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I interview a LOT of authors and every time I do I throw in a random question or two that has absolutely nothing to do with their book (because it’s fun!). One of my favorite questions to ask is – If vampires were discovered to exist today, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them? Every author I have asked this has given me a fantastic answer, and as much as I love reading their answers, I am now curious to hear from you, my beloved readers. I recently asked a similar question over at (yes, I write there too) and got loads of awesome responses, so of course, I had to bring the fun here to

So, in your opinion, if vampires were discovered to exist today, like those in your favorite books and films, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them?

Here are a few past answers from a couple of authors I have interviewed:

"I think a lot of people would want to join them. No matter how unattractive you make them – whether they’re evil killers as they are in many stories, or fascistic, unhygenic fighting machines as they are in my books – fans love their vampish souls and yearn to join their ranks! There’d be no more recession if vampires were proved to be real – people worldwide would down tools and run off to sign up for the cause!" – Darren Shan, author of The Cirque du Freak series

"From a historical standpoint, human beings don’t have a good track record when it comes to accepting difference. So I’m not optimistic that we would make an exception for vampires." – Deborah Harkness, author of A Discovery of Witches

"I think that first of all, most cultures would go into shock.  Then, when the media declares that vampires are not out to get us, ordinary people would be skeptical and hesitant but would make an effort to be accepting.  At the same time there would be that rabid element of society actively trying to destroy them.  A bit like the configuration on the TV show True Blood!  <laughing>  There are all sorts of vampires, as you well know.  V’s like the ones in 30 Days of Night, the comic and movie, are hard to live with, to put it mildly.  Other vampires have a more humane approach and exhibit a lot of restraint, so that is workable for us breathers, aka: the prey." – Nancy Kilpatrick, editor of Evolve

"I think they would be heavily exploited, and someone would try and make a lot of money out of them. Maybe they could get some good endorsement deals (for sun-block, perhaps). I think, after Twilight, they could probably be accepted. I think if they looked like Robert Pattinson or Stephen Moyer they would be accepted but if they looked like Count Orlok in Nosferatu they'd be killed by armed police units with stakes and crossbows." – Matt Haig, author of The Radleys

Now it’s your turn, what do you think? If vampires were discovered to exist today, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them?

- Moonlight

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