All My Children

Wasn't that the name of a soap opera? It's an aptly named episode. Esther, --great witch name, by the way, --is trying to kill her kids. Drown them like the proverbial runts in a burlap bag, --and this episode is all about her big plan to put her "runts" out of the earth's collective misery. There's a lot of vampire-centric philosophy, the monster mindset and how it works, even when it's working towards a goal it sees as righteous. We're going to try something new, --since you guys haven't been commenting. We miss you, we love you, and we want to know what you think. So we're going to... quiz you! Sort of. I have some big questions about the episode, and I want to know what everyone thinks.

Some of the highlights of this episode were:

  • The big conflict: Esther's foiled attempt to kill her children.
  • Damon deciding that, even though he lost the coin toss, he'd be the one to turn Abby Bennett into a vampire, to stop Esther's plan, and ultimately, save Elena from Rebekah, who was taken hostage by Elijah, to serve his plan to stop Esther. He gave up his chance to be on better terms with Elena, and took on the mantle of "bad guy" in order to preserve Elena's perspective of Stefan, --facilitating their eventual "getting back together."
  • Elijah's moment of introspection, where he realizes that he's become a monster, despite all his good intentions, just like his mother stated during her murder speech.
  • Klaus's apparent decision to stop courting Caroline; he likes her, but he suspected that she was part of the plan to neutralize the Originals long enough for Elena to escape, and so he burned all his drawings of her.
  • Elena, at the end, realizing that a lot of people have been hurt and killed, all around her, with regard to her, and one of them is usually Bonnie.
  • Finding out about another white oak tree, at the end.
  • Alaric's discovery, and getting shot by his "psycho doctor girlfriend" as Damon calls her, --apparently, she is the one killing all these people...

Here are my big questions, --stuff that really drives me crazy, that I need opinions on!

  • Does Klaus deserve to die, 100% for sure? Is he beyond redemption?
  • Is there any chance left for Damon and Elena now that he's turned her best friend's mom into a vampire?
  • Will Abby Bennett decide to die, or transition fully? Do you think she'll be a psycho, like Vickie?
  • What's Meredith's problem? Why is she killing people? 
  • Do we want to see a Klaus and Caroline romance? What about Tyler?
We won't get to see another episode until the middle of March, unfortunately, but with luck, it will answer some of our questions. The next episode is "1912". I suspect there will be flashbacks. Check out the preview!
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