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The Delicious Appraisal of George A. Romero’s ‘Martin’

“Instead of portraying its count as a sexually overpowering force against nature, his film focuses on a protagonist bearing none of his Nosferatic forefathers’ dominance…” I have a confession to make: sometimes, I can’t actually read an entire article about one movie, –a long film review isn’t always fun. But this one dragged me in,…

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Enter to Win a Signed Copy of ‘The Originals: The Rise’

“The Originals: The Loss, the second book in a prequel trilogy based on The CW’s “The Originals,” is coming out soon, and in case you missed The Rise, the novel that kicked things off, we have two copies to give away.”  I want this so bad guys… I have a collection of autographed books from…

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Strong Black Women on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

“Maria Howell as Ayana on The Vampire Diaries”   I keep an eye on Graveyard Shift Sisters, because their blog and various sites are very near and dear to my heart; I am a white woman, who was placed into the system when I was young, and if it wasn’t for the influence of the…

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11 Badass Modern Vampire Movies

We know all the classic suckhead movies, the ones we all name when we think of vampires – ones that don’t sparkle, that is –…   This is basically a list of vampire movies that have emerged from the more “independent” –and sometimes, not so much “independent” as much as cult favorites, like Ultraviolet, for example, which…

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Excerpt From ‘The Fourth Bride’ by Carol Gill

“I dreamt I heard soft murmurs all around me. It was not unpleasant for I was reminded of fairy tales and magical legends. I heard singing too; the sound of sirens perhaps…”   I know, I know, normally, I have never liked the hyper-super-sexy-romantic vampire fiction, but despite everything, Carol Gill pulls me in. I suppose…

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Books You Gotta Have: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories By Women

No self-respecting relisher of the macabre should ever deny themselves a copy of a book brilliantly edited and most instructively introduced by the legendary anthologist Stephen Jones. If there could be like, a King of Anthology Editors, it would be Stephen Jones; I have one of the older MBO Best New Horror titles (the one…

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What Would These 16 Pop Stars & Teen Celebs Look Like as Vampires?

Ummm… can we get another “Twilight” movie?! First of all, I always knew that Miley Cyrus was a vampire… a psychic vampire. Every time I see her on TV, or read about her because some asshole shared something on my wall about her on Facebook… I feel my energy just drain, right out of my…

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You Choose, You Vote: The Sexiest Vampire Movies Ever Made

“What are the sexiest vampire movies of all time? Of all popular film monsters and villains, vampires are perhaps most inextricably tied with erotica.”   Can you believe that Underworld is ranked #1 –ahead of Interview with the Vampire, –that’s Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, munching on sexy French hookers, and… that scene where Brad Pitt and Antonio…

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Oh, Luke Perry, Tell Us All About Your Buffy Days…

“By 1992, actor Luke Perry was at the height of his reign as a teen heartthrob (Even if he was in his late-20s.)”   Personally, I think he’s still gorgeous, and so charming! The second half was sarcasm, –he is notoriously, kind of a dick, –and his Q&A here is seriously indicative of his dickheadedness. That’s okay though,…

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Why Does Korean Vampire Drama ‘Blood’ Fail to Impress?

“We’re now six episodes into “Blood” and I’m, surprisingly, still here. Although I can’t say that I like the drama, I certainly don’t hate it either.”   According to this reviewer, the show has stuck with “solid and safe” plot devices, which is equated to boring, –and I can’t help but agree on that point,…

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Vampires & More in Anime DVD Releases This June

“…Discotek Media is re-releasing Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on DVD and Bluray.”   Of course, I chose this release as the first to unveil because I couldn’t help but tell you about it! Vampire Hunter D on Bluray, –so excited, –I am definitely getting this when it comes out this June; the HD version is going to be absolutely…

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev is Struggling with Behind-the-Scenes Drama

Nina Dobrev is jealous of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder – but not for the reason you would think. The love triangle isn’t between Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Nikki Reed: so far, all signs show that Ian Somerhalder has been completely faithful to Nikki Reed. We haven’t heard but just a whisper of on-set…

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