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Robert Pattinson Too Old To Return To Edward Cullen Role

Robert Pattinson dispels rumors that he’s ever returning to Twilight.the night desk’s insight:Robert Pattinson is certainly not as lucky as his character Edward is in the aging department, but he still looks great for a mere human. He says his age wo…


Remembering Bella Swan’s Best & Worst Moments

We’re still winding down towards the end of the franchise; we’ve got a couple spots left yet to go over some o’ what is awesome, as well as irrevocably silly in the series of films. I know there’s a majority of people who think the films are stupid, but I think they’re just as entertaining…

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Remembering Jacob Black’s Best & Worst Moments

This is the last week before Twilight is pretty much officially over, and we wanted to send the franchise out with kind of a special sort of ordeal, –make sure that the thrilling threesome got some much deserved memorial services. We’ll start with the stuff that made us all want to cry, –and some of…

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First look at Renesmee in Breaking Dawn: Part 2

At long last the fans of the widely popular Twilight franchise finally get a little peek at Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella, in The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Entertainment Weekly got their hands on the first photo of Mackenzie Foy as Bella and Edward’s unique daughter in the final installment of…

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Robert Pattinson Stephenie Meyer

Robert Pattinson Made Stephenie Meyer Cry

Why did Robert Pattinson make Twilight author Stephenie Meyer cry? Because he punched her in the throat for ruining his manly rep!!! Ahaha kidding kidding, it wasn’t nearly as badass as that. No, it is true that he brought her to tears, but it was because of his moving performance portraying Edward Cullen. Robert is…

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‘Twilight: The Musical’ is Actually on the Way

No, I didn’t make that up. Twilight: The Musical really is happening, and it’s happening soon. It was recently announced the Twilight musical is officially hitting the stage. Before you Twi-hards start rushing to New York, you should know that it’s not expected to have a very long run. Twilight: The Musical will make its…

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Four Things You May Have Missed in ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’

You may have read your copy of Breaking Dawn so many times that it is now falling apart, but did you notice the few hidden goodies that were in the film? You may not have missed the lines from the books or the mindreading moments, but there was more to be seen. I have already…

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breakind dawn poster

From the Mouth of a Hardcore Twihard: A Secondhand Review of Breaking Dawn Part 1

Ever see those GIANT Twilight displays at stores and movie theaters? You know, those giant cardboard decorations that are three times taller than you and take up an entire section of the theater lobby? Yeah, I have one of those ridiculously massive displays hanging on the wall in my house. There is actually a cardboard…

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Top 10 Things Twilight Got Right

Those who unquestioningly loathe “Twilight” often make very facile arguments against it. A pity, because honestly the books do deserve some criticism and just calling fans of the books names contributes no wisdom to anyone. Let it also be said (or, in this case, written) that Stephanie Meyer got some things spot on. I’ll even…

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edward james

Top 10 Mistakes in Twilight

As we prepare for the (presumably) next-to-last movie opening in the “Twilight” franchise, the Twihards and the haters of same raise their banners high, preparing to do verbal war across cyberspace. Despite my own deep interest in all things undead, I am that relatively rare exception–one who neither loves nor loathes the series. From a…

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dish on Big ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scene

After months and months of waiting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming to theaters this Friday (November 18) and fans will finally get to see the big scene they have been building up in their minds for so long – the honeymoon sex scene. Admit it, it’s been on your mind more…

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Interviews and Wedding Sneak Peek

As every Twi-hard knows, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is almost here! On November 18, 2011, less than a month away, the big film will premiere in theaters worldwide and every fan is counting down the days. Lucky for you, the folks behind the film have released all sorts of goodies to…

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