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Frid & Hall In 'Dark Shadows'

Coming Soon to DVD The Complete Dark Shadows Set… for $600

That’s right Dark Shadows fans, if you want to own every single episode of the cult classic soap opera, you’re going to have to dish out a whopping $600! With the resurrection of Dark Shadows in the Johnny Depp film (coming May 11), MPI Entertainment thought that now would be the perfect time to release…

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New Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer and WonderCon Recap

Tis’ the season for conventions, and what do film makers do at Cons? Well, they don’t get their cosplay on and geek out over comics, no, they promote their films. That was the case at WonderCon 2012 this past weekend where the folks behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter showed new footage of the film and…

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Johnny Depp Isn’t a Fan of Our Beloved Modern Day Vampire Movies

The gorgeous and talented Johnny Depp shared that he feels the portrayal of vampires on screen in recent years has changed drastically from the golden era of the 1940s and 1950s, which was one of the reasons he was thrilled to go for a classic look for his vampire character in ‘Dark Shadows.’ Depp recently…

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Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec on the Big Twist and What it Means for Others

At The Vampire Diaries‘ PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles last week, a group of lucky fans were treated to an early look at the recently-aired episode “1912,” and, like us, saw the shocking reveal at the end. But unlike us, they got to chat with producer Julie Plec right afterwards on the big surprise and…

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Sneak Peek Photos of Adam Sandler’s ‘Hotel Transylvania’

We have been talking about Adam Sandler’s vamptastic animated comedy Hotel Transylvania for some time now, and at long last we have been given pictures of the upcoming flick! Sandler voices Dracula in this family film, opening September 28. Check out the pictures below! “It’s refreshing to go back to the beginning of Dracula —…

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16

1912 Lots of things happened in 1912; while the rest of the world was still reeling after the Titanic went down, people in Mystic Falls were scared of falling prey to a serial killer. Apparently, one of the two magic rings in the Gilbert family causes people to lose their shit, and run around stabbing…

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Dark Shadows: The Trailer!

At long, long last a trailer for the upcoming vampire film starring Johnny Depp has seen the light of day!  (Pun intended) Earlier this week, the word came out that the trailer would debut on the talk show Ellen.  Sure enough, as fans eagerly waited, said trailer did indeed give us our first real glimpse…

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Help a Fangtastic Author and Get Prizes in Return! is always happy to give our beloved vampire authors some love, which is why we’re helping out the wonderful Elizabeth J Kolodziej with her Kickstarter project. We have worked with Liz many times in the past and every time has been an absolute pleasure. Her Last Witch series is hands down one of the…

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The Sabertooth Vampire Sinks His Fangs into Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse Comics just announced the latest character to be added to its flagship anthology known as Dark Horse Presents, an oddly adorable, yet totally pathetic, little vampire known as the Sabertooth Vampire, a creation of Mike Russell. From the official press release: The Sabertooth Vampire is a webcomic about a tiny vampire hampered by…

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hunger games twilight

Enough with the Twilight vs. Hunger Games Nonsense!

The closer and closer we get to the theater release of The Hunger Games, the more and more the media compares it to Twilight. It has gotten really old really fast. To be honest, the comparisons really don’t make sense to me at all, and I’m not the only one who feels that way, Hunger…

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‘Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story’ Release Date Revealed

A few months back I excitedly reported that Anne Rice’s influential vampire novel, Interview with the Vampire, is being adapted into a graphic novel. What made this news so fantastic is that while the graphic novel will tell the story we fans know and love, it’s going to be told from Claudia’s point of view…

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Vampire Diaries Cast and Producer Reveal 10 Season 3 Clues

This past weekend The Vampire Diaries cast and producer took over the Saban Theatre for Paley Fest to chat about the second half of the third season. A crowd of lucky fans not only got an early screening of the next Vampire Diaries’ episode “1912” but they also got the chance to ask the cast and…

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