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Vampires: Still Alive, er, Undead?

I am fascinated by all things relating to the vampire phenomenon. Except TWLIGHT. (Weekly mandatory dig at Stephenie Meyer’s travesty, fait accompli!) I have studied extensively the real-life factors that may have/probably did facilitate the spread of the belief in vampires, all the stock answers: illness, premature burials, a lack of understanding of the decomposition…

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Fake Witches Used As Real Propaganda

People have been afraid of witches and black magic since before the dawn of civilization, but genuine, that is to say organized, eruptions of “witch panic” didn’t really come along until the dominance of Christianity in Asia and Europe. The Church being very much a part of the governing body of any given country, the…

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srah marshal

DRACULA: The Puppet Show

I’ll just be upfront with it. I don’t like Chick Flicks. Or, as the fans of that genre prefer to call them, “Rom-Coms” or Romantic Comedies. I don’t like them and I don’t watch them. My lovely better half has been on my ass to watch AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (not a Comedy, but…

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Crows Hold Funerals. And Grudges.

It isn’t just the color, the oily black feathers, that makes crows creepy. Crows are known for pilfering corn—hence the ubiquitous scarecrow with which we are all so familiar—but they are really equal opportunity scavengers. Like vultures, they will feed on carrion, and that includes dead humans. Dubbed the “bird of the battlefield,” crows might…

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Scaring Up Some Undead Goodies

I’ve posted before about how I’m a sucker for anything cute and horrific. For example, I just purchased effigies of The Master and Vaun from THE STRAIN, as envisioned by the Funko Pop Vinyl Figures company. Now I have another true confession to make: I have a sweet tooth from HELL. I’m talking SEVERE, here….

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vlad book

Book Review: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE VOIVODE by Mathew L. Burr

One of the perks of this job is that I get to meet lots of interesting people. Mathew L. Burr, for example. Matthew has a biography of which I’m ferociously jealous. Not only has he visited Romania, seeking out all the historical sites associated with Prince (or, more accurately, “Voivode”) Vlad III of Wallachia, nicknamed…

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Interview with author Nina Soden

I had the chance recently to chat with YA novelist Nina Soden about her current projects and her love for vampires. (The full interview can be viewed at my blog site, Soden, a spirited redhead from Michigan (with the accent to match) who now lives down south, started writing poetry while living in Los…

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church ruin

Beatific Decay

There’s something so sad, yet strangely beautiful, about these abandoned places of worship. Sad, majestic, and spooky. Churches CAN be spooky, even when they aren’t abandoned. Have you ever walked around inside one at night, with no one else around and all the lights off? I’m talking about your big cathedral type churches. Your footsteps…

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Coppola Reflects On His Masterful DRACULA

Here’s something that bugs me. When a good movie comes out, and people go around saying “The book was so much better!” Or people who don’t read—I know, I know, but there actually are such troglodytes out there—saying, when a popular book comes out, “I’ll just wait for the movie.” I am both a cinephile…

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Ghost Light

The Ghost Light

I’ve been involved in the Theatre for quite a few years now. (Note the spelling. Theatre ending with an R-E signifies the stage, while Theater ending in E-R means the cinema. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s handy for differentiating between the two.) And let me tell you, that whole stereotype about…

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Saving Face: Death Masks

I find death masks incredibly creepy. They remind me of those forensic reconstructions that police artists will sometimes make out of plaster, applied over the recovered skull of an unidentified victim, to show what that person looked like while alive. Major creep factor. Death masks are made by pouring plaster over the face of someone…

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Empty Tomb

Jesus the Vampire?

The truth is, we know little about the man named Jesus, whom billions of people around the world and throughout history believe to have been (still be) the incarnate Son of God. (Present company included.) Outside of the New Testament, which offers us some pretty sparse details, really, there is little mention of Him in…

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