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I’m a little past the halfway point in reading POWERS OF DARKNESS, aka MAKT MYRKRANNA, the lost (and finally found) Icelandic translation of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece DRACULA. Scholar Hans de Roos has done an exceptional job bringing this project to us in the English-speaking world. Dracula fans in general are swooning over it (all the…

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If you’ve seen this movie, you don’t need me to tell you why it qualifies for inclusion here on this site. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I couldn’t manage to make it out for the film’s opening weekend, though I wanted to, so I made up for it this past weekend. Had I…

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Interview with the Author (and Victim) of HAINT BLUE

You may remember my review of the book HAINT BLUE, and my promise to conduct an interview with one or more of the authors of that book. This week I’m finally making good on that promise. Follow the link to read the review first, to familiarize, or re-familiarize, yourselves with the story, then come on…

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Secret Chamber in Tutankhamen’s Tomb

Are you a believer in King Tut’s curse? I’m really not, yet there’s just enough of the bizarre attached to the whole thing to make you wonder. “Death comes on wings to the one who disturbs the final resting place of the Pharaoh,” the curse goes, paraphrased. If there WAS a curse it was a…

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A Bloody Good Valentine’s

I never celebrated Valentine’s Day before last year. I always WANTED to; I simply wanted to celebrate it MY way. I wanted to throw a party celebrating the anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. I wanted to transform Valentine’s into a second Halloween. My way of thinking never caught on. I could never find…

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Revisiting the Classics: THE INVISIBLE RAY

One of the dozen or so films that Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi made together, 1936’s THE INVISIBLE RAY stands out, for one reason, in that it is a notable exception to the norm of having Bela play the heel. As was the case in 1934’s THE BLACK CAT, in this one Bela is the…

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Revisiting the “Classics”: RETURN TO SALEM’S LOT

I have a theory about it. Two, actually, but one I consider far more likely than the other. The outlandish one involves the Mandela Effect. You’re all familiar with the term, yes? How so many people have clear memories of Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison back during the 80s, only it never…

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London: On the Page and on the Map

I’ve never been to London, I’m sad to say. Yes, I am a scholar, a student of the world, a connoisseur of all things historic and literary, but my ass is perpetually BROKE and airfare ain’t cheap. Someday I’ll get there, hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully when I do get around to getting…

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I received my copy of the new POWERS OF DARKNESS translation in the mail the other day and I am currently devouring it like a sumptuous feast. I should properly wait until I’ve finished it to give it a review, but I can’t wait, so I’m gonna go ahead and comment on what I’ve read…

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Elvira Takes a Stand

We don’t do politics here or on any of our sister sites. It’s not that there aren’t issues worth talking about, but this isn’t the proper place for such dialogue, and really it wouldn’t be a dialogue anyway; it would be a diatribe. It would be me preaching. I always find it obnoxious when some…

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Ooooooh-ooooooooh! Black Chicken!

You’ve gotta sing the title to this article to the tune of “Black Diamond” by KISS for full effect. (It just so happens to be one of my favorite songs from my all-time favorite band, so I welcome any chance to reference it.) The star of this article, however, isn’t a prostitute, out on the…

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Salem Witchcraft Memorial

This is as it should be. Salem, Massachusetts earns its bread and butter off its spooky history. I don’t fault them for that. When I get around to visiting Salem, it will be precisely for that reason, because of its haunted pedigree. Without its witch trial ambiance, its aura of the supernatural, it’d be just…

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