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The First Official Trailer for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2′

Dracula and friends are back for more in the first teaser trailer for Sony Pictures Animation’s “Hotel Transylvania 2,” starring Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez. The film picks up with Dracula being … …a grampa… (Btw, fun fact: I spell it “grampa” because… this is what I call my grampa, who is, also a vampire,…

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48 Buffy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Sink your teeth into these. Okay so, out of all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia listed here, I will give you a list of my five big favorites. You can read the other 38 on the source site. James Marsters is not British, he auditioned with a Texas accent, –and he’s really from California! Cordelia and…

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How Bad is Damon Freaking Out With His Mom Back on ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

Plus: Somerhalder on his first time directing! Probably pretty badly; Damon has a long history of handling the feely stuff really poorly. In fact, every time he gets all emotional, he has to go out and completely destroy some innocent woman, in order to… assuage his grief by taking a human life, I presume. But,…

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Holly Black Writes Vampire Books? Gasp!

“I’ll be the first to admit that I was the person wearing a Team Switzerland at the premieres of Twilight….”   I was genuinely excited to find out about this one; if you haven’t heard of it, or are just hearing about it, you’ll be excited too! First of all, Holly Black has a huge…

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Read This: ‘Shooting Stars: A Teenage Vampire Love Story from a Boy’s Perspective’ by Philip Carroll

“Chuck has all of these problems and more when he moves to his new school from Washington State….”   The vampires aren’t beautiful, they aren’t boys, –and things do get ugly. There is a romantic story, –but are the vampires glorified immortal version of ourselves, with complex passions and hopes and dreams? Or something a…

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Nikki Reed Wants to Make a Vampire Movie With Ian Somerhalder

The actress talks about a possible vampire movie with her ‘Vampire Diaries’ fiance. When they say “possible” what they mean is, someone asked her if she would be in one, and she said yes. Media can be so misleading, right? Dude. So anyway, the couple are both vampire-movie-TV experienced, so it seems only natural that…

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Enter to Win: Dark Gate Games’ Vampire Hunter s Board Game

“Dark Gate Games is holding a contest on their Facebook page to give away a copy of their Vampire Hunters board game…”   I should tell you guys, you’ve got some serious competition now, because I just shared the video on my Facebook page, –so I just entered to win one of the three games…

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev Stars in ‘The Final Girls’ Released This Week

“Nina Dobrev’s new foray onto the silver screen sees her starring in the Todd Strauss-Schulson-directed The Final Girls…”  A lot of great actresses start out as scream queens, so showing up in a few crappy horror movies is no big deal; besides, she’ll be starring alongside the film’s primary actress, Taissa Farmiga, made famous in…

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‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Series Renewed for a Second Season!

“The El Rey Network was very successful with their series adaption of Quentin Tarantino’s 1996 vampire hit ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ for Netflix…”  Okay, so, I know that some of my readers are like me: sometimes, we don’t always bite on a show just because there is a creature in it that we faithfully follow….

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‘Dracula’ & ‘Dorian Gray’ Will Be Performed by the Milwaukee Ballet Co. in the 2015-’16 Season

During the 2015-’16 season, Milwaukee Ballet fans will see two of artistic director Michael Pink’s story ballets at different stages in their life spans. The photo above is dancer Parker Brasser-Vos as “The White Rabbit” in Michael Pink’s ‘Alice’, a ballet adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s tale. Now we’ll see his version of Dracula,…

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Who is Nina Dobrev’s Favorite Cast Member On ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

Nina Dobrev speaks out about her on set BFF and who she thinks has got hotter in season 6 in this awesome new interview. Dude, I know that this is totally unrelated, but look how much arm hair she has in this picture. Wow. My boyfriend’s arms aren’t that hairy, let alone mine. You’d think…

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New Dracula Production Coming Soon to Crich, Derbyshire!

Beware. He is coming. Keep your windows locked and gather in the garlic. I make it my business to report on pretty much every Dracula production; it’s got great potential as a stage play, and who knows, maybe some day there will actually be a good instance of Dracula in a live stage production. This…

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