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Move over, Bunnicula, it’s a vampire . . . Squirrel?!

A species of squirrel known to hunt and kill deer? Oh, please let this one be true! A Vampire Squirrel, large enough and ferocious enough to take down a deer! Brilliant! Could such a fantastical creature exist in real life? Indigenous peoples of Borneo swear to it, and haven’t we learned by now not…

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Paying Homage to the Masters – Isle of the Dead

Death casts a large shadow in all of Val Lewton’s RKO horror productions, but never larger than in Isle of the Dead. Characters drop like flies as both science and superstition prove inept against the advances of the Grim Reaper in this foreboding tale set amid war, disease and encroaching madness. Even the most casual…

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9 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix

Some of us are old enough to remember Blockbuster and VHS tapes, but those days (and nights) are no more. In the spirit of such, we gladly present one list of the 9 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix! 1. What We Do In Shadows (2014) a New Zealand mockumentary/reality show about a bunch of vampires…

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10 Vampires (Other Than Dick Cheney) to Run Against Trump

Who would you vote for? 1. Vaun from ‘The Strain’ He’s not even half as insane as his psycho-procreators, and he seems to have an idea about keeping his need to feed under control. I feel like… we could go far with this guy as our world dictator. 2. Gary Oldman’s Version of ‘Dracula’ Oh…

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Nazis from Atlantis

 The National Socialists were obsessed with their bizarre racial theories and desperate to subvert the science of archaeology to support the notion of a pure race of ancient Aryan supermen. Those wacky Nazis. So determined to believe in their theory of “Aryan superiority,” they committed that age-old scientific heresy of making the facts fit the…

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The Quest for the Fanged Minion

It ain’t easy being a Collector. The capital C is used to denote your typical geek Collector from, say, a philatelist or a guy who hordes sports memorabilia. A Collector is usually an adult male with a taste for specialized “stuff.” Could be He-man and the Master of the Universe action figures or Star Wars…

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10 True Blood Dating Tips; Wisdom From The Coffin and Beyond

1.  Respect Your Date Everyone has feelings, so try not to stare at any physical defects, even if their dental issues skeev you out. 2.  Wear What You’re Comfortable In The lumberjack look doesn’t work for everyone… but when it works, it …shit, what was I talking about? 3.  Be Willing to Try New Foods…

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Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar

The truth behind stories of zombie and vampire graves may be more complicated and less gruesome than previously imagined. This serves as a cautionary tale for those, like myself, with vampires on the brain. Even scientists, sober, serious scholars that they are, can be guilty of this malady. But who can really blame them? You…

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10 Things Vampires Cry About… That Humans Don’t

1.  Gettin’ All …Ashy I can’t help but see this part now and think, “He just needs a better moisturizer.” 2. A Really Bad Sunburn I won’t sit back and lie to y’all; I’ve cried about a sunburn at least once in my life. 3. Bad Take-out. “You’re eating maggots, Michael.” I’d be like, “Dude,…

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The Ghost Rifle of Nevada

How did it get there?  I hate using anything from Faux News as a source, but in this case the story has nothing to do with their typical yellow journalism, and I love stories like this, so I’m going to make an exception, just this once. A rifle, produced by the Winchester Company in 1882,…

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Pluto Bequeathed a Terrific Horrific Legacy

Since Pluto is named for the Roman god of the underworld, the names of its features are receiving monikers based on subterranean and suboceanic characters from fiction and mythology. Oh, those wacky scientists. First they go and name the planet “Pluto,” after the Roman god of the underworld. Or Mickey Mouse’s dog. I’ve never been…

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Row, row, row your coffin . . .

Several sightings of man in full funeral attire using a coffin for a stand-up paddle board leaves witnesses confused and freaked out I’d give the guy props if he wasn’t doing this so close to a hospice facility. This latter fact makes it a pretty mean-spirited joke, whereas it would otherwise have just been theatrical…

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