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Vampires Really Exist, Experts Claim!

I’m guilty, here, of doing the very thing I’m about to criticize, but I’m doing it to make a point. The title of this article is misleading. Caught your attention, though, didn’t it? Got you to read this. Every time I see a similarly-titled article or study it makes me cringe. In every single case…

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Who You Gonna Call?

You’ve got to figure, if you work for the police department, ANY police department, and your job is to answer the telephone, your going to get your fair share of, shall we say, “unusual” calls. Just how many, though, the sheer number of them, has been driven home by a recent Freedom of Information request…

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lost boys

Say Hello to the Night – Farewell to a Lost Boy

When THE LOST BOYS came out in 1987, I thought it was “okay.” The most memorable thing about it, for me, was Jami Gertz. (I was in high school. Whatta you expect?) In the intervening years, though, the film gained a more prominent place in my affections, recalling as it did that magical time period…

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vampire eggnog

Bloody Christmas Treats

So you think all the fun to be had with creepy-themed foodstuffs went away with the passing of Halloween? Think again, oh morbid one! Do you mourn the dearth of spooky fare in the greeting card aisles? Rejoice! There is still a plethora of Horror and vampire-themed goodies available to enjoy, if you know where…

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mt pilatus switzerland

The Alps and the Curse of Pilate

I love when I discover a new bit of folklore or esoterica, something with which I was unfamiliar, some story I’d never before heard. I was unfamiliar with the legend that Pontius Pilate, the Roman prelate who sentenced Jesus Christ to death by crucifixion, was a difficult guy to bury. Either the good earth refused…

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Vampires and Terrorists, Part Two

Here’s a quote from one Rabie Shehada, a terrorist with the Islamic State (See my other article this week concerning terrorism on why one should never refer to this organization as “ISIS.”) in which he lays out with honest aplomb his motivations and the motivations of his comrades: “I swear we are a people who…

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Vampires and Terrorists, Part One

Did you know there were such things as Jewish terrorists? I honestly can’t remember ever hearing of any. If I ever had then I’d forgotten it. The Jewish jihadists don’t make the news that often, it would seem. They do exist, though. The group Lehava, led by one Benzion Gopstein, is opposed to anything in…

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This book is my favorite so far of the offerings from Schiffer Publishing. It’s also the most unique of their books I’ve seen so far, unique in that it differs from their other publications in several ways. It’s the first softcover I’ve received from them; all their other books, at least the ones I’ve seen…

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count-dracula lee

Curtain Call for the Count

As I have reported on previously, the opening track to the debut album by THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES (more on them in a sec) is narrated by Sir Christopher Lee. (More on him in the next paragraph.) The Vampires take their name from a drinking club formed by Alice Cooper in the 70s, back when he…

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The Real Fictitious Location of Castle Dracula Discovered

So where is the actual Castle Dracula located? This is a question the Romanian Tourism Department has tried to answer for us. They want us to believe that it’s Castle Bran, which is a nice spiffy castle in good condition, thus a good, comfy location for tourists to visit, but it has only a tangential…

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cross garden

Vampires Attempt to Steal Lawnmower, Leave Time Machine Alone

Now presenting, for your entertainment alone—and not that this post is for you, the readers of alone; rather that this post is intended for entertainment purposes alone, is not meant to be taken seriously, although it’d be pretty funny if anyone DID take it seriously—a time traveler called in to radio station 101.5 WPHD,…

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Mistletoe, the Vampire Plant

An FYI for all you single guys out there: Mistletoe doesn’t work. You know what I’m speaking of, that pagan holdover tradition that couples are supposed to kiss underneath sprigs of this perennially green vine. Well, I’m here to tell ya, you can walk up to hot chicks all Christmastide long and hold mistletoe over…

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