Twi-hards are sinking their teeth into more than just books and movies these days -now they’re doing it to each other. Seriously.

Teens inspired by Twilight, as well as other popular vampires in entertainment like the Vampire Diaries, are taking their obsession to a whole new level by exchanging real life “love bites.”

"It's a way to belong to somebody and check their territory," high school sophomore Pao Hernandez told CBS News.

Hernandez then added that couples at her school exchange blood with each other to prove their passion, and that friends also give each other bites to demonstrate just how close they are.

"This is kind of the modern day version of the hickey," said CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

"But we have to remember, any time there's a break in the skin, especially when you're talking about the human mouth, it's loaded with bacteria...You can set up for potentially some serious skin infections." Ashton added, "This is now creating a soft tissue injury with blood, teeth marks or just a significant bruise in the area. And it can be potentially serious."

As you can imagine, this new trend has parents across the country panicked, and not just about germs.

"This really concerns me because it has to do with possession," writes parenting blogger Vanessa Van Petten on her site. "We're talking about something that's about ownership, possessing your friends."

Missy Wall, the Director of a Dallas outreach group for middle and high school students said teenagers are using the bites as a new kind of status symbol.

"It becomes a contest of who has the bite mark and then that means somebody cares about you or you're in a relationship or you've been chosen, which is very similar to the movies."

"Not only obviously are there physical consequences but psychosocial," said Ashton. "This is a way of marking a person, and it is a form of emotional and physical abuse."

And I agree, high school is hard enough as it is, add this new ridiculous biting fad and you’ve got even more drama to deal with. Plus, like the doctor said, it is incredibly unsanitary! A passionate little bite between lovers is one thing, but a bunch of teens drinking each others blood is insane and stupid. These kids need to start using their brains, how is this in any way a good thing? They are acting like dogs marking their territory, it’s pathetic. I really hope this trend goes away soon, it’s unsafe, stupid, obsessive and a million other bad things. They’re giving us other vampire fans a bad name.

- Moonlight

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