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An Ode to Mina

Read this. Or don’t. It’s a cogent argument for the recognition of Mina Harker, nee Murray, to be included amongst the greatest of the Victorian-era heroines. No, better make that “heroes.” There are some who would argue that to differentiate based on gender is in itself discriminatory. Like how they always refer to the female…

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Cool Graves

It is hard for me to be too down on the clickbait sites. We have all gotta make a living, after all, those of us who hawk our wares on the old Internet, and we live and die based on the amount of traffic we get. Granted those sites seem to have more than their…

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Dracula’s Birth Certificate

Not the real Dracula. That is to say, the HISTORICAL Dracula, Vlad III. It’s the fictional Dracula who has the birth certificate. COUNT Dracula, from the novel by Bram Stoker. He’s real, too. A real literary character. He just isn’t an historic, once-living person. There’s real and then there’s real. It’s all in which definition…

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Save the Bats

I doubt I need to explain to anyone here why bats are important and we need to keep them around. Likely the fact that they’re cool is more than sufficient reason for the likes of us, am I right, vampire fans? But for the benefit of those who don’t “get it,” allow me to be…

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Dark was the Night

I don’t know if this past Winter Solstice, which took place on December 21st, as it does every year, was the darkest night of the past 500 years, as this article claims it was. And even if it was, I don’t really know how we would have been able to tell the difference. You’d have…

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This is another of the vintage Vincent Price offerings inspired by the fiction of Edgar Allan Poe, and in this case Nathanial Hawthorne. Two separate movies, but they’re a package deal, a combo. Available on the same DVD, so I figure I might as well review them both together. Honestly they could easily pass for…

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Is Johnny Depp playing Kolchak?

I like Johnny Depp. I think he’s a talented guy. But I don’t like how he’s become the go-to guy for any and every genre role out there, when the genre is either Horror or dark Fantasy. Could be I’ve just seen him in one too many such offerings; how many Tim Burton movies has…

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Revisiting the (Literary) Classics: Bram Stoker’s THE COMING OF ABEL BEHENNA

Here’s the skinny: You’ve got two best friends who are also lifelong rivals, always trying to outdo one another. This rivalry has always been of the peaceful sort, and even remains so after both guys decide they want to marry the prettiest girl in the village. Instead of a duel or even trying to undermine…

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Me Against the Machine

Remember several months back when I was waging a war of pixels against John Logan, the series creator of PENNY DREADFUL, for his untimely cancellation of the show (and his then lying about it to the fans)? Sure you do. That dead horse is sufficiently flogged, I think, but I’m taking a few more whacks…

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Dracula Untold Now A One-Off?

A few weeks back I reported hopefully, based on comments made by star Luke Evans, that 2014’s DRACULA UNTOLD might be a part of Universal Studios’s plans for a shared cinematic universe, that it would in fact be the first installment. It was certainly filmed that way, based on the final scene in the movie….

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Mummers the Word

Anyone fairly well read these days knows that many of our Christmas traditions are actually holdovers from pagan, pre-Christian days: the Christmas Tree, evergreen plants indoors (like mistletoe and holly); Santa Claus is a confabulation betwixt the Christian Saint Nicholas, the pagan elf Kris Kringle, and the Norse god Odin. But in recent years, more…

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The Alnwich Vampire

I read a lot. And, as I’m not blessed with a photographic memory—and honestly I don’t know as I’d want to be, unless I had control over it, the ability to “delete” unnecessary or unwanted memories while retaining others—I don’t always remember things I’ve previously read. I KNOW I’ve heard of the Alnwich Vampire before….

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