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‘True Blood’s Pam And Jessica Talk About The End

“Extra” caught up with “True Blood” stars Kristin Bauer van Straten and Deborah Ann Woll to talk about the show’s final season and more! When asked how many people Pam has killed since the beginning of the show, Pam reminds the host she has not killed anyone on air since the show’s conception, but isn’t…

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Undead of Penny Dreadful

What follows is rife with many a SPOILER. You have been warned! Now that the finale of the first season of Penny Dreadful has aired, with more than a few surprises (as well as few plot twists many of us saw coming from miles away), let us consider the vampires in this series. Not least…

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‘True Blood’s Carrie Preston Talks About Her Exploding Vampire

We need to talk about what happened to Carrie Preston’s True Blood character. Arlene Fowler Belle… Arlene has always been a fan fave with her sarcastic, no nonsense wit that has found its way to every single ear in Bon Temps.  She is chained in the bowels of Erik’s night club, with the only help…

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‘Penny Dreadful’ Season Finale Wrapped With The News Of Season 2

“Grand Guignol” capped off a lurid, frequently brilliant first batch of episodes. But we have so many questions! This breakout hit has already been given an order for next season.  The show took all of us by surprise with the huge plots that pulled you from horror storyline to historical literature intertwining its dark evil…

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Review: A Dance in Blood Velvet

Second in a series, A Dance in Blood Velvet by Freda Warrington is a follow up to A Taste of Blood Wine. Collectively they’re known as The BloodWine series, with two more I’ve yet to read. Let us begin with the simple acknowledgment I look forward to doing so. What is this novel about? In…

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Immortal Day!

For vampire afficiodos and gamers who don’t want to download a bunch of software there is now Immortal Day, a free online game where you the player can hunt and scheme wander in personal world of shadowy monsters. Unlike such MMORPGs like Star Trek Online or Ravenmarch, this game focuses on vampires, werewolves, hunters, hybrid…

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A Coffee House For Vampires Opens In China

All that’s missing is Sookie Stackhouse. Following the success of strangely themed restaurants and people’s obsession with vampires and shows like “True Blood,” a bizarre coffee house in China has … This brilliantly clever business is definitely getting in on the vampire craze.  They serve red colored drinks out of blood bags to their customers….

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‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer

Universal and Legendary unleashed the first ‘Dracula Untold’ trailer unto the world, riffing a bit on our current superhero-obsessed culture. A leader willing to risk it all to save his family from evil, must become worse than the evil he defeats.  ‘Dracula Untold’ is a different twist on an old story giving the man humanity…

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‘Sesame Street’s ‘True Blood’ Parody Is Adorable

Sesame Street actually did parody HBO’s True Blood. Like on TV. In front of millions of children. Leave it to Sesame Street to come up with something educational about ‘True Blood’ and then create their own version of it.  Although I have no idea whom these puppets are, they are quite charming.  Sesame’s Sookie and…

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Ian Somerhalder Returns To Congress

Ian Somerhalder packed his bags and headed to Washington D.C. to testify in front of Congress today. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star is a tireless advocate for animal rights issues and the environment a… Ian Somerhalder returns to testify in front of Congress today, this time for the elephants and against the horrific ivory trade.  After…

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‘True Blood’ Premiere Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

‘True Blood’ premiered on June 22 with a pretty shocking and abrupt death, and Bailey Noble, who plays Adilyn Bellefleur, revealed to in an EXCLUSIVE interview that it proves that… The biggest of all of them is…did Tara really die or is this some twist we have yet to see coming?  Why kill off…

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‘True Blood’ :Tears From Stars and Fans Alike

Lauren Bowles says there was some “ugly” crying when the cast read the series’ final script In less than an hour the first episode of the final season will begin.  Anna Paquin a scifi star in her own right long before her lead ‘True Blood’  role, is sad to see it come to end.  The…

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