & TV

“When my mother chanced upon an episode of The Vampire Diaries on TV sometime ago, she remarked on how obsessed movie-makers were with vampires.” We’re very vampire crazy here… we admit it. Obsessed? Not really, but try explaining to a very vanilla guy the difference between “real” vampires and the vampires we know and love from cinema….

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10 Great Vampire Movies That Don’t Have Any Dracula

Top 10 best vampire movies topped by The Fearless Vampire Hunters and including Lost Boys and Let the Right One In. There’s a certain amount of irony here, since the first film in the list, or #10 anyway, is ‘Nosferatu’ –which was so controversial the filmmaker was sued, because it basically was an unauthorized adaptation…

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A Dystopian World Ruled By Vampires: Sound Familiar?

“Tsunamis reduced the USA into a shell of itself, called The Fold. Surviving humans and vampires joined forces to form The Colony, where registered citizens do as they’re told.”   The blurb for this book read great; I loved the story, so when I saw that there was an excerpt below, I was actually excited…

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Obscure Aswang Folklore Found in ABCs of Death 2

“…Mama bemoans the fact that she is 120 years old and insists that they take the stone and let her die.”   “I is for Invincible” –if you’ve checked out The ABCs of Death 2 on Netflix, then you’ve been through all the weirdness, the gore, the fair amount of crazy weirdness. My two favorite segments are…

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What to Eat When You Re-Watch ‘True Blood': The Very Unsophisticated Supper Dip Created by Charlaine Harris

Beyond Mystery Meat I caught this while just riding around on the Internet; I love to cook, in fact, my Christmas present to my boss was the groundbreaking of my first vampire book, –it’s actually a cookbook, and I’m still working on the title, but the idea is to finally share all the recipes with…

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A New Vampire Series Worth Reading: Charmain Mitchell Does Not Disappoint

“Vampire – Child of Destiny, is the second book in the ‘Vampire’ series of books, and continues with the story of Gwen, a five hundred year old vampire.”   The excerpt kind of got me hooked; I have to admit, I’m usually very skeptical about fly-by-night publishing and Amazon’s barely-edited-if-at-all ebooks for the Kindle. I…

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Weird or Awesome: The Vampire Diaries Trading Cards With Wardrobe Swatches

The Vampire Diaries Trading Cards Season 1. The set includes wardrobe cards, autograph cards and 2 exciting chase sets. 5 randomly chosen cards per pack. There’s some really odd merchandise out there that pretty much caters to the fan base of any and all established things. One of the weirdest products I’ve seen in a…

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Could Julie Plec Bring ‘Vampire Academy’ to TV?

Vampire Academy (2014) was not the hit film many had expected it to be. Could the creator of The Vampire Diaries bring VA to television? I think I read one of the Vampire Academy books when the series first came out; I haven’t seen the movie yet, to be honest, and from what I hear, –I would…

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Damon Has The Cure: Which Vampire Gets It Though?

“Now that the cure is back in Damon’s possession, will he make good on his promise to give it to Elena?” Do you think Damon will give the cure to Elena? Flat out. This is the real question. And if she does get it, will that mean she goes off to be with humans, –Jo…

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Quiz: Take the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Trivia Challenge

Bloody-Disgusting wants to see how well you know ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’! Take this 10-question quiz to see how solid your Buffy knowledge is! you think you’re a Buffy-expert, do ya? Well, this quiz does actually have a few tough questions, –like how old Angel is in particular episode, or what the name of…

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