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10 Celebrities Who Are (Probably) Secret Vampires

Either they haven’t aged or their demeanor is simply suspect, these celebs must have the key to eternal life. Tilda Swinton is #1, and that’s not only because she’s played a vampire, –and a sort-of-evil archangel, –she has this androgynous, fragile quality; she’s a woman I would call handsome, not pretty. Angelina Jolie is #2…

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Win Adduné Part III: The Reckoning & Tote from Wendy Potocki!

“With Author Wendy Potocki 5 Winners!! US or Canada!”   This is turning into a big day for giveaways and chances to win cool, free stuff. This is the third and final installment in the Adduné trilogy, which follows Miranda Perry’s search for justice against the vampire who ripped away her family and made her life miserable, terrifying,…

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Win ‘Dracula Untold’ on Blu-Ray!

With an eye to revamp their classic horror series Universal Pictures are re-booting the old gang…”  Which of course includes Dracula; the idea is to create new monster movies, –and in this re-booted character movie, we see poor Vlad forced to turn to the dark side in order to save his family. Vlad the Impaler…

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Where Are The ‘Buffy’ Stars Now?

Find out where the cast of the hit WB show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ are now! Well, most of us know that Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) has had a fair film career, then went back to TV acting after a few thrillers and rom-coms, where she has flourished in a few titles, like Ringer and…

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Claudia Black of ‘Farscape’ Joins the Cast of ‘The Originals’ in the Recurring Role of “Big Bad Witch”

The Originals has found its newest powerful magical foe.Farscape’s Claudia Black has landed the role of the mysterious (and dangerous) witch Dahlia, the maternal aunt of the Mikaelson siblings, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. It looks like Claudia Black has done it again, fresh off the heels of her previous performance as the “Witch of…

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Why ‘Gone’ Might Be One of the Best Episodes of ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’

For Buffy, turning invisible allows her to indulge all her worst impulses; but in doing so, she realizes that she is not embracing life, but fleeing it. I’ve watched this entire show, every single episode… twice. And so you’d think I would be able to immediately seize on, and support this idea, right? Wrong. This…

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More Rumors That Nina Dobrev is Quitting ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Soon

Nina Dobrev has been on The Vampire Diaries for a few years now, enough to establish a solid fan base and equally solid B-list cred. Okay, a lot of celebrity gossip sites are saying that Nina Dobrev -wants- to quits The Vampire Diaries to escape the whole “Ian Somerhalder getting married” thing, and to establish a…

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26 Reasons Why ’50 Shades of Grey’ is ‘Twilight’ Without Sparkly Vampires

Jamie Dornan is Rob Pattinson, Dakota Johnson is Kristen Stewart, and we all know how the rest of this brooding, romantic flick goes. Okay, okay so… should I give away the reason why this whole theory is really obvious? 50 Shades of Grey and its succession of sequels are f*cking Twilight fanfiction! A-dur! So if you’re running…

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Photos, Spoilers, And More for ‘The Originals’ Season 2

The Originals returns to the CW in a week, and the network has been offering up some spoilers and images from Season 2. Click through to the source to find more great photos from the next season, –apparently, one of them shows Klaus pulling spikes out of his chest, –though, to be fair, when is…

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Vampires… Elsewhere: Giselle Liza Anatol Sheds Light Vampire Myths You Haven’t Heard Yet

“…new book examines images of vampirism in Caribbean and African diasporic folk traditions and in contemporary fiction…”  I’m ready for more books like this; so much folklore around the world is ignored in favor of the traditional European vampires; what I love about the book is that is explores vampires from nations that aren’t quite…

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Will ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Die Out After Season 7?

“The Vampire Diaries could be in for some trouble with the network. The episode that was expected to draw in numbers turned out to be the lowest rated of all…” The Vampire Diaries has been dropping in viewers for a while now; looking at the numbers from when the show first start, to the viewers it…

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Lon Chaney vs. Bela Lugosi: Silence or Script? May the Best Vampire Win!

“Fake blood, wax teeth and bat wings…” Discovering the art and awesomeness of silent film is a reward unto itself; many people avoid black and white, so finding people willing to sit through silent black and white movies is an exponentially more difficult task. Thank god for our older audience, and our hipsters. London After Midnight is more than…

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