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In Memoriam: Humbert Allen Astredo

I was saddened this past week, as were all the DARK SHADOWS faithful, to learn of the passing of Humbert Allen Astredo. All DS fans will remember Mr. Astredo as the villainous warlock Nicholas Blair (and for a handful of other characters, none of them good guys). If ever there has been a face more…

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Here’s a guy who deserves a little recognition, and I’m glad to do my part. His name is Wayne Anderson. Digging the first name, there, Wayne. And, as “Wayne” is reputedly the most popular name for serial killers, it’s good to see another who bears that burden doing HIS part to make sure that we,…

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This is a big week for cinematic vampires, as you may have noticed. The reason for this is simple and ordinary: I had a little more down time this week than usual and was able to make some progress in my Netflix queue. Whenever I see a new vampire-related picture, I feel it is incumbent…

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If you aren’t the sort who can appreciate an old black-and-white, low budget, independent genre effort, then you might as well skip this article. Also, I don’t know that we can be friends anymore. If, on the other hand, you have a softness for that sort of movie, can appreciate that such fare is a…

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If you’re like me, when you find an online review of a movie you’re interested in, you just skip to the bottom to read the last sentence, where, more often than not, the reviewer will encapsulate and summarize his opinion. All you really want to know is whether or not he/she liked the flick, amiright?…

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Thatcher’s Opinion of Dracula, and Where Did Charles Get Those Ears?

Great Britain’s version of Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher sent one of her flunkies, Tory MP Julian Amery, to Romania at some point in the 80s, when that country was still a Soviet satellite state under the thumb of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Or maybe he went there on vacation. Either way,…

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Interview with a (pair of) Sanguinarian(s)

I suppose I must consider that there are readers, even of this site, chance visitors, perhaps, who have never heard the term “sanguinarian” before, and offer a concise definition for their benefit. A sanguinarian is a human being who feels the need to consume blood, usually but not necessarily human in origin. This is a…

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Interview with a (doctor concerning a) pair of Sanguinarians

Recently vampire researcher Erin Chapman contacted Dr. Tomas Ganz, Professor of the Department of Medicine Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles (I wish she would have gone to a guy with some actual CREDENTIALS, for Pete’s sake!), in regards to the subject of sanguinarianism; that is, the phenomenon of…

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Another Vampire Plant

It hides from the sun, instead getting its sustenance by parasitically feeding off fungi. Sounds like a vampire to me! Okay, so it’s a plant, but so was THE THING (FROM ANOTHER WORLD) in the original Howard Hawks classic, and it was still vampiric aplenty, despite being portrayed onscreen by Marshal Matt Dillon of GUNSMOKE…

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Power Naps are really NDEs?!

I’ve taken plenty of power naps in my lifetime. Sometimes you’ve just gotta. If you’re driving and getting drowsy, it’s a matter of safety. You pull over at a convenient place, ease the seat back—preferably you have a pillow or something you can use as one—and grab a quick nap, awakening all refreshed. Or a…

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The Man (Not) In The Mirror

Bram Stoker seldom gets the credit he deserves. As an English major, I should belong to the self-hallowed ranks of the Literati, or the supplicants to the same. I should be joining my fellows in decrying the lack of quality of all modern fiction, lauding the classics and saluting the highbrow and sublime. I should,…

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Coffins as an Art Form

They say you can’t take it with you, but don’t try telling that to the ancient Egyptians. Pharaohs were often interred, after mummification, which in itself was intended to prevent decomposition of the body, with all the things they would need for life in the next world: food, clothes, weapons, lots of gold, furniture, even…

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