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Biting Critique: Vampire Lore as Vehicle For Social Commentary

With the 6th season of True Blood having just concluded, and with fans eager for new episodes, it’s fascinating to reflect on the bevy of issues the show has addressed over the course of its run, including: xenophobia; subjugated groups gaining tolerance in an increasingly permissive society; humanity’s constant struggle to reconcile animalistic urges with…

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Coming: Fright Night 2

Let the arguments and debates commence! Sequels always cause both, as do remakes. Sequels to remakes even more-so! The original Fright Night inspired a sequel centered around Charlie Brewster encountering a female vampire. Now Fright Night 2: New Blood takes that idea but also brings back Ed (Chris Waller) as well as Amy (Sasha Parkinson)….

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Let your voice be heard

Not exactly a traditional interview, but kinda.  We’re interviewing YOU! For the next month, we’ll be trying out this Ideas service from uservoice for  Go there and create a new suggestion for us about the site, or what to write about.  You can also see what others are suggesting and vote for the ones…

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Non-Fiction Spotlight: The Romance of Dracula

The Romance of Dracula by Charles E. Butler is, in his own words, “a personal journey of the Count on celluloid.” I think that is a perfect way to describe this book, which is part film critique, part essay, and part personal reminiscence. Like Mr. Butler, I love the vampire film genre as well as…

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Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension!

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, yes? We know this. From the rat-like mummy Graf Orlock to the drop dead gorgeous creatures of Twilight. More, we know some are aliens. The vampires of Doctor Who for example, as well as the shape-shifting super-psychics of Lifeforce and of course the green alien title character from…

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Anne Rice’s Assistant Releases His Own Vampire Novel

We all know the name Anne Rice, she is the queen of vampires after all, but few of us know her assistant, Becket. A former Benedictine monk with a master’s degree in theology, Becket is Anne’s right hand man, and an author himself. His vampire tale The Blood Vivicanti features characters and concepts by both…

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New Trailer for NBC’s Dracula Released! Watch Now!

I’ve got goodies from NBC’s Dracula! NBC has released two trailers for the upcoming show and the release date! NBC has announced that Dracula will premiere Friday, October 25 at 10/9c.Woo! That’s not too far off! Now for the trailers! The first is one we previously shared with you, but the second is all new!…

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First Vampire Academy Photos and Sneak Peek Video Revealed

The movie adaptation of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy is well on its way and we have the photos and video to prove it! This project has been in the works for ages now, so it’s awesome to finally see some movies stills, as well as a Vampire Academy movie poster, and a few seconds of…

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First Look at ‘The Impaler’ Trailer

I’ve got new movie news! A brand new horror film is lurking our way and it tells a chilling tale about our favorite undead creature of the night – Dracula. Derek Hockenbrough’s The Impaler is all about bringing the fury back to vampires. A press release and trailer for the film were recently released, check…

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Sneak Peak: Styria

We’ve covered the upcoming motion picture Styria for over a year. This marks the first major film adaptation of Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla since 1989 (the Nightmare Classics version)! This week I was invited to a private screening of the current edit of the film. A few things remained unfinished. One or two scenes haven’t…

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What are 15 million Vampire Fans Addicted to?

Blood Brothers. 15 million people are addicted to the mobile video game Blood Brothers. That’s a helluva lot! I came across this game in my cell’s app store on accident and was shocked that a vampire game had SO many players. I think this game just may be worth a play. What do you think?…

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Vampire Book Challenge!

Being the bibliophile that I am, I love to read, write and talk about books. I am a hardcore book junkie. That said, we’re having ourselves a fangtastic vampire book discussion today! Actually, it’s a bit of a book challenge. I challenge you, my wonderful readers, to list off three vampire books and share a…

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