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Planet X

Let’s get our astronomy on, y’all! You may have seen the headlines this week. Scientists Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown claim to have proven the existence of a TENTH planet in our solar system. They are saying it’s a NINTH planet, because they no longer designate poor little Pluto as an authentic planet. I say…

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Spontaneous Human Combustion captured on Video?

In all likelihood the video in this linked article is fake. That doesn’t, however, mean Spontaneous Human Combustion doesn’t exist. There are only two possibilities where this supposed phenomenon is concerned. Either (A) there is some force at work that can cause a human body to spontaneously catch fire and burn away to ashes in…

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A Microscopic Vampire?

Things don’t come back from the dead. That they MIGHT or they COULD is the very bedrock upon which the legend of the vampire—and all of the world’s religions—are founded. Whenever we hear of a person or an animal, even a plant, dying but then returning, or seeming to return, to life, we tend to…

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tut superglue

That’s No Way to Treat a King!

The long and short of this linked article is this: Somebody screwed up and then tried to cover it up. Somehow the beard on King Tutankhamen’s famous and immediately-recognizable face mask got broken off. One can almost imagine some worker bumping into it, breaking it, and uttering a highly audible, “D’oh!” Then this person hollered…

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This very detailed simulation of large scale structure was created as part of the Illustris simulation. The distribution of dark matter is shown in blue and the gas distribution in orange. This simulation is for the current state of the Universe and is centered on a massive galaxy cluster. The region shown is about 300 million light-years across.

Sinister Numbers Threaten All Existence

Warning: Don’t read this linked article if you are prone to obsessing over obscure matters and wrangling with existentialist dread. It will serve as lighter fluid for your neurosis. Actually don’t read this introduction, either. Just stop reading altogether. Move on to the next article. No? Okay. Can’t say I didn’t warn you. But what’s…

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unfrozen years

The “Unfrozen Years” of Dracula’s Homeland

I grew up a child of the 80s. As such, as just a kid, I didn’t fully appreciate or understand—and, if I’m honest, didn’t care to; I was only a dumb kid, after all—the state of the world in those days. The Cold War was just something we had to study in school. It ended…

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bog man

A Plethora of Paranormal Phenomena

One thing I really dislike about the changing of one year to another is the glut of “year-in-review”-type programs that bombard us from all angles. I don’t know why; maybe I just don’t like reruns. Here, though, is one list I can actually appreciate. At the link below, website THE LINEUP, “Where Murder and Mayhem…

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John Dee

A Circle of Skulls

Call him the English Rasputin. John Dee was to Queen Elizabeth as the Mad Monk was to the Russian Empress Aleksandra. Back in the day, the line separating the scientist from the magician was a fine and permeable one. Many of the names we recognize from our history books as pioneers of Science were also…

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“Anti-Vampire” Gets a Bum Rap

I call him an “anti-vampire” because instead of trying to drink his quote/end quote “victim’s” blood, he tried to force her to drink his. Maybe he thought he was a vampire, and wanted to “turn” her? “Embrace” her, isn’t it called? The courts in New Zealand called it a crime, and sent the attacker, a…

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Salem Witch Trials Execution Site Located

We all know what happened, even if the knowledge of some is cursory. People have heard of the Salem Witch Trials, even if they can’t tell you exactly when the events took place without first consulting Wikipedia. ( 1692-1693, by the way.) Most people could deduce that it all happened in Massachusetts, even if they’d…

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blood lamp

Lamp Powered by Human Blood

Ooh, I want one! Yes, you have to bleed to activate it—but it’s just a drop. And I’m diabetic, so for me the minute trauma of pricking my finger lost its effect a long time ago. One little drop of blood will earn you a lush bluish radiance. It’s worth the trade. And you get…

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vampire eggnog

Brother (and Sister) in Blood – Some Special Thanks

You may be wonderin’ why I’d be pimpin’ another vampire-related website here on THIS one. As I see it, there’s more than enough vampire love to go around. Rather than competitors, I see the overseers over at VAMPED as fellow spelunkers of the subconscious, explorers of the arcane, disbursers of the diabolical. “They” in this…

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