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Unique Ways to “Return to Your Dust” – Part Three

Some people are committed to the ground in the hopes of an eventual resurrection. And then some are committed to the ice. Cryogenics, it’s called, or “Cryonics.” The thinking goes like this: The malady that kills you today may not be curable. Today. But a few years from now, or a few centuries, no problem….

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dark shadows the revival series

DARK SHADOWS TRS and TWIN PEAKS: Killed by the Gulf War and Idiotic Studio Execs—Resurrected! Part One

The year was 1990. The glorious 80s had come to an end, the original George Bush was in the White House, and cable television wasn’t what it is today. There weren’t 72 different 24-hour news networks, and even if there had been not so many folks had cable. When the Gulf War started in the…

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dark shadows the revival series2

DARK SHADOWS TRS and TWIN PEAKS: Killed by the Gulf War and Idiotic Studio Execs—Resurrected! Part Two

Did anybody really expect DARK SHADOWS to stay dead, after the NBC network shortsightedly pulled the plug on it, despite its high ratings, because they wanted to devote their 9 o’clock hour to live news coverage? Of course it didn’t. The Gulf War fizzled out and the network found themselves regretting their decision, but series…

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twin peaks opening

DARK SHADOWS TRS and TWIN PEAKS: Killed by the Gulf War and Idiotic Studio Execs—Resurrected! Part Three

TWIN PEAKS, along with the DARK SHADOWS Revival Series, suffered an ignominious fate at the hands of stupid network stuffshirts who wanted to turn their respective TV networks into CNN. (Guess what happened? People who wanted to watch CNN just turned to CNN. Wow. Couldn’t have seen THAT coming.) Both series were peremptorily cancelled. And…

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lost boys 2


Recently I was saddened to report on the passing of actor Brooke McCarter at the all-too-young age of 52 from a genetic liver condition. I hearkened back to my glorious latter childhood, when the film in which he enjoyed his biggest starring role, 1987’s THE LOST BOYS, was released to theaters, and shared my own…

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Ed's studio

Huzzah! Ed Wood’s studio to be preserved for posterity!

If you don’t know who Ed Wood is, you probably came across this site by accident. And if you don’t know why it is newsworthy, and a cause for celebration, that his workspace, named “Quality Studio” in Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, is being preserved by its new owners, rather than torn down, you also probably…

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AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD is coming, for better or worse

These days, I have a mixed reaction whenever I hear of a new vampire or paranormal-themed television project. Whereas before I would have been giddy with anticipation, the recent glut of such fare, a large percentage of which is, let us be honest about it, derivative and generic at best and just plain lousy at…

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Man kills kitty and drinks its blood to protest eviction

Back in the good ol’ 80s, in the midst of the “satanic panic” that swept the country, and the South in particular, in the days before the Internet and blazed the light of knowledge into the darkest recesses of modern folklore, I once heard a preacher state that Gene Simmons of KISS, as part…

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planet of the vampires

Planet X

Let’s get our astronomy on, y’all! You may have seen the headlines this week. Scientists Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown claim to have proven the existence of a TENTH planet in our solar system. They are saying it’s a NINTH planet, because they no longer designate poor little Pluto as an authentic planet. I say…

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Spontaneous Human Combustion captured on Video?

In all likelihood the video in this linked article is fake. That doesn’t, however, mean Spontaneous Human Combustion doesn’t exist. There are only two possibilities where this supposed phenomenon is concerned. Either (A) there is some force at work that can cause a human body to spontaneously catch fire and burn away to ashes in…

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A Microscopic Vampire?

Things don’t come back from the dead. That they MIGHT or they COULD is the very bedrock upon which the legend of the vampire—and all of the world’s religions—are founded. Whenever we hear of a person or an animal, even a plant, dying but then returning, or seeming to return, to life, we tend to…

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tut superglue

That’s No Way to Treat a King!

The long and short of this linked article is this: Somebody screwed up and then tried to cover it up. Somehow the beard on King Tutankhamen’s famous and immediately-recognizable face mask got broken off. One can almost imagine some worker bumping into it, breaking it, and uttering a highly audible, “D’oh!” Then this person hollered…

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