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I’m feasting on some vintage cinematic fare as of late, working my way through the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired films of Roger Corman, most of which star the inimitable Vincent Price in a leading role. Of this collection, probably the best in terms of quality—the quality of the acting, the quality of the storyline, and the…

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Dracula Feast at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

See, I told you all there was a LOT of Dracula material this week. Gotta love Halloween-time! This is my third Dracula-related article this week, and that’s fine and dandy with me, since I’m such a huge honkin’ mark for the nefarious Count and his real-life sorta inspiration, Vlad III of Wallachia. There aren’t any…

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DRACULA as a guidebook?

The great thing about this time of year is that I’m guaranteed to find lots of Dracula-related material to cover for this site. I got loads of Dracula stuff to use this week and over the next two. Here is a nice piece from Atlas Obscura. I really dig that site, and it not infrequently…

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New Dracula in LA

October contains Halloween, and as a result theatre-goers with a taste for the gothic can look forward to productions of Dracula.  These vary from the Balderson-Deane classic (which made Bela Lugosi famous) to such fresh takes as last year’s “feminist” version or an adaptation on roller skates or for that matter more than a few…

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A Shade of Vampire – Bella Forrest

ADDICTING!!! This is the only word I can think to describe the hit series by Bella Forrest, “A Shade of Vampire.” I began reading this series last week and I’m already on installment five, “A Blaze of Sun.” There are quite a few books in this series and I’m hoping that there will be many…

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THE STRAIN – Is Dutch a Ho’?

The title of this article may piss off some uber-proto-feminist type, but it’s meant to be facetious. I’ve been accused of being a feminist myself, but I dislike the term, possibly because it has been hijacked by extremist nutjobs. I prefer “equalist,” since I believe that men and women deserve equal treatment. I think this…

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Spend Halloween Night in Dracula’s Castle

First off, it’s not REALLY Dracula’s castle. Not in the historical sense. It is the official tourist version of Dracula’s castle. I’m talking about Castle Bran. Dracula’s REAL castle, at Poenari, is in ruins. To spend the night there would require a hike, a sleeping bag and “roughing it.” Personally I would love that, but…

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Ruminations on THE STRAIN Season 3 Episode 8 (Spoiler Warnings!)

The writers of this episode missed a golden opportunity for an in-joke, as pointed out by my lovely better half as we were watching. The guy at the beginning, the one Eichorst hung on the meat hook? He should totally have been wearing a red shirt. Okay, regarding the attack on the Ancients and the…

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THE STRAIN: “White Light” Preview

We’re getting closer to the end of the season, and while receiving the news that THE STRAIN would return for a fourth and final season next year goes a long way towards alleviating some of the bittersweet sting associated with watching that upcoming season finale—I have a feeling it’s gonna be EPIC!—I still mourn the…

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Clowns – It’s happened before

I tweren’t nothin’ but a wee bairn back in 1981, so I have no recollection of the Creepy Clown panic of that year. I didn’t even know there was one until I chanced upon this article. It obviously didn’t get much publicizing down my way, else I for certain WOULD have remembered it. I was…

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Beware the SIREN!

If you’ve seen the super-duper Indie Horror flick V/H/S—and if you haven’t, you need to get on that right now—you’d probably agree that the most memorable of the shorts that made up the anthology (not necessarily the best, although it was certainly one of them) was “Amateur Night.” Like all the shorts in the collection,…

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Ed Wood: In Celebration of a Genius

The title of this article, “Ed Wood: Not Actually The Worst Director in History,” is a given to those sufficiently aware of the man’s work. (As all vampire fans should be, due to his work with the legendary Bela Lugosi and Maila “Vampira” Nurmi, if for no other reason.) The subheading proclaims: “Stop calling Ed…

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