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Anyone Wanna Watch Buffy Again?

“A female werewolf seduces Oz and convinces him to give in to his wild side. Buffy notices a greater military presence on campus…” Entertainment Weekly has a new section called “The Community” and slowly, but surely, we’re getting synopses on every single episode of Buffy. I know it might sound a bit dumb to you……

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Fight Your Way Out of a Vampire’s Crypt as Harry Houdini

“Vampires and werewolves? This will be Houdini[‘]s greatest escape ever…” Just a cool little browser game to play while you’re at work, mindlessly musing over paperwork, and dodging customers and co-workers at all costs. This is actually pretty interesting since the protagonist is, of all people, Harry Houdini, –not to mention, it contains a lot…

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New Anne Rice Films Coming from Universal? OMFG!

“Film studio invests in vampire series as part of its larger plan to resurrect monster movie genre…” Okay, before things get too crazy… this is not a definite thing yet. I mean, Universal has bought the rights to Anne Rice’s ‘Chronicles’ but there are no concrete plans to go ahead and make the movies, or…

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Energy Vampire: Blackout, Appears on ‘The Flash’

“Michael Reventar discusses putting his own stamp on DC Comics’ latest character to debut on television, and explains why he’s not your typical villain.” Now, I know you’re thinking “Just because he drinks electricity, doesn’t mean he’s a vampire.” Well, the human body does actually produce and use electrical energy. So… imagine how much electrical…

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Mel Brooks is Father Vlad in Hotel Transylvania 2

“Comedy legend Mel Brooks has been tapped to voice Vlad in Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2. He’ll play the very old and grumpy vampire father to Adam Sandler’s Dracula…” I love Mel Brooks; I’ve loved Mel Brooks since Blazing Saddles, Men in Tights, Dead and Loving It; I mean… he is the original funny…

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Vampire Novel: “Angels of Islington” Sounds Familiar…

“A new gothic thriller that will hit book stores this Christmas is set entirely in Islington. Sarah Channing Wright’s The Angels of Islington…” The “Angels” that you would find in Islington, or on High Street, are actually a series of buildings and landmarks, with the main building being the main angel. The reason this was so…

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Win a Date with Death… And Ian Somerhalder

Want Ian Somerhalder to turn you into a vampire? Here’s your chance to win and support a great cause! I have said it before, so many times, –Ian Somerhalder is amazing, and right now, you can enter a contest and potentially win a date with Ian Somerhalder in which you shoot a bonus scene where…

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Vampire Recipes: Have a Drink On Me

“Vampire’s Dream: rum, pineapple and cranberry juice with a splash of grenadine.” There’s always something for vampires out there, and this one is a dreamy red cocktail; sweet and cold. Bloody Mary is so two centuries ago. This drink is fruity, dark red, and perfect for those warm winter days… Yeah, it’s not really the…

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Update: Vampire Graves Found in Poland

“Archaeologists have discovered the graves of cholera victims which were treated like vampires to stop them rising from the grave and infecting the locals…” Graves in which supposed vampires were buried with bricks in their mouths, their heads removed or weighted and barred down were actually victims of cholera. They were buried in order to…

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Myths of the World: Black Rose Collector’s Edition

Track down a vampire hiding on a Mississippi riverboat cruise. I chose this post to hopefully get you guys, or at least some of you guys, also addicted to the games of the pointy, clickety variety that I am addicted to. I mean, don’t you remember when there was a Charlaine Harris, True Blood theme…

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For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

“…Dracula’s Castle, is up for sale by its owners — the Habsburg royal line — and the Romanian government has apparently placed an $80 million bid on the storied mansion.” Yeah but… how many bathrooms does it have? Is there a pool, –and what are the schools like in this neighborhood? Just think, with a…

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Fan Remake is Shut Down by CCP Games

“Project Vaulderie has been asked to stop their remake of the PC RPG classic [Vampire: the Masquerade].” So unfair! Someone with the ability and the resources finally comes along and tries to update a game that is practically impossible to play without 8 billion patches and fixes, and what happens? They get shit-canned by a…

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