Everyone knows that the only way to be turned into a vampire is to let one snack on your neck for awhile, right? But what if there were a different way? And better yet, a way that included no pain being inflicted upon yourself? Yes, I think most of us would agree that would indeed be much better. Something such as a spell perhaps? If you're interested in becoming a vampire, and don't mind sitting around some candles and chanting (and let's face it, this is probably one of the best ways to become a vampire if it works), then this spell might just be for you.

What you'll need for this spell are: a drop of blood from you or the person being turned into a vampire; a drop of blood from a vampire; a strand of hair from the person being turned; a white candle; and two tablespoons of fresh water from a stream (you could also use other sources of fresh water.)

Start by lighting the candle. Then mix the drops of blood, the water, and the hair together. Continue stirring the items together and chant, "Magic, Magic, enter unto me. Vampire transformation is what it shall be. Bring me the powers, bring me the feeling. Bring me what I desire. So mote it be."

After you've finished mixing and chanting the spell, begin chanting it one more time. This time, pour the entire contents of the bowl over the flame, being sure to keep chanting the spell while you do so. After that, the spell is finished and you will be turned into a vampire within 24 hours. Remember that once you've turned, you'll need blood to feast on. And if you don't get it within the first 12 hours, you might not even survive the transformation.

Finally, a painless way to be turned into a vampire! And you don't even need to donate blood to do it! Well, maybe just a drop or two.

- Kate

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