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Anne Rice’s Assistant Releases His Own Vampire Novel

We all know the name Anne Rice, she is the queen of vampires after all, but few of us know her assistant, Becket. A former Benedictine monk with a master’s degree in theology, Becket is Anne’s right hand man, and an author himself. His vampire tale The Blood Vivicanti features characters and concepts by both…

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Vampire Book Challenge!

Being the bibliophile that I am, I love to read, write and talk about books. I am a hardcore book junkie. That said, we’re having ourselves a fangtastic vampire book discussion today! Actually, it’s a bit of a book challenge. I challenge you, my wonderful readers, to list off three vampire books and share a…

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Sean Astin Cast in Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain Pilot

Sean Astin has joined Corey Stoll (House of Cards) and Mia Maestro (Alias) in the cast of The Strain, the upcoming FX pilot from showrunner Carlton Cuse (Lost) and director Guillermo del Toro. Based on del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s book, The Strain follows the apocalyptic outbreak of a vampire virus in New York and…

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Vampire Books Coming July 2013

It’s my birthday month (coughgiftcardscough)! Yes, it’s July, Dear Readers, and it’s time to take a lil’ peek at all of the vampire books coming out this month. There are a few rad books hitting shelves this July, so have a look and then buy them all! All the books! Or, you know, a few….

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Five Vampire Novels That Would Make Awesome Movies!

With all the terrible vampire movies that show up on DVD and Netflix year after year, don’t you wish Hollywood would try to make movies out of some good vampire novels? You know, the ones with good plots and interesting characters? Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my list of 5 novels I’d love to see adapted…

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WTF True Blood?!?

Okay, am I the only True Blood fan who feels like this show has jumped the shark? Not just the shark, either, but also the school of rabid piranha that live next to the shark? With the new season about to start and anticipation building, I thought this might be the right time for me…

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Chibi Vampire

The Bizarre World of Chibi Vampire

Who can pass up a used vampire book for $1? Not me! Which is how I got my hands on volume one of Chibi Vampire by Yuna Kagesaki (hurray for used book finds!). Chibi Vampire is manga, meaning it’s a comic you read right to left instead of left to right. And this particular manga…

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Where Are the Fantasy Vampires At?

Knights, dragons, quests, castles, wizards… but no vampires. Not in any fantasy land I can think of. Where are my fantasy vampires at? While wandering around the bookstore the other day and telling myself that I was just going to look and not buy anything (I bought two books), I found myself in the fantasy…

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Vampire Books Coming May 2013

It’s May – the month of flowers, cool breezes and a lot of fangtastic vampire books! There are quite a few excellent reads coming to bookstores this month. May is looking like an awesome month for vampire fans. Check out the goodies coming our way. (Click titles to view on Amazon) Taken by a Vampire…

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Lover at Last cover (Ward)

Love it or Hate it: Twilight, House of Night, The Vampire Chronicles and More

Some of the most popular book series out there are vampire series, and you know you love to debate them, gush about them and obsess over them. At least I do. One thing is clear – we all have opinions on these books. Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, The Vampire Chronicles and many more – we…

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BOOK GIVEAWAY! Suckage by D. T. Neal

Book giveaway! Hurray for free books! Today we’re offering up one lucky reader a copy of Suckage by D. T. Neal. First it was werewolves and now it’s the twisted world of vampires. Coming out May 8, 2013, Suckage is a darkly romantic tale that tells the story of one vampire’s minion. Check out the…

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Vampire Books Coming April 2013

It’s April! A time of sunshine and vampire books! Hm, ok, not a good combination, but I am so sick of snow that the idea of sunshine and new books makes me a very happy lady. That said, I am thrilled to share with you all of the new vampire books hitting bookshops this month….

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