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HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES invade the Grammys

I admit it. I didn’t watch the Grammys. I haven’t watched them in many a year. Even back when I LIKED most of the music being produced by the recording industry I found the annual awards show dull. Today, when I hate the vast majority of what passes for popular music, I certainly am not…

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dracula vlad tepes woodcut

Was Dracula the victim of a smear campaign?

It isn’t surprising that Romanians would want to defend the reputation of Dracula. The historical Dracula, that is, Prince, or “Voivode” (warlord) Vlad Dracula III, nicknamed “The Impaler.” It may be that last part they are having trouble with. To the Romanians, Dracula was and is a national hero. Having him seen by the world…

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The Highgate Vampire Row Continues

Just last week I reported on the efforts being made by researchers to locate the reported victims of the Highgate Vampire of London, back in the 1970s, and did my part to help spread the word. It seems that some individuals, most notably self-professing vampire hunter Sean Manchester, who claims to have been the one…

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***EXCLUSIVE***  UNSPECIFIED - UNDATED: Tsetse fly (Glossina fuscipes fuscipes). This one is using its proboscis to feed on the blood of its host. This blood-sucking parasitic fly is found in tropical Africa. It transmits Trypanosoma protozoa, which cause sleeping sickness in humans.   MEET the real-life vampires that will make your skin crawl. Far from the loyal and good-looking Twilight star R-Patz, nature’s ugly monsters will love your blood - then leave you. From a slimy leech on your thumb to the hideous jaws of a Pacific lamprey fish these blood-soaked critters live by sucking their hosts dry. Pictures even show how a blood-filled tick’s body swells up to bloated proportions and one stomach-churning image even shows the eggs of a one-millimetre-long Chigoe flea being squeezed from the skin on one unlucky victim’s foot. This horror-movie like way of surviving from the blood of other creatures is known by science boffins as hematophagy. This way of feeding may sound disgusting, but the greedy animals are actually being clever – blood is packed with nutrients, easy to digest and allows small creatures to feed from much larger prey. The closest real-life example of Hollywood’s Dracula is the vampire bat, which lives only from the blood of other mammals and hunts at night by detecting heat with its pig-like nose.  PHOTOGRAPH BY SPL / Barcroft Media /Pascal Goetgheluck  UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W  USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W  Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W

Save the Skeeters!

As this linked article proclaims, in the wake of the Zika virus, which has been linked to serious birth defects like microcephaly (babies being born with abnormally small heads, thus abnormally small brains) and follows the already existent scourges of malaria, Dengue and West Nile virus, some people are calling for the eradication of all…

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In Search of the Highgate Vampire Victims

I was asked by my friend, vampire investigator Erin Chapman, to help spread the word about the search underway for two women who were reputedly the victims of respective attacks by a vampire in London in the late sixties and early seventies. Longtime vampire fans should be all too familiar with the case of the…

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Did Count Dracula wear a Priest’s Collar? Don’t Count On It.

First I will present the new theory without commentary. A man named Andy Struthers has written a book claiming that Bram Stoker’s most famous creation, the most recognizable vampire of them all, Count Dracula, was not, as has always been believed, inspired by the real-life Wallachian warlord Vlad Dracula, colloquially known as ‘The Impaler.” Rather…

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kiwi vampire

Attack of the Kiwi Vampires!

As of late in New Zealand, the picturesque home of Hercules, Xena, Middle Earth, and more movies than you can shake a stick at, there has been a rash of vampire attacks. No, really. As if one needed another reason to want to visit there. Yep, they’ve got vampires. The New York Post said so….

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extraordinary tales4


Magnificent. There simply is no more appropriate word for this animated instant classic. The premise is simple enough: the spirit of Poe, in the form of a raven (and how’s THAT for appropriate?), haunts a graveyard, perched atop the headstone of his lost love, when he encounters Death; the latter is clearly feminine, and speaks…

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Humans With Rare Bloodtype Aren’t Quite Human After All

They’re really the spawn of ALIENS! According to this linked article, that is. Which aliens? From what planet? The Annunaki, who are remembered today as the gods of ancient Mesopotamia. As to the planet from whence they hail, that’s anybody’s guess. My own hypothesis would be Planet X. ( The Annunaki wanted to create a…

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The Traveling Saint

Just a few weeks back I reported on the steps taken by the Russian government to preserve the body of Communist bigwig Vladimir Lenin for veneration (, even though nobody much venerates his Commie ass anymore. The great Bolshevik has been relegated to a mere curiosity, which is a rather appropriate fate for him, I…

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mushroom death suit

Unique Ways to “Return to Your Dust” – Part One

It is the basis of all human religions, and certainly of the Vampire Myth. (Note the use of the capital “M” here. The word “myth” with a lowercase “m” means simply a made-up story. With a capital “M” it means a made-up story that speaks of a deeper Truth. And note the use of the…

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merry cemetery

Unique Ways to “Return to Your Dust” – Part Two

Appropriately enough, it’s located in Romania. Ground zero for vampires. Dracula’s homeland. What better place to find the Cimitirul Vesel, or “Merry Cemetery” of Sapanta, in Maramures county. Located behind a traditional church, each of the markers in this unconventional graveyard are vibrantly painted and adorned with an original poem dedicated to the person interred…

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