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Raising the Dead, Discount Rate!

I’ve got a great idea for a movie, so somebody get on this, pronto! You’ve got a modern-day prophet-slash-faith healer, a “fictional” character obviously based on Prophet Manasseh Jordon, a complete charlatan (just like Manasseh Jordon!) who, somewhat like Steve Martin’s character in the 1992 comedy LEAP OF FAITH, discovers he actually does possess miraculous…

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How to Create a Vampire—NOT

Let’s say you’re a nutcase. Hypothetically speaking, okay? You’re a nutcase, and you have some nutcase friends. Which, let’s be honest, you probably would have. Birds of a feather flocking together, and all. So you and your nutcase buddies decide you want to create a vampire all for your own. First off, you’d need to…

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Need Blood? Try Coconut Milk!

Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed as diabetic. I was that rare example of a patient who was walking around for years with the condition and displayed no symptoms. I only found out I was ill when the effects started showing up, the damage done to my body by going so long…

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“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

In the interest of full disclosure, the site I’ve linked to at the bottom of this article is my own webpage. Not that I’d expect any of you to care, but we do strive to keep everything above-board here. I’m certainly not above pimping out my own work or projects, but when I do it,…

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Romanian Hellcat Rips Off Husbands Gonads

Because I believe in being upfront with my loyal readers, I will tell you here, in the first sentence, that there are no vampires in this article. But I bet you’re gonna keep reading anyway, aren’t you? With a headline like that, how could you not? The only vampire-esque connection to the story is that…

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Cooper and Rice: Unlikely Apostles

I know this will be hard for some of you to believe, but Anne Rice actually can write about more than just vampires. Shocking, right? Her fans have always know this, sure, but the everyday guy who’s never read any of her work, vampiric or otherwise? Not so much. I heard another guy this week,…

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Born in a Coffin

Alright, I will admit right now, from the get-go, that I am aware this article is phony. Doesn’t matter for our current purposes. It’s a good story. Provided no claim is made that a falsified account is truthful—and in the interest of perfect honesty and full disclosure, I should note that I have no conclusive…

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mummified sailor

Mummy Sailor Previously Discovered, Left to Float in Repose

The news stories concerning that mummified sailor just keep coming. First he made headlines just for being discovered, and rightly so; the discovery of a desiccated cadaver slumped over the radio controls of a derelict vehicle is bound to attract some notice. Then we received word that the man’s cause of death had been determined:…

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Bishop Sean Manchester, Holla at Ya Boy!

A quick catch-up for any readers who don’t immediately recognize the name: Bishop Sean Manchester is the primary figure behind the “Highgate Vampire” phenomenon. Recently I’ve been helping researchers who are trying to locate the purported victims of the purported vampire spread the word, and this got me to thinking. As I’ve only heard from…

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SECTOR C Author Needs Your Support

In the second installment this week of me doing my part to help publicize vampire-related projects in need of a little love, allow me to introduce you to author Nina Soden. Or reintroduce, for those of you who recall the interview I conducted with Ms. Soden several months back. Previously known for the BLOOD ANGEL…

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Getting Pickled

You remember Horatio Nelson, Vice-Admiral of the British Navy, from your World History class, right? He was the guy what whooped Napoleon but good at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, putting an end to the Little Emperor’s plans to conquer merry ol’ England, and this despite being outnumbered and despite getting killed in the…

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A Sanguinarian Speaks

Now this is interesting. Alexia is a “sanguinarian.” I always have to assume that somebody is reading this post, or any post wherein I use that term, who is not familiar with it. A “sanguinarian,” then, is a human being who feels the need to consume blood. The blood may or may not be human…

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