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doug jones nosferatu

Doug Jones to portray NOSFERATU

If Mr. Jones doesn’t have a name that is immediately recognizable to all movie goers, like, say, a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt, chances are those people failing to do the recognizing have nonetheless seen Mr. Jones onscreen. (The geeks of the world, on the other hand, know exactly who he is, and started…

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Professor Elizabeth Miller doesn’t look like an expert on vampires, specifically the greatest and most famous vampire of them all, and hardly embodies what most people would think of when they hear the title “Baroness of the House of Dracula,” bestowed upon her by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula in Romania. She looks like the…

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Review: BUNNICULA: The Series, Part One

I’m not afraid to tell my age, here. I grew up a child of the glorious 80s, the so-called “age of excess” that was, for me, an age of innocence. I remember faithfully watching the ABC Weekend Special on Saturday mornings, an animated anthology series wherein each episode was based on a popular children’s’ book…

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Getting My Money’s Worth out of MORBIUS, Part One

This is my new Morbius, the Living Vampire action figure. I saw him on the shelves at my local department store and knew I just had to have him. The problem was—and notice that I said “was” and not “is”—he’s a “deluxe” figure, part of the Marvel LEGENDS line, the Spider-Man “Villains of the Night”…

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burton famous photo

The Greatest Man You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What shame it is that more people today don’t recognize the name of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton. For the most part, only scholars, exploration enthusiasts, and fans of Philip Jose Farmer’s RIVERWORLD series of novels will find it immediately familiar. Burton, if conceived as a fictional character, would be dismissed by readers as too…

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morbius AF face

Getting My Money’s Worth out of MORBIUS, Part Two

Thus I purchased my Morbius figure, and am making a bargain out of it. In addition to showing off my newest acquisition—Check out the detail in that face! This is one badass figure, peeps!—I am also provided the opportunity to write about Morbius, the comics character. (Yes, I could have done that WITHOUT buying the…

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Review: BUNNICULA: The Series, Part Two

Accepting, then, that the new Bunnicula series is a wholly separate phenomenon than the original 80s animated special (which also deviated from the books) and the beloved book series created by husband and wife writing team James and Deborah Howe, after their viewing of an old Dracula movie, and continued by Howe after his wife’s…

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Night of Dark Shadows (1971)_011


As DARK SHADOWS, the original, groundbreaking, and still, 44 years after it went off the air, wildly popular gothic Horror soap opera, was winding down, it spawned not one but two theatrical films. Those films, in fact, have been blamed for the show’s eventual cancellation. So the thinking goes, moms didn’t know what their kids…

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Sir Isaac Newton, Alchemist Extraordinaire

The term, so they say, comes from “al Khemi,” an Arabic term. “Khem” is the Coptic word for Egypt. Literally, then, al Khemi means “of (or from) Egypt.” The land of the pharaohs is where Science was supposedly born out of magical practices. This search for knowledge, specifically occult or “hidden” knowledge, transported to the…

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What it really comes down to is, I have a busy life. I simply don’t have that much time to spend watching television, certainly not “appointment” television, where I have to allot time each week to sit down and view a favored program. Even if I recorded the programs, I would quickly fall behind. That’s…

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As part of my continuing mission to educate the younger fanboys and girls in the subject of fine cinema, please allow me to recommend to you all CORRIDORS OF BLOOD, starring a pair of screen legends, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee. The film, released in 1958, is perhaps a little misleadingly titled. There’s actually not…

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bloody heart

Sorry, you’re not my “type”

This makes as much sense as any other way of determining whether two people will be compatible for the purposes of a romantic relationship. In fact it makes MORE sense than a lot of them. Pairing up based on astrological signs, whether we’re talking about the standard zodiac or the Chinese one? (I’m a Virgo,…

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