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Farewell to Anton Yelchin

It’s always heartbreaking when a popular celebrity dies, emotionally traumatic, typically, in direct proportion to the length of time the celebrity in question had been a part of public life. Prince’s death last month, for example, was particularly devastating, so long had he been a fixture of American and global popular culture. It’s always tragic…

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The Anniversary of Frankenstein—and Dracula?

This past week saw the 200th anniversary of the writing of FRANKENSTEIN. For those who aren’t intimately familiar with the story, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: 1816 was the “year without a summer” due to a volcanic eruption, and lousy weather forced the poet Lord Byron, along with his guest Percy Shelley; Shelley’s young fiancé,…

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Look, up in the sky…!

Dacre Stoker, great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and co-author of the “official” sequel to DRACULA, called THE UNDEAD, has become an online friend of mine. Longtime readers may recall that I formerly speculated that Stoker did very little of the writing of that novel, that his involvement consisted primarily of the use of his famous…

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Dark Shadows - TV

Happy Anniversary, Collins Family!

June 13, 1966. This is a monumental day for all vampire marks, whether it is immediately recognizable to you or not. Why is it so significant? Anybody know? It was the day the “Miranda rights” were established by the US Supreme Court—you know, “you have the right to remain silent,” etc. and etc.—but that isn’t…

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Patti LuPone as Dr. Seward, Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm, Harry Treadaway as Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Perdita Weeks as Catriona in Penny Dreadful (season 3, episode 9). - Photo: Patrick Redmond/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: PennyDreadful_309_1309

PENNY DREADFUL: What a Fourth Season Would Have Looked Like

Writer John Logan did not paint himself into a corner with the season three/series finale. Yes, he wanted to make SOME attempt at resolution in case the network did cancel the series, but such resolution need not have been any impediment to season four. Hell, the story is NOT over, even if Showtime did cancel…

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Josh Hartnett as Ethan Chandler, Harry Treadaway as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Eva Green as Vanessa Ives and Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm in Penny Dreadful (Episode 101). - Photo:  Jonathan Hession/SHOWTIME - Photo ID:  PennyDreadful_101_1233rc

PENNY DREADFUL’s Cancellation: The Truth. Maybe.

Okay, in the wake of the (lack of an) announcement that PENNY DREADFUL would not be returning for a fourth season, the following interview has been released. (See link below.) If it speaks truly, then I owe Showtime a (conditional) apology. If true, this interview makes it clear that the decision to end the series…

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penny dreadful candles

Review: PENNY DREADFUL Season/Series Three Finale

If it were the SEASON finale instead of the SERIES finale, then it would have been okay, but it fails as the latter. Even as the former, the two-hour finale is only HALF awesome. The first hour rocked. The second hour, not so much. The writer wanted to give the audience some closure by hurrying…

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penny dreadful cast2


Fellow fans, I feel your frustration. As of the airdate for the season three finale, Showtime had yet to announce whether there would or would not be a fourth season of PENNY DREADFUL. (By this time last year, towards the end of season two, the announcement was made for renewal.) Yet the season finale came…

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Lego Dracula

A Note on Copyrights

Have you wondered why that cute little Lego Dracula figure isn’t called “Dracula” but is instead “Lord Vampyre?” It’s because Lego was afraid the figure looked a little too much like Bela Lugosi. See, the character Dracula is in the public domain—more on that in a second—but that particular IMAGE of Dracula, the image most…

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furrybones flappy

Meet Flappy

I first met Flappy while I was on vacation last month. He was lounging with some of his friends in a gift shop. My instinctual reaction was to grab him and buy him, then and there. My lovely better half, however, being of a more sensible nature than me, pointed out that, as we were,…

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sisterhood of blood


They don’t really need our help anymore, as the project is now fully funded, so I’m not going to link to the Kickstarter page for THE SISTERHOOD OF BLOOD. Instead check out the webpage of designer 52 Ravens at the link below to get a glimpse of what the cards are going to look like….

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This past week brought a press announcement to my e-mailbox that set my cold little heart all aflutter. THE STRAIN is returning for its third season at the end of August! What perfect timing, as my beloved PENNY DREADFUL is set to wrap its own third season this Sunday, leaving me bereft of my weekly…

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