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Iranian Vampire Film ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ Secures A Distributor

Movie News Sundance vampire tale A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night lands distributionthe night desk’s insight:Months ago we told you about this new vampire film which was played at the Sundance Film festival, the film has finally secured distribution in…


Congratulations To Mr. Somerhalder On His UN Goodwill Ambassador Appointment!

“Vampire Diaries” actor Ian Somerhalder excitedly shared on Twitter and Instagram about his latest achievement. Millions of fans can now support the 35-year-old actor not only as the vampire Damon Salvatore in the CW TV series but as the ne…


Some Hints For Season 7 Of ‘True Blood’

The mini-descriptions for True Blood episodes 7.03-7.06 (the ones that will air in July) have been released, and Eric & Pam fans will be happy to know that.the night desk’s insight:There have been some episode descriptions released so I thought we …


Sam Says He’s Going To Be Naked…ALOT In ‘True Blood’ Season 7

Sam Trammell says that audiences and fans are really going to be satisfied with this season the rhythm is good, definitely gets dark and lots of surprises.the night desk’s insight:Sam talks to Entertainment Weekly Radio about season 7, which is co…

hunter by night

Vampire Book Coming June 2014

Hi everyone! Here are the books that are coming out this month, and that are being released in paperback. There aren’t a whole lot of new vampire books this month, but enjoy!  Steal the Night (Thieves) by Lexi Blake (Jun 3, 2014)   She was born to be a thief. To save the world, she will have to…

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Spoilers: ‘True Blood’ Storylines For First Two Shows

With the H-vamps running amok in Bon Temps, the redneck posse takes it into their hands to take vengeance  against all vamps, in particular Bill.  A surprising someone comes to his aid against the vigilantes.  Sookie and Jason head to th…


‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Will Caroline Be The Great Love Of Stefan’s Life

Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) was really devastated after losing his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) when the Other Side collapsed in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5 finale. Caroline (Candice Accola) is expected to be next to Stefan during this difficult time but executive producer Julie Plec teased that the blonde vampire’s presence may not be enough to fill the empty space that Damon left in Stefan’s life.

the night desk’s insight:
So many changes were made with the travelers storyline and the enormous consequence of their actions, that fans were left torn, upset and lost. We have yet to look at this as “what could happen next for those left behind” like Caroline and Stefan. They have always looked to each other for strength, but that seems to have developed into something more, much more next season. Without a doubt, Damon will eventually return now Alaric is back, but until then Stefan needs someone, and it looks like that someone will be Caroline. Do you think Caroline and Stefan will be great for each other?


‘Vampire Academy’ Scenes You Have Yet To See

Deleted Scenes from the Vampire Academy DVD (LQ). Mason gets attacked by a vampire. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Natalie tries on dresses for the dance. Part 1: Part 2: Rose and Lissa at a party. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: …the night desk’s ins…


‘Vampire Diaries’ Lexi Returns In Season 6

Executive producer Julie Plec continues to answer the questions that “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5 finale left behind like if there is a chance for the fans to see Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) again in Season 6. Even though the Other Side alread…


‘Vampire’ Grave Found In Poland

Hjelm adds the notion of vampires being creatures of the night only appeared relatively recently, first with Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel “Dracula” in later in the 1922 film…the night desk’s insight:Earlier this month in northwest Poland, a vampire gra…


‘True Blood’s Final Season Trailer Shows No Signs Of The Northman

Watch the full trailer for the seventh and final season of ‘True Blood’!the night desk’s insight:I watched and rewatched the final trailer for ‘True Blood’ and noticed the complete absence of Eric Northman. Does this mean he will not be back til very…


‘The Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec Assures Us Damon Will Be Back

‘Vampire Diaries’ fans — there is a God. Executive producer Julie Plec thankfully revealed in an interview on May 16 that star Ian Somerhalder will be returning for Season 6. There IS hope that Da…the night desk’s insight:I think the reason for the…

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