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Antique Vampire Killing Kits a Huge Scam?

It seems every year, a 19th century vampire killing kit gets sold at auctions for thousands of dollars. But don’t be fooled; this trade must stop. If you’re thinking of buying, or have bought a purportedly “antique” vampire killing kit, even from a renowned dealer or auction house, chances are, you’ve been ripped off. The…

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Escape from a Vampire’s Castle in Under an Hour…

“Players start off in a locked room and must solve a series of puzzles to open the door; which reveals another locked room and another set of puzzles…” Ever wanted to… I dunno, play a game that involved solving a bunch of puzzles and escaping from a vampire’s castle in real life? You can!  Well,…

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Anne Rice’s Latest ‘Prince Lestat’ Gets Mixed Reviews

Anne Rice’s return to the world of vampires been selling well, but some readers are finding the mythology of the book too complicated. I have to be honest here: I am not actually a fan of Anne Rice. I know, I know, –vampires are my life, –but no one but Anne Rice, –to me anyway,…

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Vampire Deer! — No, This is a Real Thing… Seriously

Bambi will never be the same. Why does this deer have fangs? I know it seems like we’ve spent a lot of time looking at animal oddities here recently, but holy crap! This deer has fangs! How could I see this and not… you know, say something?! What’s also pretty cool is that they are…

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Vampire Reads: Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle

Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle – Kindle edition by Amy Fecteau.  I knew someone would use this as a title for something vampire related, at some point. It had to happen. Dude, if vampires were real, and could really get offended as to whether or not they had glitter embedded in their pores, sure… but alas,…

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The World’s First Female Iranian Vampire in “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”

“A vampire is delicious,” said writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour, whose debut feature, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” introduces the first Iranian female vampire. This is pretty exciting, when you consider not only the political and cultural dimensions, but artistically, there aren’t many Iranian horror films, and generally, Iranian women aren’t exactly among the…

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Tabletop Horror Lovers: CHILL is Coming Back to Shelves!

“Chill languished in darkness until Mayfair resurrected it, gave it a 2nd Edition and a host of new supplements. This is the version that most people remember, the scary one,…” Sounds exciting, the premise anyway: another horror rpg reboot. But keeping things in perspective, I mean, the Witcher is coming out soon, and technically, that’s dusting…

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Vampires Are Among Us… Closer Than You Think

Many are parasites. Some drink only blood to survive, while others include the nutrient-packed fluid as part of a balanced diet. Just in case the post about the Vampyrella bacteria wasn’t enough for you… check these out. Not only do you harbor vampires in your home, they might be carried in by… your cat!  Dun,…

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Shoot Arrows at a Werewolf’s Head on Your iPhone!

Get Alpha Werewolf vs. Scary Vampire FREE – Bullseye Arrow Shooter Show-Down on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews. Your vampire alter-ego is now free to destroy your natural nemesis: the werewolf. Shoot arrows at garlic, strategically placed on a heavily muscled werewolf’s head. Don’t shoot the werewolf though! Presumably,…

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Fascinating, Scary, and Fantastic! – ‘Book of the Undead’

“A bad thing never dies” — Spanish proverb”…a new book by New Mexico author Ray John De Aragon that explores the legends and folklore of New Mexico’s dead — or undead.” I have to admit, I desperately want this book. This looks like such a blast to read! Especially to your kids… or someone else’s…

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Kuntilanak (2006) – Ridiculously Scary Indonesian Vampire Movie

“[Translated] Kuntilanak revolves around Samantha who inadvertently turned out to have the ability to call kuntilanak talent by singing ‘durmo’ sacred.” This trailer actually makes the movie look pretty damn scary. Maybe some of you will thing that makes me pitiful, but hey… it’s Asian horror. Which scares everyone. So boo. Anyway, for some reference information,…

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Teeny Tiny Vampires You Never Knew Existed…

Within a few metres of you, almost certainly, a vampire is feeding. It grabs its victim and punctures its skin, then drains its bodily fluids. The process takes just minutes. These fascinating organisms feed much like a vampire, and can even magnify their own size in order to attack larger prey. Vampires exist in nature,…

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