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Seven Best Vampire Flicks You Haven’t Seen

So many refer to vampire flicks in terms of Twilight or some such, or the most recent avatar of Dracula, maybe t.v. shows such as True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. Yet there’s far to the genre than one might think, looking at most articles or reviews. Consider these seven, several excellent and others at…

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Book Giveaway! Vampire’s Bane by Suzannah Daniels

“Most of the populace has been wiped out by a deadly disease, and the rules of society have regressed. But that’s not the worst of it….” Okay, so, imagine your parents send you to one of those shitty survivalist/super-max prison camp/private detention centers for rich parents and out of control teenagers… Or some kind of…

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Get Your Vampire Hidden Object Fix With Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love!

“Embark on a mysterious journey to the heart of Transylvania and investigate a series of nocturnal kidnappings bringing unrest to Eastern Europe.” I know, a lot of you purists are there are always saying how these games aren’t “real” games, but blow me, okay? Some of us have our guilty little secrets… and those guilty…

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Why Bother Reading Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’?

“The date-line is 2014. An outbreak of a deadly disease in a remote region, beyond the borders of a complacent Europe. Local deaths multiply.” Roger Luckhurst, the author of this short piece of genius literary review, explains the lure of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in a way many of us have probably never considered the story, dubbed “the…

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ & WB TV Group Team Up To Introduce the Sarah Jones Memorial Scholarship

In honor of late camera assistant Sarah Jones, Warner Bros. Television Group and the Vampire Diaries production team have joined with the… Sarah Jones was a camera assistant who worked on the set of The Vampire Diaries, among other shows for the CW, which is part of the Warner Bros. Television Group, –basically, CW is just a…

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Caroline Forces Damon and Elena to Analyze Their Relationship

“Can Stefan fool Caroline long enough to get her to flip her humanity switch in “Because”? …” You know, the thing is, it’s like… we all know where this is headed, you know? We all know that Elena, at the end of this season, is going to be gone. And since there’s no news about Ian…

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Vampires Discovered Near Mass Grave in Ireland

“Since the 12th Century folktales have swept across Western Europe, leaving terror and panic in their wake.” The discovery of vampire graves is not an unnatural phenomena, in fact, recently, more vampire graves are being uncovered by archaeologists in Poland. And the primary element in both of these discoveries? Disease. The Polish vampire graves were believed…

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‘Vampire Diaries': Bonnie’s Got 99 (21 Actually) Problems But a Bitch Ain’t One

Being a witch ain’t easy Oh come on, that’s clever! I loved this, because at least 30% of Bonnie Bennett’s problems have to do with vampires, –at LEAST. And if you think about it, the last thing Bonnie really needs to worry about, is a bitch, he-bitch, she-bitch, or otherwise. She can give them a…

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Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires: Potentially the Most Ridiculous Vampire Movie of All Time

“A sexy vampire and her familiar are on the run from a ruthless vampire hunter. They hide out in the small redneck town of Backwash and hatch a plan to turn…” Why is it that everyone seems to think rednecks are stupid and/or barely functional? Why is being a redneck synonymous with being basically a…

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How to Survive These 6 Types of Chinese Vampires

“There are stories legends of vampires and zombies everywhere, here’s a look at what these creatures are like according to Chinese stories and legends.” All the undead, are primarily referred to as one major type of vampire in China: Jiangshi.  1. White haired Jiangshi: Most harmless, covered in tiny white hairs, and afraid of nearly…

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Vampire Squids Live Long Lives in the Dark…

Vampire squids seem to take reproductive breaks, something most cephalopods don’t have the time for. I could write about vampire animals all the time… they’re so fascinating, and there are a lot more than people think. Most people seem to think “mosquitoes, leeches, bats” –but there are a ton of different animals classified as “vampiric”…

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‘Vampire Academy’ Star Dominic Sherwood Cast in ‘Shadowhunters': New Series Based on Mortal Instruments Books

Actor will play Jace Wayland, the role played by Jamie Campbell-Bower in the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s novels I feel so out of the loop; I really want to read the Vampire Academy book series, –I’ve read one or two of them, and I distinctly remember really enjoying the story, and its cast of characters. My…

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale Spoilers: There’s Gonna Be a Flash Forward

Elena’s time on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is coming to an end in just five (gasp!) episodes, but that doesn’t  mean we won’t necessarily see where she ends up! With the prospect of the cure being right… Okay, so, all this talk of cures and other shit… and of course Nina Dobrev is actually leaving the show……

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