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The First Comic Book Vampire Ever Inked

I am a giant fan of comic books and have reviewed many vamptacular issues here on, but one important comic I have yet to mention is the most important of them all – New Fun Comics Issue #6. What makes this unheard of comic so amazing? It’s not only the first appearance of DC’s…

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Trinity Blood

Review of the Post-Apocalyptic ‘Trinity Blood’

As some may know, I have this odd love for any kind of post-apocalyptic story. Love it! So when I discovered an anime called Trinity Blood which is set far in a post- apocalyptic future filled with vampires, I had to give it a watch! Vampires and the world ending makes me a happy (somewhat…

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fave vampire

Who is Your Favorite Vampire?

Our beloved creatures of the night are lurking everywhere, in the darkened scenes of films, between the bloodied pages of books, in chilling video games… vampires are everywhere. Out of the many vampires haunting our favorite stories – which one is your favorite? Is it the lead in a vampire romance? An evil monster in…

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true blood eric stake

True Blood’s ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

The ninth episode of True Blood Season 5 has come and gone and that leaves us with three episodes left. Like most True Blood episodes this one was packed full of drama in every single one of its many storylines. Check out my thoughts on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and share yours in…

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The Night is Yours in Upcoming Vampire Game ‘Dark’

We’ve got yet another rad vampire video game on the way! Kalypso Media’s upcoming stealth-action PC game ‘Dark‘ is coming out February 12, 2013 and it looks badass. The gritty game allows players to take on the role of a deadly vampire who lurks in the night feeding upon any prey unlucky enough to cross…

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Dark Shadows DVD and Blu-ray Release Date Announced

Fans of Dark Shadows will be thrilled to know that it’s coming DVD and Blu-ray in just a few short months! Just in time for Halloween, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows will be released October 2, 2012! On top of the film, the disks also contain loads of bonus features for the hardcore fans. Check out…

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Watch Previews of True Blood’s ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

Episode 9 of Season 5 of True Blood is airing this weekend. Titled “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” the episode will throw us right back into the drama involving the vampires taking over, Sookie and Jason’s search for their parent’s killer, Alcide’s pack trouble, and more. HBO has given us a promo and two…

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Sylvain Reynard

Another Naughty XXX Twilight Fan-Fic Scores Huge Publishing Deal

As many are aware, the HUGELY successful erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James originally started off as Twilight fan fiction. Yup, the author wrote her own naughtier version of Twilight, then later changed a few names and key plotlines and had the novel published as something “new.” Now it’s a worldwide phenomenon…

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My Sucky Teen Romance Heading to the Big Screen

Two years ago I wrote about My Sucky Teen Romance, a film written and directed by the teenage Emily Hagin. In spite of being created by a group of teens, the trailer for the film was highly impressive, and I’m not the only one who thought so for My Sucky Teen Romance is coming to…

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Updating Dracula for Modern Audiences

Stephen King tells a story.  He mentioned the idea of Count Dracula in a modern setting, and his wife Tabitha said Bram Stoker’s most famous creation would be run over by a New York taxicab in minutes.  Somehow the idea seems right.  Arguably the most successful translation of the Count into the 20th century was…

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august books copy

Vampire Books Coming August 2012

It’s that glorious time again! Book time! Yay! There are loads of vampire books coming out this August, which is perfect for all of us book lovers. This is definitely a good month for us. Check out all of the vampire books hitting store shelves this month. (Click titles to view on Amazon) Plain Fear:…

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trueblood sookie header

True Blood’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’

Another big intense episode of True Blood has come and gone. The eighth episode of Season 5, titled “Somebody That I Used to Know,” was packed full of blood, tears and much more. It was drama-filled episode for sure. Episode description for “Somebody That I Used to Know:” “At Authority headquarters, the Chancellors revel in…

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