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This past week brought a press announcement to my e-mailbox that set my cold little heart all aflutter. THE STRAIN is returning for its third season at the end of August! What perfect timing, as my beloved PENNY DREADFUL is set to wrap its own third season this Sunday, leaving me bereft of my weekly…

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penny dreadful drac and vanessa

Show Me the Money…I Mean the Fangs!

We PENNY DREADFUL fans finally got to see Christian Camargo vamp out in this past week’s episode. It was only about a second’s worth, but you take what you can get, right? The fact that we’ve seen so little of Camargo as Dracula and so much of him as his alias, Dr. Sweet, makes me…

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An Interview with THE HUNTED creator Robert Chapin

You may recall my recent review of the Horror web series THE HUNTED. I asked Robert Chapin for some more information on the series and here is his response, slightly edited for length: “‘The Hunted’ is a sword-slingin’, vampire-slayin’ webseries…one of the longest running shows online [and] one of the first…based on user content, meaning…

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HELEN is Coming

I wanted to be cheeky and call this post “Helen of Gory.” I can appreciate a good pun, same as anyone else, but I want to be factual, and, while HELEN certainly is a Horror movie, I’m not sure if it’ll be gory or if it will skew more towards psychological terror, thus I will…

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That VOICE. Tony Todd has made a career out of portraying bad guys, scary villains. While a fine actor with considerable range, capable of playing pretty much any role excepting maybe white females—the kind of roles that Dame Judi Dench or Angela Lansbury (also a Dame) might go out for—Mr. Todd specializes in playing to…

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vampire tomato

The Vampire Tomato

I’ve said all along that tomatoes were evil. They can only be safely eaten after they are cooked; this serves as a sort of exorcism, fricasseeing the devil out of them. Otherwise, to eat one raw, even if you are only consuming small slices, is to risk demonic possession, or demonic indigestion. To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to. But…

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My nephew is a professional wrestler. Strictly smalltime right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go on to stardom. He’s only 20 years old and is in amazing shape; the kid’s a natural athlete, so yeah, he could very well hit the big time. If he does, I’m gonna take some of…

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So he IS Vlad Tepes after all. Also, he isn’t. We knew he couldn’t be the traditional Dracula, neither Bram Stoker’s Count nor the historic Vlad III of Wallachia, or, as Dracula has become today in lore and popular culture, a synthesis of the two. The reason we know this is that Dracula as depicted…

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BLADE: The First Marvel Success Story

I was reading a review this past week of the new X-Men film, and the reviewer erroneously stated that 2000’s X-MEN was the first movie based on a Marvel Comics property to be a success at the box office, that it laid the groundwork for the current Disney/Marvel brand domination the conjoined companies are enjoying…

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The Mysterious Dracula Statuette

I came across this item purely by chance while surfing the Internet—or was it, in fact, kismet? Is ANYthing purely the result of chance? It’s a ceramic statue of Dracula, about eight inches tall, hollow and crudely painted. Only the cape, tuxedo, and fangs confirm it is a representation of Dracula. The figure’s face appears…

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How do you kill a (Hollywood) Vampire? Bad Press!

Some supposed experts are claiming that the dismal box office performance of the ALICE IN WONDERLAND sequel is due to Johnny Depp’s recent publicity woes. I would tend to blame it more on an uninspired effort by the studio to cash in on the success of its progenitor, forcing a movie where no sequel should…

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dead chickens

Did they or didn’t they? (Or, did Dracula like Fried Chicken?)

The “they” I am referring to are Professors Radu Florescu and Raymond McNally, biographers of the historical Vlad Dracula and advocates for the linkage with his person and the vampire Count of fiction, created by Bram Stoker. There IS a connection between the two, but have some people, including scholars like Florescu and McNally, fudged…

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