In order to learn as much as I can about our vast vampire-filled world, I have been reading various writings by Sanguinarians about who they are. They see themselves as mortal humans with the need to drink blood in order to maintain their physical health. Sanguinarians truly believe that they must consume human blood in order to survive. I could simply accept that, that there are people out there that need to drink blood, but honestly, the more I think about it the more I wonder if Sanguinarians are really victims of Renfield’s Syndrome.

Renfield’s Syndrome, better known as Clinical Vampirism, is a pathological condition in which a person feels compelled to drink blood. The term "Renfield’s Syndrome" was first coined by clinical psychologist Richard Noll after the character Renfield in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula.

Here is where Renfield’s Syndrome differs from the Sanguinarians – clinical vampirism isn’t necessarily consensual like the feeding between Sangs and their donors. Also, it varies in severity. Some people seem to be totally normal in most aspects, except for their occasional craving for some blood to drink. However, other cases involve paranoia, schizophrenia, violence and aggression towards others. This condition often starts with auto-vamprism – drinking one’s own blood – and progresses to drinking blood of insects and animals, and finally comes to drinking the blood of other humans.

Many severe clinical vampire cases involve twisted, violent and murderous individuals – that does not fit the Sanguinarian lifestyle. However, the desire to drink blood is very similar. I continue to wonder if Clinical Vampirism has ties to Sanguinarians.

Now, I know that we have many Sang readers here, and I am by no means trying to insult anyone, so I ask for your opinion on this matter. Do you think it’s possible that some Sanguinarians are actually sufferers of Renfield’s Syndrome?

- Moonlight

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