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spike the corpse flower

Rise of the Corpse Flowers

Last week I reported on the two giant Corpse Flowers competing for attention, one in New York and one in Washington DC, as they both prepared to unfurl their stinky blossoms after a several-years-long wait apiece. As it turns out, though, there aren’t just two of these gargantuan lilies (Note: They aren’t really lilies in…

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Feudin’ within the Vampire Community

I belong to and monitor quite a few vampire-related groups in social media. I both mine these groups for material to write about here on this site, and also I realize that many of those who comment and participate in those groups are my regular readers, my target audience. This is how I became aware…

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The Return of the Corpse Flowers

The scientific name is Amorphophallus titanums, which literally translates from the Latin as “Big Ass Stinking Plant.” More commonly called the Corpse Flower, it is a wonder of evolution. It has developed a surefire to lure flies and other insects. It emits a smell just like something dead rotting. The bugs love ‘em some rotting…

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True Confessions

Here’s a mea culpa from yours truly. I have to be honest with you. Several years ago, I bought the movie THE DREAMERS. I also watched it. It’s a pretentious movie about pretentious twits living in France in the pretentious 60s. (I think it was the 60s.) A set of incestuous brother and sister twins…

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Interview with A Vampire, or Interview with THE Vampire?

I’ve reported on The Mandela Effect before, in regards to the BerenstAin/BerenstEin Bears. For those of you not familiar with the term, it is named after Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and Civil Rights icon. It seems quite a few people have clear memories of Mandela dying in prison in the 80s, under…

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Pic shows: The sexy dancers in the husband's funeral service  A widow shocked visitors who went to pay their respects at her late husband’s funeral this week when she invited a pair of exotic dancers to perform next to his closed casket.  Friends and family of the deceased businessman, Jian Feng, 57, were expecting a solemn occasion when they showed up at the memorial service in western Taiwan’s Taichung City.  Instead, they were greeted with loud pop music, two skimpily dressed girls, and stunned onlookers.  According to guests on the day, the businessman and his wife frequented nightclubs and exotic dance shows before his death, and the pair reportedly both had a fascination for the club scene.  After Jian passed away, his wife Chu, 53, decided to give him a fitting send off by inviting dancers to the occasion.  Videos and pictures of the otherwise dignified event have been making the rounds on the internet, with even the most open-minded social media users questioning the decision of Jian’s wife.  The two dancers, wearing skimpy underwear, are said to have performed non-stop for several minutes to tracks such as Lady Gaga's Lets Dance and Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger.  Although there was no word on how much they were paid to dance at the funeral service, some online commentators guessed it would have had to be quite a large amount of money to make them go against funeral taboo.  Chinese funerals include a lot of rules and regulations, including a solemn procession passed the coffin before relatives burn written prayers for the deceased and hand over small sums of money.  Wife Chu however said she did not think that they had broken any of the rules, saying: "The traditional Chinese funeral also includes music to fight off evil spirits, so I reckon the music I chose did the job."  One online commentator noted that despite the unusual send off, in some ways it was still traditional saying: "At least the dancers were wearing black."  (ends)

Going Out In Style

Give the guy props for his sense of humor if nothing else. I mean, funerals are by necessity somber occasions, sad, depressing. Unless the deceased was much hated in life, or left behind a sizeable fortune to his heirs, in which case there might be some cause for celebration. In general, though, funerals are something…

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vlad dracula documentery

Vlad the Impaler Biopic

Let me begin this little treatise by cautioning you all to never trust Rotten Tomatoes. A website that aggregates all critics’ scores, makes it easy for you to get the consensus. It sounds like a great idea. The problem lies in the execution. The majority of critics don’t write the words “positive review” or “negative…

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THE STRAIN – Drop the Beat!

This is the second reference to GONE WITH THE WIND I’ve been able to work in this week to a Horror-themed website, so I’m kind proud of that. What about GWTW? Reportedly, everyone in that movie, and everyone who worked on that movie behind the scenes, hated each other. Reportedly they were all miserable. Yet…

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Leto lestat

Jared Leto to play Lestat?

When a particular performer becomes so intrinsically linked with a certain character it is both a good thing and a bad thing. Imagine any other actress trying to portray Scarlet O’Hara. Vivian Leigh IS Scarlet. After Heath Ledger’s chilling, Oscar-winning turn as the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, I said, that’s it. Nobody else will…

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Pokemon Dracula

Here is this week’s second article pertaining to Romania and tourism. Not relying on the eastern European nation’s status as the homeland of Dracula and of vampires in general—that part of the world is the nexus of vampire lore, and while it isn’t contained by the parameters of imaginary lines on maps—isn’t just a Romanian…

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Dracula Park

I seem to recall a few years back that there was talk of opening a Dracula-themed amusement park in Romania. Seems like Prince Charles had something to do with getting the idea nixed. Not sure how it was any of his business and honestly don’t care. Point being, they didn’t do it. I’m kinda glad…

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penny dreadful cast2

The Dreadfuls are still pissed, John Logan

I had made up my mind to let it go. I have by this point vented plenty of spleen against John Logan, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, not so much for his ending the beloved series peremptorily as for the WAY in which he ended it, and for his lying about it to his fans afterward….

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