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I knew them all. Did you?

It’s a good thing Mental Floss didn’t entitle this article “10 Bloodcurdling Facts You Didn’t Know About DRACULA” or I would’ve left them with egg on their collective face. I knew ‘em all. I knew ‘em so well, in fact, I even knew the ones they got wrong. Shall we run through them together? (1.)…

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Ten “Facts” About Dracula

Ooh, here’s another one! This article promises to reveal “10 Fascinating Facts About The Real Dracula.” Let’s see just how factual those facts really are! —Dracula Dipped His Bread in Buckets of Blood Nope. The passage from which this was taken was mistranslated. It actually says that Drac WASHED HIS HANDS in human blood. Or…

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Book Review: SOMETHING IN THE BLOOD by David Skal

I know none of my regulars “tune in” here for elaborate, in-depth critical analysis of literature, so I won’t beat around the proverbial bush with this one. Instead I’ll climb out on the proverbial limb. I’m acrophobic, though, so I wouldn’t be up here if I wasn’t secure in the sturdiness of the branch, i.e….

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This past weekend saw the fourth annual gathering of Dracula scholars and fanatics under the banner of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula’s “World Dracula Congress.” The event took place in Dublin, Ireland, hometown of the man who made Dracula a household name, author Bram Stoker. Part of the event was a guided tour of locations…

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DARK SHADOWS Halloween Reunion

By the time many of the read this, the momentous occasion will have already taken place. This year, as you all should know, if you claim to be a true vampire mark, marked the 50th anniversary of the debut of DARK SHADOWS, the daytime sudser turned Horror serial that rewrote much of what we know…

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Vlad Dracula got a bum rap!

This youtube video proclaims Vlad III of Wallachia, aka Vlad Tepes, or “The Impaler,” aka Dracula, as one of “the most evil men in history.” I take exception to that! All the records chronicling Vlad’s atrocities were written by his political enemies. People lying to make their political adversaries look bad is not a modern…

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Ruminations on THE STRAIN Season Three Finale

(SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the show yet.) Talk about going out with a bang—literally! This one was white knuckle city, wasn’t it? I breathed a sigh of relief that both my favorite characters (Quinlan and Fet, respectively) were still kicking at the end of this episode, even if New York…

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The World’s Largest Vampire Stake

Here is an attraction that should surely warrant coverage on ROADSIDEAMERICA.COM. Sadly it appears the world’s largest stake, on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville (naturally) Kentucky is only a temporary thing. That is, I would expect it to be something they bring out every year around Halloween rather than keep…

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Trump: Werewolf or Vampire? (And you can win a prize!)

Okay, peeps, let’s have a little contest. This one is strictly for Twitter, as I’m trying to up our Twitter visibility. Here is the question: Would Donald Trump be a vampire or a werewolf? Simple, right? Not as much as you might think. What I’m looking for is a WITTY response. Something like “a vampire,…

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Compare and Contrast: THE WALKING DEAD vs. THE STRAIN

Not the series in their totality, or totalities; not with this particular article. (Such comparisons would ultimately distill, ironically, into the larger argument over which is “better,” zombies or vampires. For me it isn’t even a question. Vampires are superior in every way. Even the dimwitted street-level Strigoi have got more going on in the…

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Ruminations on THE STRAIN Season Three Episode Nine

DA-YUUUUUUUUUUUUM! That was INTENSE! Not one but THREE prominent characters killed off! Among those, sadly, was one of my favorites among the human characters, Angel. I kinda knew, from a storyteller’s perspective, looking at things, that Angel wouldn’t make it to the end of the series. I knew he would, at some point, sacrifice himself…

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Beware, Clowns! Batman is on the job!

Since I’ve been reporting on the outbreak of Clown hysteria over the past few weeks, I figured I should probably, in the interest of cohesion, report on this. There’ve been people dressing up as clowns and scaring folks in several US states and, apparently, the craze has crossed the pond. There are clown sightings in…

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