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Nachzehrer: Vampire or Ghoul?

“A nachzehrer is a form of vampire found in Germanic regions including Silesia and Bavaria, which also exhibits behaviour displayed by ghouls….” Well, which is it, vampire or ghoul? Let’s review the evidence… or facts… um, or the characteristics? The nachzehrer only comes out at night, does prey on the living, can shapeshift (as some…

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A Closer Look at the Black Women of Vampire Fiction

“Finding the Humanity in Horror: Black Women’s Sexual Identity in Fighting the Supernatural…” This is a great article for black women who love the horror genre; not just horror, but also supernatural romance. It’s easy to forget that vampires still have sexual magnetism with popular trend turning them into perpetual teenage boys: discovering sexuality is…

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Which Vampire Movie is #1 on the Top 25 Horror Films on Netflix?!

If you need some help finding the best that Netflix has to offer in horror, look no further than this list of the 25 best scary movies. There are actually quite a lot of good movies on Netflix this month, even some in the horror department, which is saying something because Jesus H. CHRIST on…

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Jeremy is Permanently Leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries’!

“The Vampire Diaries is losing a series regular. Steven R. McQueen is set to exit the series…” Is he getting killed off? Gasp! Relax y’all. He’s not getting killed off, he’s just going away to art school. Yeah apparently killing off Jeremy is too cruel for the show’s producer, Julie Plec, –yeah right, and killing…

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‘Vampires Rock': Screw It or See It?

“In their latest Final Countdown tour the Vampires Rock ensemble, featuring Steve Steinman as the evil Baron von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die…” The overall impression that the reviewer gives is that the story sucks and the music is terror-rific! Apparently the show has a lot of power ballads and classic rock…

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Valentine’s Day in London: Go See Dracula!

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre present Dracula, based on the original novel by Bram Stoker. From the 5 star Frankenstein and Jekyll & Hyde team. Well, it’s getting closer, that special time of year when the supermarkets and drugstores turn red, and the color of blood and love is everywhere: vampires, valentines, and …calories. Gasp!…

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Ever Wanted to Know How a Complete Douchebag Would Review the Vampire Diaries?

“I hope all of you had a great holiday break. I know I did. I ate a lot of food, failed to go to the gym, and binge watched The Vampire Diaries…” Well, it’s all there in the source article: this guy actually watched pretty much everything up until the end of season 5 (I…

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Bradley Cooper is a Naked Vampire

This is art – we think. Wow. So you take Bradley Cooper, shave him all over, dip him in milk, slick his hair back and give him some goofy clothes (wtf is with those shoes, dude?) and then … you basically get an even weirder version of Carlisle Cullen than the Twilight movies delivered. I…

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New Japanese Vampire Movie with Kiritani Mirei as the Star!

“Actress Kiritani Mirei has been cast as the protagonist for the upcoming movie “Koisuru♥︎Vampire (Vampire in Love)” to be released on April 17 this year.” Awww, cute! Isn’t she the cutest vampire you’ve seen since Claudia in Interview? She’s going to be cast as sort of a comedic but romantic character in the film Vampire in Love –and of course,…

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Fans are Ruining Ian Somerhalder’s Love Life!

“They have been spotted all over the place together, shopping, working out and giving time to various charities but still Reed is refusing to commit.” Okay so, apparently, Nikki Reed refuses to commit to Ian Somerhalder because fans of Vampire Diaries want Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev to reunite. Yup. I had no idea that…

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58 Things You Need To Know Before You Watch the Vampire Diaries Tonight! Hurry!

“Meanwhile, Bonnie’s still dead and wondering how she’s going to break the news to her friends.” I love this! It’s a long, awesome photo-and-funny-meme filled theme post about the Vampire Diaries so far, and I’m sorry, but when Stefan tells Damon he should be “upstairs grooming his ‘hero hair’” I totally start cracking up. It’s…

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Here’s What Happens Next on The Vampire Diaries!

The Vampire Diaries finally makes its return this week and here’s a sneak peek at what will happen next! Excited? I am! The Vampire Diaries is FINALLY back on TV this week, and there’s a lot of action coming up, –which we will cover tomorrow, provided they don’t just come back with something “filler-y” which…

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