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We have delved into the world of real vampires many a time here on We have discussed psychic vampires and the various types of energy they feed upon; we have also covered sanguinarian vampires, those who feed on the blood of willing donors in order to maintain health. But reading about the real vampires of the world can only reveal so much – why not watch them as they live their vampiric lives? A webseries titled "Vampires" follows both sanguinarian and psychic vampires in New Orleans. Currently in its first season, the show reveals the truth behind these individuals.

About the show:

"Vampire myths date back for centuries--from ancient vampiric gods to the Knights Templar.

Today, ancient myths have melded with pop culture in a unique subculture: people who believe they too are Vampires. These vampire subcultures manifest in cities all over the world, each subculture uniquely influenced by the culture that surrounds it.

What if there were a show that followed the lives of real vampires all over the world? That's exactly what this project does. Around the world there are people who really do feed off the energy--and the blood--of others to get through their everyday lives. They have communities in New York, New Orleans, Paris and many other major cities. The first part of the series follows one such community in New Orleans. They let us into their lives: their jobs, how they "feed," their code of ethics, and how the community works. We examine the vampire myths of New Orleans and the real vampire community there, finding familiar stories and unexpected realities."

To watch Vampires: New Orleans you can go HERE to their official website or HERE to their Blip page.

What are your thoughts on this show? Have you already seen it? If so, what did you think?  How do you real vampires here feel about a show that delves into your world?

- Moonlight

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