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February Release: New Entry in the ‘Bloodlines’ Series ‘The Ruby Circle’ by Richelle Mead

“The JJJ Book Club can not stop reading books — and it’s the most wonderful problem to have…” The author of the Vampire Academy series has finally added another book to her long list of vampire fiction and romance contributions. I’m pitifully behind on my reading, but in my defense, a lot of books seem so similar…

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Will Nina Dobrev Get Invitation to Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder’s Wedding in 2015?

Newly engaged Hollywood couple Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are preparing for their 2015 wedding and are currently facing the awkward dilemma of whether to invite Somerhalder’s ex, Nina Dobrev to the occasion. Depends on whether or not Nikki Reed invites her to the wedding. You know what it really comes down to, is that…

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Trying to Make Up for a Bad V-Day? Try This: Vampire Blood Valentine’s Day Necklace

“Vampire Blood Valentines Day Necklace…” I love this necklace; oh, and by chance, I’m actually listening to Still Lovin’ You, by the Scorpions right now, and it’s totally apropos. The necklace is a perfect way to say, “Babe, I am so sorry I screwed up/forgot/wasn’t here on Valentine’s Day,” and if you missed the cue,…

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Summer of 2015: Nosferatu is Back and He Means Serious Business!

“Well look at this cute little bloodsucker!” I love horror toys; I used to have one of the best toys of all time; a Living Dead Doll that went by the name of Flamingo. It was a random gift from my boss, Mr., and I believe the backstory on her was that she overdosed…

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Pulpy Fiction: The Blood Soaked Tales of Dracula Prince of Darkness: Book II by R. Archer

New Classical Bloody Tales of Dracula, Prince of Darkness. A fantastic retelling of a classic retold as it should be, bloody & gory. Book 2. Okay, at first, I saw this post and I was going to pass it by and not bring it to y’alls attention. But! Then I saw one of this guy’s…

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Watch Elena’s Reaction to Caroline Kissing Stefan!

“Poor, poor Caroline (Candice Accola)…” You know, it kind of pisses me off that everyone seems to be focused on the big “Steroline” (gag me on that term please) kiss, when her mom just died. Dude. Even E! online seems to think that as Caroline goes through this life-changing event, this massive tragedy in her…

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Hollywood Vampires: Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry Combine Their Powers and Become Epic!

“The rockers, named after the infamous drinking club, have lined up a main stage gig at September’s Rock in Rio fest in Brazil…” I know it’s terrible dudes, but I keep thinking of that cartoon, Captain Planet –you know, “When your powers combine… I am Captain Planet!” So when Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry got…

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Vote for Your Favorite Man of Mystic Falls Valentine!

Which of the good-looking Mystic Falls guys would you love to spend Valentine’s Day with? Take your pick! Vote for your top TVD choice in the V-day poll!  Human, vampire, werewolf/hybrid, …they even listed the Mikaelson boys for extra fun. Personally, this is a tough choice for me, because I like my men a bit…

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‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again – Felony Charges

“Brendon’s rep tells TMZ, “Nicholas is, unfortunately, battling a disease that many of us don’t understand…” …And that disease is “assholeism”, y’all. The quote from his agent or “rep” or what the hell ever it is that he can afford, since he’s basically spent all his Buffy money on booze and drugs, says basically, that they’re all…

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Elena’s Parents Come Back From the Dead?!

Could Elena’s parents make an appearance in The Vampire Diaries, or was Thursday’s episode really all about Sheriff Forbes? I love pop culture theories, especially the ones that aren’t about sexualizing Disney movies. So what if Elena’s parents return to Mystic Falls, and isn’t this strangely similar to how there was a much bigger story…

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Dracula on Roller Skates: Because Why Not?

“The idea of a production intentionally being so bad it is brilliant is well-trodden terrain, but that is no reason why it cannot be revisited…”  I think that’s a fair point, and since this isn’t a movie, it can be forgiven for being a little too schlocky. Plus, it’s meant to be a comedy. The…

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Plug Pulled on New Dracula Movie in Shropshire

The production company making a brand new Dracula movie have said they will no longer be shooting in Shropshire.  But there’s no reason to lose hope in the movie itself! It does suck for the town of Shropshire though, because the movie definitely was going to help with the town’s local economy, as the tourism…

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