Are vampires real? Do you believe? If you do, have you ever been told it's just your overreactive imagination? And that you're making something out of something that doesn't even exist. Well, for the critics that say it is all in your head, tell them to check out these real vampire sightings. These actual accounts of real people who saw, or were attacked by vampires, will make even the toughest critic stop and ask, "Could vampires really be real?"

The Sandle Road vampire attacks. [Love to Know: Paranormal]

Vampires in Seattle? Or a girl who needs to sleep more, and drink less? [Vampire Truth]

Vampires (or possible thieves) in Otero County. [MySpace]

Check out this Florida man, er sorry, vampire, who wants to run for the Presidency in 2012. Why? Political views aside, he wants to be the nation's first vampire President. [Haunted America Tours]

Vampires, or higues, in Georgetown, Guyana. [India Forums]

Obviously I think that some of these have a grain more truth in them to others. I don't think the girl that was out drinking with her friends and came upon a vampire actually ever met a vampire, no matter how sober she says she was. But the last story particularly is very interesting to me, covering the vampire folklore of the Higues, and how they could still exist today. With all the talk on whether or not vampires are real or not, take a look through these stories, and then decide for yourself. And of course, let us know if you think you've ever had your own real vampire sighting!

- Kate

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