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How did I ever manage to miss MAD MONSTER PARTY? The creation of Rankin/Bass, the production company responsible for bringing us those beloved holiday perennials RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN, HERE COME PETER COTTONTAIL, THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS and more, MAD MONSTER PARTY is like all these others…

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lenore poe

An Ode to Lost Lenore(s)

Edgar Allan Poe’s poem LENORE, which began as a poem called A PAEAN, although the pair are considered as separate works today, deals with Poe’s favorite subject: a dead woman. Specifically a young, beautiful dead woman. It can be seen as the companion piece to THE RAVEN. Learned readers will know that the latter poem…

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Trekkin’ Through Vampire Country, Part the First

The year was 1890. The time of the Great Explorers was waning. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the last of the likes of da Gama, Magellan, and Leif Erikson, died that very year. There were still tracts of the world that remained unexplored and unmapped, but those places were shrinking rapidly. The world was becoming, for…

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DS 50

Happy birthday, DARK SHADOWS!

I have, on numerous previous occasions, explained to the non-fans just how important, how influential, the TV series DARK SHADOWS was, and is, to the vampire genre. I don’t really need to go through it all again, do I? And I sure don’t have to preach to the choir by telling the fans what they,…

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DS widows hill


Properly last week should have been all full-up on the DRAK SHADOWS stuff, as last weekend was the annual DS convention, extra special this year in that it was celebrating the fiftieth(!) anniversary of the series’ debut on ABC in 1966. Last week, however, there were big goings-on with PENNY DREADFUL and my righteous crusade…

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barnabas portrait

What happened to that famous Barnabas Collins painting?

It was a constant in the series, that glorious seven-year odyssey of the macabre that ran on ABC daytime television from 1966 to 1971, and introduced the world to the beloved character Barnabas Collins. I’m talking about the painting of Barnabas that hung in the foyer at Collinwood. (When Barnabas first appeared in the series,…

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randall flann svnegoolie spigot

Let the product speak for itself. Please.

I get all sorts of things sent to me, for me to review here or on one of our sister sites. Digitally, for the most part, but sometimes I get sent books. I really wish I’d get more in the way of action figures, artwork, and games, but I can’t complain. Swag is swag. Some…

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vampire on display

Vampire on Display

Don’t pull out the stake! We’ve all seen HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, where Count Dracula (the John Carradine version) is safely staked and reduced to a moldy skeleton until some dimwit pulls out the stake and the nefarious vampire is reborn! The same thing could happen with the skeletal remains on display at the Kamien Museum…

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Dracula 2 - The Last Sanctuary

Kickin’ it Old-School, Part Two: DRACULA: THE LAST SANCTUARY

Read the companion article to this one for the intro and explanation; I don’t feel the need to repeat it all. Suffice it to say that, in addition to DRACULA: DAYS OF GORE, I bought the original Playstation version of the computer game DRACULA: THE LAST SANCTUARY, also for a low price and also for…

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dark shadows 50b

DARK SHADOWS Fiftieth Anniversary Festival

To be precise, it is the groundbreaking television series that celebrated its semicentennial anniversary this past weekend, not the fan convention held annually in its honor. The event took place in Tarrytown, New York, home of the Lyndhurst Mansion (which subbed for Collinwood in the films HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS)—also…

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UPDATE: The Letter to John Logan Ruffling Feathers at Showtime? Good!

The full letter I sent to John Logan, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, is available right here at this site. (If’n you can’t find it for some reason, there’s a link at the bottom of this article.) I intended for this letter to be my final say on the subject. I didn’t expect it to accomplish…

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vampire shark

The Vampire Shark

Since I almost never watch episodic television, when I do get attached to a series it’s a big deal, and it’s a big deal when that series gets surreptitiously canceled, like PENNY DREADFUL did. I’m currently waging a peaceful verbal war against John Logan, creator of that series (see one of my other posts for…

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