It’s time again for some vampire lore! Today’s vampire species hails from the Zemplin district of Czechoslovakia and it goes by the name of Nelapsi.

Like most vampires this one feeds on human blood, but it doesn’t stop there, it also feeds on the blood of livestock. But when it’s not draining your family and cows it’s …looking at you. Now, it may not seem so bad to have a vamp simply look at you, but in this case it’s pretty damn bad seeing as the nelapsi has the power to kill with just one glance. It’s said that it would go up high into church towers and look down on all the people below, instantly killing them all. Maybe it was its sick twisted idea of a joke, doing this from church towers.

To detect a nelapsi while it’s in its grave you need to look for a few things - the lack of rigor mortis, normal-colored flesh, open eyes, and two curls in its hair. If you got those then you just might be dealing with a nelapsi, which is also said two have two hearts and therefore, two souls.

To prevent someone from becoming a nelapsi, during burial you need to place coins among the corpse, use enchanted herbs, place Christian symbols inside the coffin, and finally pour poppy seeds or millet into the corpse’s mouth, nose and along the path of the graveyard. But before that, when you are taking a dead body out of a house, make sure not to hit the threshold and also, it should be removed headfirst. Now if you feel those methods aren’t enough you can take it a step further (if you have the guts) and do what they did way back in the day - nail the corpse’s hair, clothes and limbs to the coffin, then impale the head or heart with a blackthorn or hawthorn stake (an old hatpin will also work). Once finished, washing your hands is a must… obviously.

- Moonlight

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