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The “Official” Prequel to DRACULA is Coming

The fact that I put the word “official” in quotations might tip you off to the fact that I don’t much care for this bequeathing of such an honor to any new work. I read and enjoyed DRACULA: THE UN-DEAD, the proclaimed “official” sequel to the classic novel written by Bram Stoker’s great-grand-nephew, Dacre Stoker,…

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Bang! You’re (Robbing The) Dead!

Bad things are often done for good reasons. And “bad” is relative, anyway, when we’re talking about cases of “necessary” evil. Back in the days before people donated their bodies to Science after death, medical schools had a helluva time getting hold of bodies to practice on. They’d frequently be forced to resort to “Resurrection…

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I mentioned last week that I might write a post on the short story “Lazarus” by Russian author Leonid Andreyev, as we are in the Easter season and the story of Lazarus occurs in the Bible as a sort of prequel to the Easter story. For the benefit of those who didn’t spend as much…

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Vampire Flicks. (Notice that I didn’t say “the greatest.”)

And here is this week’s SECOND list of “the best” of something or other that I now will mercilessly tear apart for your edification. If the compilers had chosen to title the linked-to article below 10 TOP VAMPIRE MOVIES OF ALL TIME instead of TOP 10 VAMPIRE MOVIES OF ALL TIME, we’d have no problem….

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the lucifer of liege

Devilishly Good Art

First, a little debunking, for those who profess the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the “perfect” translation. There are numerous mistakes and deliberate alterations contained in the text, but for our purposes at present we will focus on only one. Y’all ready? Okay. The devil’s name is NOT “Lucifer.” If you’re wondering…

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An Ode to Alucard

I find it hard to believe that this kitty, named Rory, profiled in this linked-to article, is having a hard time getting adopted because he bears an “unfortunate” resemblance, with his two prominent front fangs, to a vampire. Rather I would expect this attribute to be a selling point, helping instead of limiting his ability…

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This List Is B*llsh*t!!!

Maybe I should be encouraging the compilers of this linked-to article, 17 SILENT FILMS EVERY MOVIE LOVER SHOULD SEE, rather than disparaging it. Silent cinema is a lost artform, and one sadly underappreciated by people today. Anything that encourages folks to seek out and experience the forgotten masterpieces of this bygone age is ultimately a…

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sighisoara interior

Save Dracula’s Birthplace

Hey, government of Romania, listen up! You’re not Communist anymore, which means you can appreciate the need for money that isn’t forcibly extracted from your citizenry, right? Well, you’re squandering a huge opportunity, about to kill off a cash cow that would provide milk for years and years, ad infinitum, in exchange for a single…

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Raising the Dead, Discount Rate!

I’ve got a great idea for a movie, so somebody get on this, pronto! You’ve got a modern-day prophet-slash-faith healer, a “fictional” character obviously based on Prophet Manasseh Jordon, a complete charlatan (just like Manasseh Jordon!) who, somewhat like Steve Martin’s character in the 1992 comedy LEAP OF FAITH, discovers he actually does possess miraculous…

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How to Create a Vampire—NOT

Let’s say you’re a nutcase. Hypothetically speaking, okay? You’re a nutcase, and you have some nutcase friends. Which, let’s be honest, you probably would have. Birds of a feather flocking together, and all. So you and your nutcase buddies decide you want to create a vampire all for your own. First off, you’d need to…

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Need Blood? Try Coconut Milk!

Two and a half years ago, I was diagnosed as diabetic. I was that rare example of a patient who was walking around for years with the condition and displayed no symptoms. I only found out I was ill when the effects started showing up, the damage done to my body by going so long…

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“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

In the interest of full disclosure, the site I’ve linked to at the bottom of this article is my own webpage. Not that I’d expect any of you to care, but we do strive to keep everything above-board here. I’m certainly not above pimping out my own work or projects, but when I do it,…

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