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Big-Ass Ouija Board

So does a giant Ouija board conjure up giant ghosts? Entities and spirits comparable in scale to the Staypuft Marshmallow Man? Or like Godzilla in GODZILLA, MOTHRA, KING GHIDORA: GIANT MONSTERS ALL OUT ATTACK (the title is so much more fun when translated into English) wherein the world’s most recognizable kaiju was a spiritual monster…

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Christian Bale as Dracula?

That’s the rumor, courtesy of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, which, if you are at all savvy about, well, anything, should tip you off that the rumor isn’t true. The ENQUIRER and similar tabloid rags make their bread and butter by shilling lies. (Apparently people like to read lies, even knowing that they are lies, as they…

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I received my review copy of POWERS OF DARKNESS in the mail yesterday, and I’m downright giddy with anticipation to start reading it. It’s DRACULA. Like, it’s OFFICIALLY the story of Dracula, as told by Bram Stoker himself—but it also isn’t. How can that be? A far better question is, how could an alternate version…

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I’ve been giving it some thought, trying to figure out at exactly what point the UNDERWORLD movie series lost my interest, and why. The first question is easily answered: after the second film in the series. As for the other question, WHY I stopped caring about the films, that one is tougher to explain. I…

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The Music of CASTLEVANIA 2

Remember CASTLEVANIA, the Nintendo game? I remember it, but I confess that I never played it. For whatever reason, when I’d make my weekly visit to the video rental store to pick up a trio of VHS tapes and couple of Nintendo games—yes, kiddies, this was how it was done back in the day—I’d never…

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A Concise History of the Ouija

You’ve all heard about the Spiritualism craze of the Victorian era, right? Seances and table-tipping and such were all the rage. Tilting tables or listening for knocking sounds from ghosts could get rather hectic, though, and some enterprising sorts devised a way to simplify things, both for the spirits and those still on the living…

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Remembering Vampira

She left us in January of 2008. Nine years ago. I hadn’t even “discovered” her by that point, and maybe that’s for the best. Otherwise her death might have left me devastated. No, not “might have.” WOULD have left me devastated. Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira, achieved her first fame as a late night Horror movie…

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Revisiting the (Literary) Classics: Bram Stoker’s THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM

There was a rumor, circulating for years, that Harper Lee didn’t write TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Rather her childhood friend, Truman Capote, did. The fact that Lee never wrote anything else served to feed this rumor. What killed it was the publication of Lee’s SECOND book, GO SET A WATCHMAN. Harper Lee never intended for…

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My Encounter With An Astral Form

There are those who believe that a person can learn to project his astral form out into the ether. Some believe those astral forms can then become “psychic” vampires. Personally, I’ve never seen one. Or HAD never seen one. I still don’t think I have. But I DID see either an astral form, or else…

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The Tradition of Christmas Ghost Stories

I always get hit with a bout of depression after Christmas is over. I hate how the secular world is always in such a hurry to drag the holiday out of the closet far too early—they start putting Christmas merchandise out on the shelves in June these days, don’t they?—and then there’s a mad rush…

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Anne Rice Speaks

What does the Grande Dame of vampire fiction have on her mind? Plenty these days. Her latest novel, the twelfth in her INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE series—Can you believe it’s been forty years since the debut of that book?—is on bookshelves now. It’s called PRINCE LESTAT AND THE REALMS OF ATLANTIS. Also, she recently reacquired…

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An Ode to Mina

Read this. Or don’t. It’s a cogent argument for the recognition of Mina Harker, nee Murray, to be included amongst the greatest of the Victorian-era heroines. No, better make that “heroes.” There are some who would argue that to differentiate based on gender is in itself discriminatory. Like how they always refer to the female…

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