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Stoker Sacked Scotland Yard

It may not be fair to lambaste the police over the Jack the Ripper case. Either the killer was abnormally intelligent, abnormally sneaky or just abnormally lucky not to trip up and get apprehended. Or, if we are to believe the conspiracy hounds, there were any of a number of secret societies involved in protecting…

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And Speaking of Cemeteries…

The only consolation to not having been there—“there” being Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York–this past October, when ATLAS OBSCURA and the graveyard overseers invited some 900 participants to explore the expansive grounds by moonlight, venturing into parts and places usually off-limits to the general public. What made this even better, there were entertainers and…

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Where have all the Vampires gone?

I know where they went. The ones in Budapest, anyway. They went underground. Safe from the sun down there. Did you know Budapest was originally two cities, divided by the river Danube, Buda and Pest? And the Buda part sits on top of the world’s biggest thermal (i.e. hottest) cave system. There’s a whole lotta…

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dracula first edition

How Much Would You Pay For A First Edition Of DRACULA?

I used to say that ebook reading devices would never replace real books until somebody designed a computer you can comfortably curl up in bed with. That day finally arrived, and it didn’t take nearly as long to get here as I would have expected. As of a couple of years ago, I became the…

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Man Attacks “Friend” For Blood

Does this guy look like one of the living dead to you? Like Nosferatu, bald with pointy ears and rat-like fangs? Like Count Dracula, suave and sophisticated, pale and exuding menace? Like Edward Cullen, all sparkly and soulful? How about one of the vamps from TRUE BLOOD? How about the vampire of folklore, a moldering…

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In keeping with the theme of spooky things that may exist underground or underwater (like the subterranean caverns atop which modern Budapest rests and chronicled in one of my separate reports this week), may I present to you Georgia’s cursed lake, Lake Lanier. (That’s Georgia as in the southern US state, not the former Soviet…

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st louis cemetery

Cemetery Strolls

I love cemeteries. Not MODERN ones. New ones. Those are just . . . sad. The kinds of cemeteries I do love may still be in use; bodies may still be interred there. But they have a HISTORY. They’ve been around for a while, stretching into centuries past. As a general rule, the older the…

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Did real-life bloodshed kill the FRIGHT NIGHT sequel?

We’re talking about the original FRIGHT NIGHT, here, the one from 1985, as opposed to the 2011 remake starring Colin Farrell (which was actually quite good.) Let’s call the one FRIGHT NIGHT CLASSIC and the other just FRIGHT NIGHT. I don’t want to call it NEW FRIGHT NIGHT, since new Coke sucked—I’m obviously taking these…

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stoker bust

Bram Stoker, Busted!

In this week’s second bit of news concerning sculpture, renowned artist Bryan Moore, who has crafted bronze busts of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, has announced his plans to create one of Bram Stoker, the biographer (I refuse to say “creator”) of Count Dracula. What’s more, Moore will create the sculpture in Dublin, Ireland,…

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coffin couch

Cool Stuff On My Christmas List, Part Two

Oh, to lie down on this coffin-shaped sofa and take a nap! It looks so inviting, so comfy. I love the polished mahogany (or whatever kind of wood this is), the rich, plush purple of the velvet cushioning—oh, wait, it also comes in red or black! The inner lining of Dracula’s cape is usually red,…

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4billion-year-old-meteorite skull

Cool Stuff On My Christmas List, Part One

If any of you were wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, allow me to make it easy for you. I would like this. It’s a perfect, fifty pound replica of a human skull, sculpted from a hunk of four billion-year-old meteorite, and it got auctioned off at the Bonhams Auction House in…

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Wes Bentley lost my love and devotion at one point, but then he earned it back. I became aware of him, but felt neither adoration nor loathing, after his appearance in AMERICAN BEAUTY, but when he appeared as the feeblest movie villain of all time in the ridiculously mediocre GHOST RIDER, I decided that I…

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