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Blood Sport: Console Peripheral That Sucks Your Blood …It’s a Real Thing

Video games are getting in on the vampire craze, but if this game is any indication, we’d all be a lot better off if interactive entertainment stayed out of the shiny, undead bloodsucker arena.” Vampire game console peripheral: so, imagine you’re chillin’ at home, playing… dude, whatever, Assassin’s Creed, because let’s face it… you’re one…

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What are 15 million Vampire Fans Addicted to?

Blood Brothers. 15 million people are addicted to the mobile video game Blood Brothers. That’s a helluva lot! I came across this game in my cell’s app store on accident and was shocked that a vampire game had SO many players. I think this game just may be worth a play. What do you think?…

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The Many Faces of Erzebet Bathori

Other than Vlad the Impaler, surely the one historical figure most often assumed to have been a vampire is Erzebet Bathori (Elizabeth Bathory), a 17th century Hungarian Countess and serial killer. One can understand why, especially given the gothic trappings added to an already horrific life story. For the record, she did not bathe in…

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Vampires Don’t Make Sense

Vampires don’t make sense. That seems like an extraordinary thing to say, doesn’t it? Here? Before this reading audience? By someone who collects vampire films, has books and books and books on the subject (fiction and non), writes regularly on the subject? But bear with me. First, consider blood. It is over ninety percent water….

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True Blood Season Finale – And When I Die

True Blood – Season 4 Finale – And When I Die Wow. Just, wow. Most of this finale was just wrapping things up; the whole sequence with Marnie and Lafayette and Jesus didn’t actually last that long. Once that was over, at about the halfway mark, they got busy establishing peeks into the new subplots…

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Are You Ready for the True Blood Season Finale?!

Hang on to your asses, people! The True Blood season finale is this Sunday night, and I dunno about you, but I plan to live that hour in sheer, bittersweet bliss by ordering a massive pizza, with extra garlic sauce, and getting sugar-drunk on M&Ms Sonic Blast…. the biggest one they can fit through the…

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True Blood Season 4 – Soul of Fire

True Blood – Season 4 – Soul of Fire Great episode; naturally there were a few things that peeved me, but, on the other hand, the body count alone, plus the mad action, made everything worthwhile. And this isn’t even the climax! We still have a hellacious shindig waiting for us in the next episode,…

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Christmas in September… Lookit, True Blood Video Prezzies!

I might be just -slightly- overreacting here, but …HOLY CRAP LOOKIT ALL THE AWESOME TRUE BLOOD PREVIEWS!!!! Okay, it’s officially… well, somewhat out of my system. And there are definitely some great moments here too. The first one might just be my favorite. Jason Stands Up for Sookie That’s right, you undead douchebags! “Fuckin’ Sookie!”…

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True Blood Season 4 – Burning Down the House

True Blood – Season 4 – Burning Down the House A lot went on this episode; some sad stuff happened, and a particularly unpleasant discovery was also made about Marnie and Antonia. There are now only two episodes left, and things are getting pretty tense. Bon Temps hasn’t devolved into total chaos yet, but it’s…

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Jason’s Guilt Trip, Tara’s Rage, and Andy’s Intervention in the Next Episode of True Blood –Finally!

I dunno about you guys, but I have been waiting for someone to finally confront Andy about his V-addiction. You know, aside from Jason’s goofy ass. He had his own problems dealing with V, so it’s not like he’s in a position to be much help. And although he did kick the habit, well.. Jason…

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True Blood Season 4 – Let’s Get Out of Here

True Blood – Season 4 – Let’s Get Out of Here There are three episodes left after tonight, and phew! Sookie almost died in this episode. I mean, we all know there’s no way Sookie can die, because the show is about her. This isn’t American Beauty, for god’s sake. Anyway, she can experience torture,…

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Jessica, Nan, Hoyt, and Merlotte Find Themselves Under Fire in the Next Episode of True Blood!

Not literally ‘under fire’, like, being shot at (although Hoyt does come pretty close). They’re all just in very stressful situations in the next episode. But if they weren’t, then what fun would they be? It looks like several issues are coming to a head, while others are still building up like tropical storms off…

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