One of the most well-known things about vampires is the belief that they are evil creatures. Well, they appear evil enough, don't they? With those menacing fangs that you know are just longing to suck on your neck, and the fact that they can totally outrun you and beat you at any game that requires any kind of strength, yes, vampires are certainly intimidating. But, evil?

Evil has never actually been a word that I've immediately associated with vampires. And I don't really understand why other people think they're evil. Sure, they're killers. But they only really kill because they need to, right? I mean, vampires have to eat just like you and me so why are we holding it against them to the point where we actually call them 'evil' because of it? And really, vampires killing humans is no different than humans killing meat to eat. So as far as I see it, vegetarians and vegans may be the only humans that have any right to call vampires evil. The only difference I really see is that most of us don't actually kill the cow before sitting down to eat it. But still, the principle is the same I think.

Now undoubtedly, there are some evil vampires. Damon from the Vampire Diaries certainly has his evil tendencies, and both Victoria and James, as well as the Volturi in the Twilight Saga are all also very evil vampires. These vampires are different from others because they simply want to inflict pain and torture on innocent people, only to get what they want. But I don't think it's fair to lump all vampires in with these types of vampires. And just like there are good and evil humans, vampires can also be either good or evil.

So let's not call them all evil. I mean, vampires may not have beating hearts, but their feelings get hurt too.

- Kate

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