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Streaming Web Radio Interview with Anne Rice!

Perennial New York Times bestseller Anne Rice, the writer who single-handedly reinvented the vampire universe… Oh come on now, like you don’t want to listen to the actual Queen of the Damned? While Anne Rice definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, –I’m partial to her other novels, published under pen names, –or the non-vampire books…

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Obscure Vampire Literature: The Manuscript Found in Saragossa

“Vampires, among others, are new inventions, if I may put it that way.” You know what’s so creepy about that phrase? The words “among others” –oooh, chills. Anyway, I really miss the feeling of being genuinely creeped out by vampires, and what’s so great about this book isn’t necessarily all the claims about it being…

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New Dracula Movie to Begin Filming in Shropshire Over the Summer

One of the world’s most famous horror stories will be given a modern angle when filmmakers come to Shropshire this summer. The name of the film is going to be “Dracula 2015 – Killer on the Catwalk”. Supposedly, it’s going to be a new modern angle on the classic Dracula a la Bram Stoker; to…

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8 Original Concept Vampire Movies

“A snotty blonde cheerleader who is a chosen vampire hunter to be trained by the vampire hunter elite…” Sound familiar? A lot of the “original concept” vampire movies were redone and remade and basically made completely unoriginal in later years. Hollywood needs new concepts, or at least, other places beyond Hollywood do… Anyway, until they…

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A Closer Look at the Sequel to ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': ‘The Last American Vampire’ by Seth Grahame-Smith

“The Last American Vampire” Loving the cover art. Okay guys, this is where I kind of get confused: I was vaguely aware of the plot when I saw the first film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so I can’t say that I was 100% informed on the story, but! I will admit that I really enjoy…

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New Vampire Movie from the UK: Lead Me to the Dark (2015)

“Around September of last year we were contacted about a new movie that was seeking funding in the UK entitled Lead Me to the Dark. Today we have news of yet another success story! Get ready for your first look!…” So they managed to put this movie together on just £3,000! Jeez; so yeah, to be…

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‘DEAD CERT’ Now Streaming on Fangoria’s Free Hulu Channel!

“DEAD CERT is a pretty entertaining vampire yarn, and delivers a good amount of vamp violence when it counts the most…” For those of you who weren’t already aware, Fangoria has a free movie channel on Hulu on which they stream a pretty awesome amount of horror movies, some good, some bad, –some old and…

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Nachzehrer: Vampire or Ghoul?

“A nachzehrer is a form of vampire found in Germanic regions including Silesia and Bavaria, which also exhibits behaviour displayed by ghouls….” Well, which is it, vampire or ghoul? Let’s review the evidence… or facts… um, or the characteristics? The nachzehrer only comes out at night, does prey on the living, can shapeshift (as some…

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A Closer Look at the Black Women of Vampire Fiction

“Finding the Humanity in Horror: Black Women’s Sexual Identity in Fighting the Supernatural…” This is a great article for black women who love the horror genre; not just horror, but also supernatural romance. It’s easy to forget that vampires still have sexual magnetism with popular trend turning them into perpetual teenage boys: discovering sexuality is…

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Which Vampire Movie is #1 on the Top 25 Horror Films on Netflix?!

If you need some help finding the best that Netflix has to offer in horror, look no further than this list of the 25 best scary movies. There are actually quite a lot of good movies on Netflix this month, even some in the horror department, which is saying something because Jesus H. CHRIST on…

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Jeremy is Permanently Leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries’!

“The Vampire Diaries is losing a series regular. Steven R. McQueen is set to exit the series…” Is he getting killed off? Gasp! Relax y’all. He’s not getting killed off, he’s just going away to art school. Yeah apparently killing off Jeremy is too cruel for the show’s producer, Julie Plec, –yeah right, and killing…

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‘Vampires Rock': Screw It or See It?

“In their latest Final Countdown tour the Vampires Rock ensemble, featuring Steve Steinman as the evil Baron von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die…” The overall impression that the reviewer gives is that the story sucks and the music is terror-rific! Apparently the show has a lot of power ballads and classic rock…

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