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‘The Originals’ Joseph Morgan Praises The Season Finale

The finale of the CW Network hit show “The Originals” is fast approaching, and according to a tweet posted on Twitter on April 8 by actor Joseph Morgan…the night desk’s insight:Klaus’s alter ego, Joseph Morgan, has taken to twitter to let…


Tonight Blood Will Rain On…Everyone On ‘The Originals’

The Mikaelson brothers return to get their vengence…We survived folks.the night desk’s insight:Perhaps the loss of his little sis has made Elijah a little less compliant than he normally is…. Maybe it was seeing Klaus terrorize Rebekah while she wa…


Ian Somerhalder Thanks Friends And Fans At The Wrap Of Season 5

 Ian Somherhalder took to Twitter to announce the wrap of the fifth season shoot of “The…the night desk’s insight:Our favorite vampire hottie took to twitter to announce the completion of the fifth season, and thank his coworkers and fans. He h…


Elijah vs. Klaus The Cold War Is Over On ‘The Originals’

 In one of the following sneaks peeks from The Originals Season 1 Episode 18 (“The Big Easy”), we see that Elijah has learned about the deal Klaus made with the werewolves…the night desk’s insight:For too long, Elijah says one thing, and then do…


BBC America’s Zombie Series ‘In the Flesh’ Season 2 Begins Saturday May 10

Life After… the After Lifethe night desk’s insight:Of course as with many BBC shows there will only be 6 episodes, but this alternate look at zombies has returned for their second season in the second week of May. Instead of writing off their …


‘Dracula’ Renewed For Season 2 But Only In The UK…

Dracula renewed for Season 2? Latest reports indicates that Dracula has been commissioned for a second season…

the night desk’s insight:
I have been searching long and hard for news since the season ended, and finally I found some “good” news… maybe. There is definitely going to be a second season of ‘Dracula’ in the UK on SkyTV, but no word yet from NBC. Personally, this gives me great hope, if for nothing else the on demand version of it at the end of the season. They are definitely going to make season 2, so it’s up to you now to demand, nag, and plead with NBC to purchase airing rights to bring it to North America. As I hear anything I will keep you posted. It’s time to take to social media, and get ourselves heard.


‘Being Human’ Cast Knew About Cancellation Last Season

When did you know this was the final season of Being Human? We knew about a year ago. We were in a …the night desk’s insight:In an article I found, Aidan’s portrayer, Sam Witwer said the writing was on the wall the year before the final season. Thei…


‘Being Human’ Cast Says Goodbye To Friends and Fans

The cast of Being Human thanks you for being such dedicated fans.the night desk’s insight:In mere hours, the final Syfy version of ‘Being Human’ will air for the last time. We will miss this mismatched group of outsiders. You have been so much fun t…


Preview Video Of ‘Being Human’ Series Finale

Four seasons doesn’t seem like a long enough stretch for Being Human . And yet, the Syfy drama is drawing to a close this Monday night. Given the nature of the drama, it’s entirely possible that one or more characters will meet their demise by series’…


The Perfect 7 Villains For A ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Movie Remake

If there was ever a Buffy movie reboot, would you choose these 7 as the perfect evil for the movie …the night desk’s insight:I came across an article that has chosen 7 villains from the series, which they consider perfect for a reboot of the movie, w…


Could One Of The Bronte Sisters Have Inspired The Tale Of Dracula

Letters discovered in a fly-filled Victorian prison cell shed new light on the creation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.the night desk’s insight:An English paper has asked whether some letters found between Bram Stoker, and a friend are what inspired him to c…

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Vampire Books Coming April 2014

Here are the vampire books coming out this month! Enjoy! The King: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (Apr 1, 2014) J.R. Ward’s # 1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood continues as a royal bloodline is compromised by a grave threat to the throne. Long live the King…  After turning his back on the…

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