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Old Vampires of New England

Far from a mere archaic legend of ancient peoples half a world away, these undead revenants were said to prowl the night of New England as recently as the 19th century. It took them awhile to get here, same as with any other immigrants. Vampires, that is. EVERYone knows they are native to Eastern Europe….

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Farewell To The King

Christopher Lee, the British actor famed for his turns as Dracula, a Bond villain and as the wizard Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, has died. Lugosi. Karloff. Lon Chaney. Vincent Price. Peter Cushing. Lon Chaney, Jr. The list of names conjured to mind when any self-respecting Horror fan hears the word “legend”…

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If the Vamps don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine…

The man said he went dancing after a vampire threatened him. Ready to have your day made? People back in the olden days had it all wrong. There’s no need to put a virginal maiden on a white horse and have it stomp around a graveyard, seeking the final un-resting place of a vampire. No…

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Scar(r)ed for life by SALEM’S LOT

After reading Salem’s Lot I was anxious to watch the mini-series.  My expectations were pretty low.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the mini-series is very faithful  to the King novel. Boy, did my parents end up regretting it, letting me stay up to watch SALEM’S LOT on TV. I was 6 at the time….

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Soundtrack for a Vampire It’s in my blood. A past life memory? Was I a Gypsy in a previous existence? I don’t put much stock in that stuff. It dunnae jibe with my personal beliefs. Yet I cannot deny that there is something about that part of the world that speaks to me. And when I hear authentic…

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JEEPERS CREEPERS! The Director is a Perv!

Viewers, be warned: Theres a sickness loose in Hollywood these days, and its name is Victor Salva… When JEEPERS CREEPERS opened in theaters in the late summer of 2001, it was a breath of fresh air for many Horror fans. Slick and smart, it took that old cliché of the genre—that people in Horror movies…

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Tuberculosis 2: Revenge of the Bacterium

The resistant strain normally develops when patients with ordinary TB stop taking their antibiotics because they feel better or they simply forget. It used to be a plague. Tuberculosis, or “Consumption,” was a leading cause of death amongst the young in the 19th century, the killer of millions worldwide. A wasting disease attacking the lungs,…

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The Sideshow was always the Main Event for me

Like Robert Ripley, I have always been attracted to the odd and the curious. God, I miss the sideshow. Telling my age, here, but I can remember—barely—when sideshows were still a part of traveling fairs. These days only vestiges remain, and these few and far between. You might still find a “Giant Maneating Rat” or…

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The Worst Vampire Movie Ever Made. Seriously.

Vampires, goth chicks and boobs. Need I say more? Well probably, that would be a pretty boring review. There’s good-bad and then there’s bad-bad, amIright? While a true connoisseur of quality Horror films, I also have a big, gushy soft spot for bad Horror. And by “bad” I mean, cheesy, cornball, hokey, silly, superficial—and often…

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North Carolina’s “Vampire Beast” had a taste for doggie blood

On January 6, 1954, the Lumberton, North Carolina, Robesonian newspaper published a sensational article titled “Vampire Strikes At Woman; Police Chief Warns Parents.” I wouldn’t have filed this one under the vampire heading, except that’s what the people in Baldenboro, North Carolina decided to call this critter. If it was a critter and not some…

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Whitewashing Saint George

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — When a gigantic mural of St. George appeared next to a historic church dedicated to the revered figure, many hailed it as a brilliant piece of street art. But the influential Romanian Orthodox Church was not amused. I’m of two minds on this one; granted, one is bigger than the other….

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Theater shooter earned “value points” by killing

“I was worth 12 more people than I was before,” Holmes says. It’s a tricky thing, trying to assign guilt or innocence of a crime based on a suspect’s mental state. The legal definition for insanity is not the same as the medical one. If a person is able to understand the difference between right…

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