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Vampira Dentata

A few years ago saw the theatrical run of my original play, DRACULA: LORD OF THE VAMPIRES. We sold out every performance and audience response couldn’t have been better. We even had a pair of sanguinarians who came out and gave the production there seal of approval. (Note: If your theatre group would like to…

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Pokemon Go saves a Baby Bat

Last week I reported that Romania is trying to get in on the whole Pokemon Go craze, by offering a special Dracula bat monster that enthusiasts can chase and catch by visiting sites in that country of historical importance to the real life Dracula, Vlad III “The Impaler.” Now this week comes a report of…

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Review: ALICE COOPER in Concert, Part Three

I didn’t think I was going to be able to go. My decision was a last-minute one. Though I had been wanting to see Alice in concert for years, it seemed circumstances were conspiring against me. When I finally did decide to take the plunge and buy tickets, I doubted I’d get anything better than…

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Review: ALICE COOPER in Concert, Part Two

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and assume that even you young whippersnappers out there know who Alice Cooper is. Even if you’re not a fan of his music—and if you aren’t you really should check it out—and you don’t know a LOT about him, you at least recognize the name, right, and…

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Review: ALICE COOPER in Concert, Part One

It’s not that I’m getting older. I never was THAT into concerts. Granted, I used to be more prone to attend shows than I am now. I admit it. But it’s more that they were just something to do than me desperately wanting to see whatever artist was onstage at the time. These days I…

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THE STRAIN – The Video Game

We only have three more weeks to wait until THE STRAIN returns for its third season. I’m really looking forward to it, mourning as I still am the untimely cancellation of PENNY DREADFUL and in need of a vampire fix. That is to say, I’m jonesing for some REAL vampire action. I have no interest…

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Rise of the Corpse Flowers

Last week I reported on the two giant Corpse Flowers competing for attention, one in New York and one in Washington DC, as they both prepared to unfurl their stinky blossoms after a several-years-long wait apiece. As it turns out, though, there aren’t just two of these gargantuan lilies (Note: They aren’t really lilies in…

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Feudin’ within the Vampire Community

I belong to and monitor quite a few vampire-related groups in social media. I both mine these groups for material to write about here on this site, and also I realize that many of those who comment and participate in those groups are my regular readers, my target audience. This is how I became aware…

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The Return of the Corpse Flowers

The scientific name is Amorphophallus titanums, which literally translates from the Latin as “Big Ass Stinking Plant.” More commonly called the Corpse Flower, it is a wonder of evolution. It has developed a surefire to lure flies and other insects. It emits a smell just like something dead rotting. The bugs love ‘em some rotting…

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True Confessions

Here’s a mea culpa from yours truly. I have to be honest with you. Several years ago, I bought the movie THE DREAMERS. I also watched it. It’s a pretentious movie about pretentious twits living in France in the pretentious 60s. (I think it was the 60s.) A set of incestuous brother and sister twins…

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Interview with A Vampire, or Interview with THE Vampire?

I’ve reported on The Mandela Effect before, in regards to the BerenstAin/BerenstEin Bears. For those of you not familiar with the term, it is named after Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and Civil Rights icon. It seems quite a few people have clear memories of Mandela dying in prison in the 80s, under…

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Going Out In Style

Give the guy props for his sense of humor if nothing else. I mean, funerals are by necessity somber occasions, sad, depressing. Unless the deceased was much hated in life, or left behind a sizeable fortune to his heirs, in which case there might be some cause for celebration. In general, though, funerals are something…

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