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THE STRAIN – Drop the Beat!

This is the second reference to GONE WITH THE WIND I’ve been able to work in this week to a Horror-themed website, so I’m kind proud of that. What about GWTW? Reportedly, everyone in that movie, and everyone who worked on that movie behind the scenes, hated each other. Reportedly they were all miserable. Yet…

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Leto lestat

Jared Leto to play Lestat?

When a particular performer becomes so intrinsically linked with a certain character it is both a good thing and a bad thing. Imagine any other actress trying to portray Scarlet O’Hara. Vivian Leigh IS Scarlet. After Heath Ledger’s chilling, Oscar-winning turn as the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT, I said, that’s it. Nobody else will…

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Pokemon Dracula

Here is this week’s second article pertaining to Romania and tourism. Not relying on the eastern European nation’s status as the homeland of Dracula and of vampires in general—that part of the world is the nexus of vampire lore, and while it isn’t contained by the parameters of imaginary lines on maps—isn’t just a Romanian…

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Dracula Park

I seem to recall a few years back that there was talk of opening a Dracula-themed amusement park in Romania. Seems like Prince Charles had something to do with getting the idea nixed. Not sure how it was any of his business and honestly don’t care. Point being, they didn’t do it. I’m kinda glad…

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penny dreadful cast2

The Dreadfuls are still pissed, John Logan

I had made up my mind to let it go. I have by this point vented plenty of spleen against John Logan, creator of PENNY DREADFUL, not so much for his ending the beloved series peremptorily as for the WAY in which he ended it, and for his lying about it to his fans afterward….

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DRACULA bad for kids, THE LOST BOYS not so much, says father

The writer of this linked-to article (see “source” below) is a self-confessing “Horror” dad who recommends introducing children to Horror films in a slow and controlled manner. I think this is a grand idea. Psychologically speaking, Horror is healthy in the extreme, as it can help children learn how to cope with fear in a…

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egg tree

I think that I shall never see…

You see it sometimes, a huge tree growing out of a grave in the middle of an ancient cemetery. Someone in centuries past planted a sapling over the grave of a loved one, or perhaps a seed fell there by happenstance and took root, and the caretakers of the grave chose to leave it, and…

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silver tomb of St. Elizabeth

Give the Lady a Hand!

Sorry about the pun, Saint Elizabeth. It was too obvious not to go with. Note: I’m speaking to Saint Elizabeth of Aragon, here, not one of the several other Saint Elizabeths. I’m not Catholic, but I know there’s at least ONE other and I would presume there are many more. (In fact the linked-to article…

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Real Ghostbusters

Getting the band back together after 1989’s GHOSTBUSTERS 2 proved to be more difficult than getting the Beatles back together for a concert—AFTER John and George were dead! The studio at last gave up and substituted an all female cast, to a moderate degree of success, with the new flick so creatively entitled “Ghostbusters.” (How…

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Pence’s daughter is a Vampire?

Do unto others. That’s the best philosophy a person can practice in this life. It is applicable to any situation. Since I detest it when celebrities and entertainers talk down to me, spouting off about politics and telling me how they think I ought to think, I probably shouldn’t do it myself. Spout off, that…

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As I continue to wage war against screenwriter John Logan (and by waging war I mean that I’m posting articles criticizing him) for his peremptorily ending his excellent series PENNY DREADFUL and then lying to his fans about it (see those recent articles on this site), I’ve been concurrently searching for something to partially fill…

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I had intended to go see this one in the theater. I’d seen the trailer and thought it looked intriguing, and I’m always open to fresh Horror offerings. Alas it came and went from the picture houses pretty quickly, and I had something going on at the time; I think my production company had a…

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