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necro and skele

The Necronomicon Does Not Exist

Okay, like, if you are up on your quantum physics and all, then you’re familiar with the theory that, for every potential possibility, there is a universe in existence in which that possibility is a reality. In other words, there is a universe wherein H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones really do exist, as does his…

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Review: New Carmilla!

A wildly successful web series, not one but two recent films, a musical in the works–little wonder Audible decided to produce a new audio version of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu‘s last work (and the ancestor of all lesbian vampires since). Carmilla was offered as a free download for Halloween, not a reading of the book…

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Find out about Vigo, the master of evil, tryin’ to battle my boys? That’s not legal!

If you’re too young to remember GHOSTBUSTERS 2 coming to theaters, first off, my sympathies. You really missed out on some great times by being born too late. (You also probably don’t recognize the title of this article as a line from the movie’s theme song, performed by Bobby Brown. How sad you are.) But…

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lowe mill day of the dead altar

Dia de los Muertos – A Lively Celebration

It’s interesting how, as more and more immigrants from south of the Rio Grande have spread into America, they have brought their culture with them, and that culture has disseminated, or might it be better to say diffused, into the mainstream. Nowhere is there a more evident example than the Mexican celebration Did de los…

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This time of year is great for Horror fans. Our love of the ghastly and terrifying becomes, for a few short, sweet weeks, acceptable to the culture at large. The normal folks will even join in and help us celebrate it. (Until November 1st; then it’s time to scrub clean the collective psyche, conceptualized in…

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Romero killed Hammer Studios?

False accusation! The author of this linked article has constructed a case based entirely on circumstantial evidence. As such, you, the jury, must not be taken in. Guilt must be established beyond a reasonable doubt or else you must acquit the defendant. I maintain that George Romero has been made a scapegoat for a much…

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Vampire Spider to the Rescue!

Spiders kind of ARE vampires. They survive by drinking blood. Or, technically, liquefied bug guts. But that’s close enough, isn’t it? Except for the Evarcha culicivora jumping spider. It really does feed on blood. HUMAN blood. That’s why, as they do with vampire bats, which SOMETIMES are known to bite humans, they call ‘em vampires….

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bela lrg 2

The Flaw in Universal’s Classic DRACULA

Watching Bela Lugosi’s magnificent performance in the 1931 Universal classic DRACULA, along with the simultaneously-filmed (and overall superior Spanish-language version, except that it lacks Bela’s grounding, galvanizing presence) on the big screen this past week really got me thinking. As much as I adore this film/these films, there’s a big and kinda obvious flaw. It’s…

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bela vs

DRACULA Double-Feature – Bela vs. Carlos

We’re presently talking about the dueling versions of DRACULA, the Universal classic and the lesser-known Spanish-language version which was filmed simultaneously. More to the point(ed teeth), we’re contrasting the two leading men. Though overall a better film, the Spanish version offers Carlos Villarias in the title role as “Conde Dracula.” Villarias looks a little bit…

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bela lrg

DRACULA Double-Feature – Part Three

The Spanish language version of 1931’s DRACULA, filmed at the same time and making use of the same sets, is the better film. Better acting, better script, better cinematography. But there’s one area in which it simply cannot compare to its more famous counterpart, and that one factor makes all the difference. What is it?…

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spanish renfield

DRACULA Double-Feature – Part Two

The Spanish language version of DRACULA, filmed at the same time as the Universal masterpiece of the same name, making use of the same sets and script but with a different director and different cast, filming at night where the other filmed exclusively during the day, is in almost every respect a better movie than…

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DRACULA Double-Feature – Part One

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in association with Fathom Events will occasionally offer the opportunity for fans to see classic films in select theaters around the country. For this Halloween season, the movie being presented was the 1931 Universal Studios masterpiece DRACULA, directed by Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi in the seminal, definitive portrayal of…

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