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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part Three

Kevin Durand of THE STRAIN comes from a theatre background and, though new to social media, said that he loves Twitter and the “instantaneous” reaction he gets from interacting with the fans because it reminds him of performing live on the stage. He constantly monitors fans’ comments, he said, even when he isn’t offering commentary…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part Two

So what was my question, when I got out of the queue and got to speak with actor Kevin Durand of THE STRAIN one on one? I went back to a favorite theme of mine, the psychological/sociological aspects of the vampire myth. Why, I asked him, did he think the vampire is so prevalent and…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part One

I had the extreme pleasure of taking part in an hour-long conference call with actor Kevin Durand, who plays the towering Ukrainian exterminator turned vampire killer Vasiliy Fet on THE STRAIN. Knowing I would not be provided with a transcript of the interview, my writing hand was aching by the end of the call from…

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Bring on the Brides!

Everything about this show sound very un-horrific, but I thought we’d mention it here in case there are any of you out there that love the Brides… I despise network television. It is largely a lobotomized wasteland, where nothing succeeds except for lame, scripted “reality” shows, hospital dramas, and knock-offs of “American Idol.” (Aren’t there…

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Return of the Vampire Squirrel

Researchers set up infrared cameras and captured the first-ever videos of the legendary vampire squirrel of Borneo and Indonesia. Are the stories true? Remember the Vampire Squirrel of Borneo? I’ve written about it before. According to natives, this large, fuzzy-tailed rodent is known to leap upon deer and sink it’s sharp little wedge-like, NOSFERATU-looking teeth…

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The Haters Have Been Right All Along. TWILIGHT Is Evil And Must Be Destroyed.

The course and characteristics of Bella’s relationship with Edward are actually a template for violence and abuse, and Twilight fans may unwittingly model a relationship that may lead to both psychological and physical abuse. We haters chiefly loathe Stephenie Meyer’s novels and the movies they inspired due to their dearth of quality—the books are poorly…

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Soul-Sucker Self-Defense, For Beginners

The astral plane is a real place that can easily be experienced by us. Lucid dreaming, OBEs, and astral projection are all doorways into the astral plane If vampires do truly exist, we may be certain they are of the astral variety. They are, for lack of a better term, “spiritual” entities that attack humans…

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One of the perks of this job is that I get free books. Publishers will send me promotional copies of new or upcoming works for me to read and review. I’m happy to oblige, as I’m always delighted to receive new books covering any subject that interests me. Still, I can’t let my appreciation of…

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A Crime-fighting “Vampire”

Baltimore police plan to enlist a vampire to help solve cases. True Crime aficionados such as myself, people who watch a lot of Investigation Discovery, who prefer documentaries based on real cases over fictional fodder like LAW AND ORDER, can tell you in a hurry how likely you are, if you commit a serious crime…

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STRAIN completed

Progress report: I have now completed viewing the first season of THE STRAIN in its totality, and I can officially pronounce that I’m a complete mark. Everything about the show is top notch: the production values, the FX, the acting (with the exception of child actor Ben Hyland, who portrayed the part of Zach Goodweather—and…

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Vampires, freaks, and oddly inclined ravers are being invited to the world’s first ever “blood rave” to be held in Amsterdam this coming Halloween. Supposedly, a group of anonymous organizers are planning to stage, on Halloween night, at some as-yet undisclosed location in Amsterdam, a “Blood Rave” reminiscent of that opening club scene in the…

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What’s so scary about a black cloak, anyway?

It looks like the mystery may be solved about a photo circulating around the Internet that created a buzz online. A hooded figure, spotted near a playground close to an apartment complex in Gastonia, North Carolina, and subsequently captured in a series of photographs, led to public concern (we’ll be charitable and not say “panic”) and…

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