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Elena’s Parents Come Back From the Dead?!

Could Elena’s parents make an appearance in The Vampire Diaries, or was Thursday’s episode really all about Sheriff Forbes? I love pop culture theories, especially the ones that aren’t about sexualizing Disney movies. So what if Elena’s parents return to Mystic Falls, and isn’t this strangely similar to how there was a much bigger story…

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Dracula on Roller Skates: Because Why Not?

“The idea of a production intentionally being so bad it is brilliant is well-trodden terrain, but that is no reason why it cannot be revisited…”  I think that’s a fair point, and since this isn’t a movie, it can be forgiven for being a little too schlocky. Plus, it’s meant to be a comedy. The…

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Plug Pulled on New Dracula Movie in Shropshire

The production company making a brand new Dracula movie have said they will no longer be shooting in Shropshire.  But there’s no reason to lose hope in the movie itself! It does suck for the town of Shropshire though, because the movie definitely was going to help with the town’s local economy, as the tourism…

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VAMPIRES In Their Own Words by Michelle Belanger

“Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices…” I love this idea; I read a book about real stories told by cops, and I imagine the content of this book, would be a lot like the content of that book: lots of blood. Although, the actual vampire subculture isn’t really about violence, so…

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Interview with Steven R. McQueen on Leaving ‘Vampire Diaries’

After six years and a whole lot of heartbreak on The Vampire Diaries, Steven R. McQueen makes his final appearance … But the send-off they gave him was really sweet. So the story goes, he was filming one of his last scenes, which involved having a foot on his face. The filming was taking a…

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Modern Review of F.W. Murnau’s ‘Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror’

F.W. Murnau jump-started horror cinema and the vampire movie with this German Expressionist classic. It’s always interesting to me to read a new review of a really old movie: most people avoid watching anything in black & white, –believe it or not, I was lucky enough to see this movie on a 3D DVD that…

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New Book Release: The Vampire of Vancouver by Liz Meldon & Book Giveaway!

“Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust, is not impressed…” This is actually a pretty great premise; not only is it about vampires, but this is the second book in a sort of murdery-mystery series. The first book can be won in the giveaway, as an ebook, –so you can put it on your Kindle or…

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Steven McQueen Shares What He’ll Miss Most On “The Vampire Diaries”

The actor reflects on the six years he spent playing Jeremy Gilbert on The CW’s vampire drama. I love this; it’s basically a photo-journal about what Steven McQueen is going to miss the most; he describes Nina Dobrev, and her dancing between takes. Apparently, she’d randomly dance ballet, or do some ballet-type moves on the…

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Rolling Stone Gives ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ 3 Out of 4 Stars

“This New Zealand-based vampire comedy is as sharp as a pair of fangs…” The reviewer says that this film is “a vampire movie for people who don’t like vampire movies.” Oh, well, I beg to differ, Mister Big Time Rolling Stone Blogger Man. We are people who love vampire movies, all of them, and we’re…

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Mind’s Eye Theater: Vampire The Masquerade & Clan Pins Available

Official publisher of Mind’s Eye Theatre for the World of Darkness The new Vampire: The Masquerade books are out, and they’re hot; By Night Studios has various editions of the new book, including super deluxe, way sexy hardcover, or the “I’m incredibly broke, but I need this” PDF edition. Digital is cheaper, almost always. Anyway,…

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Emergency V-Juice! “Vampire Blood” Jewelry

“Available in earrings, necklace, keychain and ring…” I love vampire jewelry; do guys remember that super sexy, True Blood inspired jewelry line? Yeah, that stuff is expensive, but gorgeous, and I am definitely going to eventually own some. But, since we’re all broke, but still tasteful, why not wear little bottles of vampire blood? Sure, it’s…

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Half Dracula, Half Ringmaster: Ray Bradbury’s “Mr. Dark”

“Half Dracula, half ringmaster, Mr Dark is a villain of our own making, tempting the greedy to sign away their souls…” Mr. Dark from Something Wicked This Way Comes makes me think of Mr. Gaunt from Needful Things. They were both very much Dracula: they were outsiders, far removed from their respective “villages” often whispered and gossiped about,…

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