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More on the story behind the scenes of FRIGHT NIGHT

I reported recently on how the notorious Menendez brothers murder case in 1989 derailed plans for a second sequel to FRIGHT NIGHT. (Jose Menendez, the murdered father of Eric and Lyle—along with his wife, Kitty, who was also slain—was to serve as a producer on the film.) Turns out there is even more to the…

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whitby harbor landslide

It’s Rainin’ Bones in Whitby Harbor

The title of this linked article sounds sensational, but it could happen. Coffins dropping onto houses below the cliff overlooking Whitby Harbor. Actually it has ALREADY happened. Not coffins, as most of the wooden caskets interred in the centuries-old graveyard have long-since rotted away. But bones. Pieces of skeletons. Take a look at the photograph…

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stoker bust2

Back the Bram Stoker Bronze Bust Project!

Just a couple’a three weeks back I brought you all word of sculptor Bryan Moore’s plan to fashion a bust of the man who gifted the world with the most famous vampire of them all, Count Dracula. The man behind the Count is, of course, Irish author Bram Stoker. Moore intends to place the bust,…

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Hail the Countess (and out of the way, Leo)! Gaga gets a Golden Globe!

More often than not, when you have a celebrity from the world of music cross over into films or TV, you get an embarrassing train wreck of a performance. Think Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child in FREDDY VERSUS JASON. Think of Will Smith in the first season of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. (Granted, he…

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The Master, Remastered

Not so long ago, I was chronicling the creation by toy company Funko of some figures based on characters from the hit FX series THE STRAIN; in particular I was excited about the oversized (for Funko) figure of THE MASTER, Jusef Sardu, as he appeared in the first season, all big and Nosferatu-like. Then, a…

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vampire boobs

Vampire Boob Job

Have vampires always been able to control their physical forms? The vampire of the Middle Ages is always described as a smelly, moldering cadaver. The use of garlic was believed to repel bloodsuckers because its odor was as pungent as the Undead. It’s safe to say, then, that if vampires COULD control their physical forms…

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Man Returns From The Dead – And Goes Drinking

You’ve got to have your priorities in order, is all. And be honest, if YOU had just returned from the dead, wouldn’t you feel like celebrating? It’s not so hard to figure, then, what was in the mind of one Russian man recently when he awakened from the big sleep and decided to make a…

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tulane hospital light2

Lights in Hospital Window Weren’t a Ghostly Christmas Tree—Or Were They?

Those spoilsports. They just HAD to investigate after a man named Mike Arbon posted video of a strange light in the window of the abandoned Tulane Medical center in New Orleans. The hospital never reopened after getting sacked by Hurricane Katrina a decade ago, so there shouldn’t be anybody inside to be shining any lights…

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BUFFY Creator a Baby Killer?

According to some Twitter trolls, he is. After Planned Parenthood announced that Joss Whedon, creator of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and director of the AVENGERS movies, would be matching donations people made to the organization, up to a total donation on his part of $100,000, the haters went ballistic, just as one would expect them…

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lenin dead

You CAN keep a bad man down. But can you keep him from decomposing?

When we hear the term “Necrophilia,” we think of sickos who have a desire for sexual activity with a dead body, or have actually committed the act, or the act itself. There’s a broader definition of the word, though, that simply means an obsession with death and the dead. To an extent, all human beings,…

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vamp bite

Vampires Really Exist, Experts Claim!

I’m guilty, here, of doing the very thing I’m about to criticize, but I’m doing it to make a point. The title of this article is misleading. Caught your attention, though, didn’t it? Got you to read this. Every time I see a similarly-titled article or study it makes me cringe. In every single case…

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Who You Gonna Call?

You’ve got to figure, if you work for the police department, ANY police department, and your job is to answer the telephone, your going to get your fair share of, shall we say, “unusual” calls. Just how many, though, the sheer number of them, has been driven home by a recent Freedom of Information request…

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