Psi vs. Sang

Psychic vampires and Sanguinarians are known by many to have a strained relationship. Many, not all, but many Sanguinarians feel that they are much more, prestigious if you will, because they are born into their vampirism rather than “awakened” into it like a psi. Sang vampires are also known for having generations worth of Sanguinarians in their family, which over the years builds a sense pride and respect in oneself. This tends to cause a rivalry between the two. If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, I’ll back up and explain what each is.

First off, Psychic vampires. Psychic vampires are mortals that need to feed off of the life force of others (pranic energy) in order to stay healthy (aka Magnetic Vampirism) not blood. They do not produce enough energy of their own and require feedings from others to replace low energy; they are, in a sense, psychic sponges. If you are feeling oddly drained of emotions there is a possibility that you are the under attack of a psychic vampire.

As I said above, Psychic vampires aren’t born but awakened into what they are (although there is a debate about that). This awakening comes during puberty and it causes an assortment of changes, including: problems sleeping at night, sensitivity to sunlight, they have a difficult time digesting solid food (since they switch to feeding on energy), an increase in psychic abilities and heightened senses.

There are also a few different kinds of psychic vampires. First is Elemental, they feed off of elemental energy, such as thunderstorms. Then there is Sexual Psychic vampires, they feed off of sexual acts (they are not to be confused with incubi or succubi). Finally there are Emotional Psychic vampires and they feed off of emotions.

That covers the basics; there are many MANY different views on Psychic Vampires. Many theories and ideas as to what a Psychic vampire is. Oh and before you ask, it is pretty much a unanimous “no!” when it comes to one psi creating another psi. They can’t be created.

Now to Sanguinarians. Sanguinarians are also mortals but they feed on the blood of others to stay healthy. Like Psychic vamps, Sanguinarians do not produce enough energy and require feedings to replace energy. Sanguinarians are believed to be born as they are, but like Psychic vampires they come into what they are during puberty. They also have the same results as I mentioned above: problems sleeping at night, sensitivity to sunlight…etc.

Now many feel that the only difference between Sanguinarians and Psychic vampires is that one feeds off of life energy while the other feeds off of blood. There are then others that feel that Sanguinarians don’t require pranic energy at all, that they just need something physical in the blood. There are many theories concerning why a Sanguinarian needs to feed on blood. Some feel that it is simply a mental blood fetish, a fun S&M type of game; others feel it is significantly more than a simple fetish.

All these theories on the differences and similarities of the two kinds of vampires may be why they seem to dislike one another. A clash of conflicting ideas and beliefs.

If you are either a Psychic vampire or a Sanguinarian, what do you think? Do you hate the others, if so why? What are your beliefs on what you are and why you are? With so many different views it is difficult to write a 100% accurate blog on the subject but with helpful comments we may get a better idea and understanding of one another. So please, feel free to share.

- Moonlight

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