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An Apologist for Vampires

This article is an example of more “blurring of the lines” between the vampire of folklore, a supernatural entity which may or may not exist (that’s a subject for a different post altogether), and human beings who, for whatever reasons, feel the need to consume blood, whether human or otherwise. There are those who have…

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Beware the Benjamin Franklin Strangler Puppet

What is it about dolls and puppets that is so scary? Even people who don’t suffer from actual phobias relating to them—and there are such phobias—can still get creeped out by them. Personally I think the puppets from the PUPPETMASTER movies are adorable, but there are some people who won’t watch them. Neither am I…

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The Glorious Dark Ride

I was just a wee lad when my parents first took me to the County Fair. The lights, flashing, swirling, blinking, growing brighter as night fell; the sounds, delighted screams and laughter, the roar of machinery, distant calliope music and the barkers with their cajoling pitches; the aromas of cooking funnel cakes and corndogs; the…

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Ebola, the Unnamed Plague?

Blood and pestilence. These are two elements forever inherent in vampire lore, however much the proponents of the sparkly-touchy-feely-wimpy vampire might wish to extirpate them, sanitizing the metaphor for a younger, gigglier, dumbed-down juvenile mindset. (Hey, I couldn’t let a week go by without at least ONE dig at TWILIGHT, now could I?) The vampire…

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It’s a great big, wonderful world out there for the lover of all things spooky. There is a seemingly endless list of creepy tourist destinations. Forget the shopping meccas and overcrowded cities with their bustling nightlife. If any particular place doesn’t have something historic or artistic, or best of all, spooky, to draw my attention,…

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Power in the Blood

I’m sure an attempt has been made by practical, level-headed, boring sorts to discern a practical, logical, and boring explanation for the miraculous blood of St. Januarius, which, sealed inside an airtight glass vial, is in the habit of transitioning from a dried powder to its original liquid state and back again, both upon his…

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New research using data from ESO’s Very Large Telescope has revealed that the hottest and brightest stars, which are known as O stars, are often found in close pairs. Many of such binaries transfer mass from one star to another, a kind of stellar vampirism depicted in this artist’s impression.

Star Vampires, Space Zombies, and Hell is a Planet!

The announcement today from NASA (broadcasting as I do from Huntsville, Alabama, NASA’s hometown, I always feel like cheering whenever they do something cool. “Yeah! Them are OUR boys!) that liquid water has been found on Mars has got me feeling all spacey. Horror geeks like me, though—or like US, I suppose I should say,…

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Everyone’s heard about the upcoming “Blood Rave” in Amsterdam, but have you heard of the “Blade Rave” in Manhattan? Erin Chapman investigates. A few weeks back I reported on the “blood rave” being planned for Halloween night in Amsterdam, Holland, and I called bullshit, pointing out the numerous health code violations and potential lawsuits inherent…

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Have a Heart, Zuckerberg!

Allow Vampires, Goths, and pagans to use there Nightside names on Facebook I got notifications frequently from regarding petitions they (or somebody) believes I might be interested in signing. A lot of the time I am and I do. Some good causes get shared and promoted via that website, and on occasion the petition-ees…

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The Los Angeles Murder House

A mysterious mansion hidden in the hills of Los Angeles remains frozen in time since December 6, 1959.  Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Every writer knows that. It’s not that we’re trying to deceive. But there are requirements endemic to any story, a formula that each story must…

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Say hello to the Skeleton Flower, a white woodland blossom whose petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water.  As all my millions of frequent followers know, I’m a nature lover. Any chance I get to link the natural world with its flora and fauna to the Horror genre, I’m gonna take it,…

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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part Four

Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch) and Richard Sammel (Eichorst), as those who watched the latest installment of THE STRAIN already know, just finished an intense, emotionally grueling episode between the two of them, with Dutch being held prisoner and tortured by Eichorst. While both commented on how daunting the scenes were to perform, and admitted being equal…

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