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Want to Really Learn About Vampires? Take the ‘Introduction to Vampires’ Class

“Last year, I enrolled in “Introduction to Vampires,” an online correspondence course run through the Mystical Paranormal Academy by Bertena Varney…” Oh yes, this is a real thing, which, to my mind, makes it even more likely that at some point, there will be real college coursework in the vampire field. How cool would that…

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Vampire Stuff You Have to Buy: Vampire Fangs Ice Tray

“Perfect for Bloody Mary and other spine-tingling drinks for the vampire lovers.”    Do I really need to tell you why you have to get these? Firstly, because they’re effing ingenious little devices, –and secondly, because you could buy a buttload of them for cheap, and have an utterly fang-tastic party with fangs, keeping your…

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Author of ‘The Damned’ October Weeks Discusses Writing to Movies & Music

“I’ve always written to music and movies. It’s an important part of the process for me…”   I completely agree with this idea; I have always written with something going on in the background… though it usually has to be something foreign, or instrumental. I can’t think in two different voices, –my own voice and…

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Vampire Movie Kickstarter: ‘The Dark Collective’

An old fashion and Conservative cop and another is a depressing and pill popin’ manic cop. They meet A Blood thirsty Collective Group! I think if they want to make any money at all, the desperately need to hire a better writer or publicist. That shit up there is a direct quote from their Kickstarter…

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LTROI series for A&E

First there was a best-selling novel, which became a wildly popular film in its native Sweden.  Then an English-language adaptation, a Swedish-language play, following by an English-language play performing first in Edinburgh then London then New York.  Now Let The Right One In is slated to join the line-up of A&E.  Teen Wolf  writers Jeff…

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Super-Fun Vampire Puzzle Game: The Sun for the Vampire 2

“Sequel to the physics puzzle platformer about vampire who wants to see the Sun…”   Okay, now I know all of you are like, totally judging this really cute, super fun game by the picture: that’s your little man that you play with though! Your little vampire guy can do all sorts of fun stuff, and…

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reps Cinderella in Princess Rap Battle

Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar throwing down as Cinderella in the […] I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I think she’s getting a little too old to pass as a princess, –she’s more or less ready for roles as the evil stepmother. The battle was great, but unfortunately for Buffy/Cinderella, Belle was…

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How to Join the Vampire Lifestyle & Culture

Raziel Nite decided as a kid that he wanted to become a vampire. He has since devoted his life to emulating these mythical beings, complete with blood… When I read about people who have decided or are following a vampire lifestyle, and are “real” vampires, I can’t help but feel critical, especially if they’re particularly…

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Carmilla Musical on Its Way?

A few weeks ago, a staged reading of a new musical took place for one afternoon only.  Based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu‘s gothic classic of vampires and sapphic love, Carmilla was penned by the same man who also wrote a three character musical based on Marie Antoinette.  I had the good fortune to interview…

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Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder Doesn’t Have High Hopes for Damon and Elena’s Relationship: Is Delena Doomed?

“Wait a minute! Ian Somerhalder doesn’t think Delena is endgame? Well, this is news to us. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns with Ian’s directorial debut on March 12…”   Especially since it was just a little while ago that everyone was saying how Damon and Elena would be the big relationship that did so well, –I was…

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Fat Vampire Chicks: Read ‘Real Vampires Don’t Diet’ by Gerry Bartlett

“I read the first book in the series a while ago and truly enjoyed it…”   So, what happens when a bigger girl dies and comes back as a vampire? Does she get sucked into shape and come back as skinnier with better hair? You know, like Claudia gets way better hair, in the film…

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What Was Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon Really Arrested For? Again?! …Juicy Details!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brandon was reportedly arrested again for trashing a hotel room — get the details Do you remember how… about two weeks ago, we did a short little blurb, much like this one, about Nicholas Brendon getting trashed, destroying a hotel room, and then someone passing out, slobbering drunk, in…

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