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I came across a bit of news this past week that was confusing for me, so I figured it might be confusing for you, my dear followers, as well. Allow me then, to elucidate and illuminate for you. Yes, Robert Eggers, the writer and director of the extraordinarily atmospheric and shockingly straightforward THE WITCH, which…

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Farewell, Lupita Tovar

It’s always sad to report when a celebrity has died. But when that celebrity lived to a ripe old age and died of natural causes after having lived a full and rewarding life, it makes it go down the gullet a little easier. Lupita Tovar was 106(!) years old at the time of her death,…

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The Ballad of Jane (Doe)

Let’s see, here. Upcoming Horror flick. THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE. Hmm. Grabs your attention, that’s for sure. What’s it about? According to this article from, a site I frequently consult and even more frequently follow (like every day) in order to keep up with the latest Horror happenings, “The film isn’t what you…

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The Changing Vampire, Part Three: Back to Basics

Sparkling, sensitive supernatural creatures that are sometimes referred to as “vampires” may have settled in to stay—it remains to be seen just how long this interpretation will last; as the teenage and twentysomething fans of the TWILIGHT novels and shows like THE VAMPIRE DIARIES grow older, will they leave them behind, the way my generation…

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The Changing Vampire, Part Two: From Shivers to Sparkles

Having addressed Dracula specifically, we can progress with the query offered by this article, how has the vampire changed since the seminal novel by Bram Stoker was first written. The short answer would be, a whole helluva lot, and little of it in a good way. But I must needs elaborate, mustn’t I? Actually, I…

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The Changing Vampire, Part One: Deviating Dracula

This article from the Irish Examiner asks the question “How has the modern image of a vampire changed from Bram Stoker’s original?” It SHOULD have asked, how has the image of DRACULA changed since Stoker’s original, if the writers wanted to be more specific, as Stoker didn’t do much on the subject of vampires outside…

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Meet the Vampire Squid

Also sometimes called the “Dracula Squid,” depending on who you ask. I suspect that there is only ONE Dracula squid, however, and he resents the other vampire squids being called by his name. The Dracula Squid does LOOK like all the other Vampire Squids, though, which is to say they all look really cool, if…

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Vampire Batman Statue

I’m not much of a fan of Kelley Jones artwork. It just isn’t my cup o’ joe. This statue, however, isn’t based on Jones’ art, but on a poster that was created by Francesco Francavilla. And it is a thing of true beauty. Batman imagined as a vampire. It won’t be available for an entire…

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To quote from “Foolin’,” that song from Def Leppard, “Is anybody out there? Anybody there? Does anybody wonder? Anybody care?” I’m writing this in reference to our recent contest, a contest stillborn if ever there was one. We here at and had teamed-up to offer some witty vampire and/or werewolf mark the chance…

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Big Happenings in Dracula Land

That contest they were holding where you and a guest got to spend the night in Castle Dracula (the one officially endorsed by Romania’s Department of Tourism, that is, Castle Bran, not the historically verified one at Poenari), with “they” in this case being Dacre Stoker, great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, and the company Airbnb…

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Tomb of Jesus Christ (maybe) Opened

Not that it was “maybe” opened. It WAS opened. Rather it is MAYBE the tomb of Jesus Christ. The location, officially known as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, a shrine built atop a limestone cave, has been revered for centuries as the place where the body of Jesus was laid after His…

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Vampire Pie

Or should we shorten that to “vam-pie”? Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Okay, so, I’m a diabetic. I got diagnosed three years ago. I’ve responded very well to treatment, and today my condition is controlled by a low dosage of medication, which is great. My problem is, I was one of those…

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