Reading Twilight has really done a lot for my interest in vampire culture. One of the things I found most interesting was that vampires sometimes have rules and laws that they must live by. It makes sense that those who have such incredible power and can destroy with a flick of their fingers should have some restrictions placed on them. But then again, how do you enforce laws for those that really can crush whatever comes across their path that displeases them? The whole thing got me thinking, "Do vampires really have rules?'

Well, according to Wiki Answers, yes they do. Wiki only has five that are listed and some of them are written in convoluted English so here I've broken them down into simple and easy to understand laws that vampires must abide by.

#1.) Every vampire coven needs to have a leader. Only the leader can order a mortal to be killed or transformed.

#2.) That children, or those who are maimed or injured should never be transformed into a vampire. Any other person who is also not able to care for themselves entirely should also never be transformed into a vampire. This rule, according to Wiki, also states that any person who is about to be changed should already be beautiful. The reason given for this is so that God will be truly insulted once the person has been chosen for the change.

#3.) Choosing a human to change into a vampire can become quite tricky. This is because vampires can either come into their change with great power already bestowed upon them, or with none whatsoever. Because of this, vampires that are extremely strong or have a very strong will should never be changed because they will simply be too hard to tame once they have become a vampire. On the other hand, humans that are much too weak, or have no will, should also not be changed into a vampire as, after being changed, they will simply be just animated corpses.

#4.) The only vampires that are given to permission to destroy other vampires are the leaders of the covens. Even in these instances, coven leaders can only destroy members of their own coven and are not to touch vampires from other covens. In addition to this, it is the coven leader's responsibility to ensure that they are the ones to destroy members of their covens when the members become too weak or unable to use their own powers any longer.

#5.) Vampires, and everything that goes along with them, is to be kept secret at all times. This includes their existence, any vampire's name, and the location of their lair. Should a human ever find out any information regarding a vampire, they must be killed immediately.

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