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The Vampire Fan’s Dilemma

I might be considered a vampire hoarder, if you took a look at my bookshelves, my closets, my home. There are vampire books, vampire comics, vampire t-shirts, vampire games, vampire things of all sorts everywhere. I like to consider myself a huge vampire fan, and some of you are probably a lot like me. Many…

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Where Are All the Lesbian Vampires?

Someone contacted us here and asked an interesting question–namely, where are all the lesbian vampires? In one way, this seems very nearly ridiculous. Almost to the point of whining! True Blood comes back in a couple of months, featuring a regular lesbian vampire character (Pam) who now looks to be in a relationship with another…

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Are Harry Potter Dementors Vampries?

While skimming one of the many vampire encyclopedias I have collected, I came across an entry on dementors, the evil creatures from the magnificent world of Harry Potter. Not once while reading the Harry Potter series or while watching the movies did I consider a dementor a vampire. But, when you stop and think, maybe…

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Vampire Books Coming April 2013

It’s April! A time of sunshine and vampire books! Hm, ok, not a good combination, but I am so sick of snow that the idea of sunshine and new books makes me a very happy lady. That said, I am thrilled to share with you all of the new vampire books hitting bookshops this month….

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Trailer for Charlaine Harris’ Final Sookie Stackhouse Book – Dead Ever After

On May 7th Dead Ever After, the final book in Charlaine Harris’ bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series, on which HBO’s True Blood is based, hits bookstores everywhere. The end of an era is almost here. Check out the synopsis and book trailer for the final installment below. Book description: “There are secrets in the town of…

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First Stills Released For ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spinoff ‘The Originals’

The Vampire Diaries won’t return for a month – a month! April 25th is the day the show comes back with an all new episode. But it’s not just any episode, it’s the big backdoor pilot episode for The Vampire Diaries spinoff – The Originals. It’s two for one, it’s a new Vampire Diaries episode,…

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Review of Argento’s Dracula

The wait is over. Dario Argento‘s version of Dracula is now available and anyone can find a copy of the DVD to judge for themselves.  I myself saw it in regular 2D rather than the vaunted format that requires special glasses. Frankly, I dislike 3D so just as well. And how is it? Let us…

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Steamy Screenshots of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Unleased

I’ve got goodies on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones! The film, based on the first book in the bestselling series by Cassandra Clare, comes to theaters August 23. Sony hasn’t been revealing too many sneak peeks of the film, but they did share some photos from the movie. Wonder what Magnus looks like? Want…

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Vampire Books that People Can’t Stop Talking About

Another book post, because I love me some books. Onwards! I recently discovered that Amazon lets you see the “most reviewed” books when you do a search. Of course I had to check out the most reviewed vampire books, and oddly enough, I was a bit surprised by the books that came up. People LOVE…

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Extended Promo for The Vampire Diaries ‘American Gothic’

Another episode of The Vampire Diaries is on the way! A full hour of blood lust and vampiric shenanigans coming March 28 at 8pm on The CW. This upcoming episode is titled “American Gothic” and in it we get to see Elena and Rebekah tag team Katherine. Even better news is that Elijah is back!…

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Kickstart ‘Dracula: Son of the Dragon’

I liked to peruse Kickstarter on occasion in the hopes of discovering an amazing new project to help out. The site is amazing and has gotten loads of awesome projects off the ground. And speaking of awesome projects, I came across one that needs the help of vampire fans – like YOU! Dracula: Son of…

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Twilight Author Stupidly Blames Herself for Actor’s Troubles

According to an interview she did with The Times, Stephenie Meyer blames herself for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s troubles. Because, you know, it’s all her fault and totally not theirs. Sigh. When asked if she feels guilty about their issues, she told The Times: “Absolutely. Here’s the thing: there are some actors who are…

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