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Everyone’s heard about the upcoming “Blood Rave” in Amsterdam, but have you heard of the “Blade Rave” in Manhattan? Erin Chapman investigates. A few weeks back I reported on the “blood rave” being planned for Halloween night in Amsterdam, Holland, and I called bullshit, pointing out the numerous health code violations and potential lawsuits inherent…

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Have a Heart, Zuckerberg!

Allow Vampires, Goths, and pagans to use there Nightside names on Facebook I got notifications frequently from regarding petitions they (or somebody) believes I might be interested in signing. A lot of the time I am and I do. Some good causes get shared and promoted via that website, and on occasion the petition-ees…

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The Los Angeles Murder House

A mysterious mansion hidden in the hills of Los Angeles remains frozen in time since December 6, 1959.  Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Every writer knows that. It’s not that we’re trying to deceive. But there are requirements endemic to any story, a formula that each story must…

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Say hello to the Skeleton Flower, a white woodland blossom whose petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water.  As all my millions of frequent followers know, I’m a nature lover. Any chance I get to link the natural world with its flora and fauna to the Horror genre, I’m gonna take it,…

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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part Four

Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch) and Richard Sammel (Eichorst), as those who watched the latest installment of THE STRAIN already know, just finished an intense, emotionally grueling episode between the two of them, with Dutch being held prisoner and tortured by Eichorst. While both commented on how daunting the scenes were to perform, and admitted being equal…

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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part Three

I found Ruta Gedmintas, as much as one can gauge from a telephone interview conducted over a short period of time, not much at all like her onscreen persona, Dutch Velders. Both have the same charming accent, but that’s about it. Whereas Dutch is a brassy tough chick with jaded street smarts, Ruta struck me…

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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part Two

So when I got to ask my own question with stars Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas ofTHE STRAIN, what did I want to know? I asked them collectively if they were fans of the Horror genre, or, if not, had appearing on THE STRAIN turned them into fans. I found their responses not atypical from…

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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part One

I was thrilled to take part in another conference telephone interview with THE STRAIN stars Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch) and Richard Sammel (Thomas Eichorst) this past week. Again I wasn’t provided with a transcript, so I had to take copious notes and write them down quickly so as not to miss anything pertinent. Credit the wonders…

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VAMPLETS are back!

I’m a sucker for things cute and horrific. In an earlier article I mentioned my fondness for botanical oddities that lend themselves to the creepy side, like Zombie Cucumbers and Skeleton Flowers. But spooky plants have got nothing on Horror-themed stuffed animals and cartoon characters. The latest addition to my personal collection, which sits and…

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Interview with a Vampire (Author)

I was contacted by representatives of novelist Alistair Cross (Cool name, dude, though I doubt it’s the one you were born with.) asking me if I’d be interested in conducting an interview with him. Amused at how the roles have flip-flopped (having spent so much time as an author myself, trying to get people to…

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SINISTER Intentions

Caution. Children at play. I had overlooked the 2012 movie SINISTER. There was some blurring in my mind between this film and the other one-word titled, similarly themed INSIDIOUS. And, too, I dislike Ethan Hawke, so I skipped it. The sequel opening in theaters this summer also failed to catch my eye—at first. Credit Bughuul…

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Da Vinci’s Dracula

To the writer’s credit, the word “vampire” is never mentioned in reference to this incarnation of Vlad Tepes, despite his overwhelmingly more well-known literary counterpart who shares his name. I found out there was this show called DA VINCI’S DEMONS. It had totally slipped under my radar, not that I would have been watching it…

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