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Why Do Vampires and Werewolves Hate Each Other?

We’ve all read it in books and seen it in movies and on TV, that bitter rivalry between vampires and werewolves, the intense hatred the two share, but has anyone thought to ask why? Why do these two supernatural entities hate each other so much? Why are writers constantly pitting them against each other?

Out of all the books and movies I have read and seen the only one to explain it is Underworld. The werewolves hate the vampires because the vamps forced them into slavery, which triggered a war that lasted centuries. Eventually neither side remembers what started it all, but they are so far into it that the hatred is fused into their minds. That is just one explanation, most other writers have yet to give any reason for the animosity, but I have a few theories:

It could simply be a competition of sorts, a sense of pride of who you are. Take the rivalry between sports teams or countries for example – they go against each other because they think they are the best. They dislike one another because they think that they are far superior, and because of that, a challenge is born and each side rises to the occasion, ready to prove to the other that they are the greatest. Vampires and werewolves are the same, each side thinks that they are the superior race, and they feel the need to go against each other to prove it.

Another thing is that they are very different from one another, and as history has shown us countless times, people often seek to destroy what is different. Vampires are often portrayed as aristocratic and noble beings with an insatiable lust for blood. Whereas werewolves are usually shown as a bit more laid back, a little rough around the edges with the need to destroy everything in their path once a month. Two very different, yet equally destructive, creatures. Werewolves hate that vampires drink blood, vampires hate that werewolves have a wild dangerous beast inside them. Werewolves think vampires are filthy leeches, vampires think werewolf are lowly dogs. On and on.

So to me, it’s an issue of superiority complexes and differences. All about who is the bigger badder monster. What do you guys think? Why do werewolves and vampires hate each other?

– Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. She writes for top genre sites like and You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way). You can stalk her via her Twitter
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Moonlight • March 17, 2011

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  • Lord Feydark

    Seeing as human is the main course on both of their menus, I’d say it’s more or less competition for food. It’s like that for all predators.

    • Brenden

      Humans are not are main source of food unlike vampires we don’t need to eat humans.

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  • Greg

    I’m not saying this is true but from what i’ve read on the net they hate eachother because of a war in roman times where the vampires screwed over the werewolves to save themselves… i guess that would create some bad blood… no pun intended lol

    • Moonlight

      Yeah, it’s not true, but it is an awesome story :)
      There’s an article that explains it here.

  • Marlo-chan

    Well, I suppose it would be a territory thing, a food thing, a difference thing, or the vampires did something to make the werewolves mad -or vice versa- and they never liked eachother ever again.

  • vampire crazed kid:)

    I actually believe what you said is true:)
    plus i always thought that the underworld explained things best

  • Night Lover

    any one but me thinking vampires are a bit like cats with the fangs the hunting at night and there strong eares, that they move graciously and they usualy have long nails. So if you agree with me the fight between them and warewolves is obvious like cats vs. dogs

  • Fictions Writer

    Is was unclear to me why these entities hated each other so much but after some reasearch, I understood. the answer is an unbreakable bond between vams and werewolves. It all started with the alpha werewolf and vamp, they were brethren, shared a bond that no one could understand ot break. they trusted each other deeply but as years went by, the vampires began to question the order of things, like why the wolves could walk in the sun and they couldn’t…They grew angry and envious of the wolves as they thought that walking in sunlight gave the wolves a sense of superiority. the alpha vamp came to realise that his wolf brethren were far more privileged, and so he grew vengeful and greedy which in the end led to him betraying the alpha wolf. And as werewolves were loyal to their kind, they stood against the vampires. A raging war began between the two and it went on for centuries until this day. but some have forgotten why they hate each other, others fight to break a bond that can never be broken and some just want to hate.

  • JFcoast

    Another fact that should be noted is that they are in fact moral opposites. In their human form, Vampires are very smart and devious even. While werewolves are more “pack like” and group mentality of a wolf.

    They are both immensely strong creatures that are viewed differently by different cultures and different people. Sine even believe they were created by Rivaling brothers who sought “Minions” or companions of their own.

    My personal favorite story hails from the Skyrim lore. In that story Werewolves are created by the Daedric god Hircine, god of the Hunt, created them to join him in the afterlife as his hunting companions.

    Vampires on the other hand were created when another Daedra ((Perhaps Hircine’s brother)) Molag Bal, patron god of Dominion and conquest created them after raping a mortal woman. After which he shed his own blood onto her and left her to die. The people of that time found her but at that point it was too late and she died, but relived as a servant of Molag who then spread her powers to others.

    Another notable thing to realize about the two beings, is that they are in fact reliant on the same food source, as they both Eat or feed off of Humans in some way or another. This competition for food could be very similar to the struggle of Apex predators of real animals. And even the struggle between people who live in the same area but are not of the same country, or bloodline but require the same food ((Prevalent in Cannibalistic culture.))

    The final piece may lie in the fact that they simply are too different for them to accept one another. One roams both night and day, the other is restricted solely to Night. One is loyal and well-meaning but has an urge that causes them to do things they don’t want or wouldn’t normally do ((Werewolves)) While the other is confined in to a life in the shadows of Humans (and werewolves) who roam about wherever they please, whenever they wish ((Vampires))

    This simple nature may all but overshadow the fact that they are both very similar. But perhaps their similarity is what causes so many to become steeped in brutal hatred.

  • Brenden

    We hate vampires because of how they treat humans. They have no care for them. Yet even though we do have less self control on the full moon and if you are in our way things will not end pretty we pitty the humans. You are right pretty much but the hate goes more then just who is a better monster. But sorry it is you humans that are the true monsters you kill each other and wage wars for what? We don’t kill are own I can even say for vampires do not kill their own(but you always have a bad seed on occasion). I forgot where I was going with this….

    • Kellie

      Just to let you all know. I 100 present agree with brenden you humans kill each other like there is nothing better to do. See I do not have a pack yet but I think I might be in one soon but still I would not kill my pack for fun humans are weak and are fearful that are afraid of every thing that is different. I am friends with a vamp and a witch so wow. It’s. just really dumb how what seams like its a bad and scary thing dose not always mean it is soo think about this humans. Oh and btw no we do not eat humans will I do not at lest I like cow meat yumm cow

      • kingwerewolf

        If u are really a werewolf can u make me into one really love werewolfs

    • twilightlover

      In some books, TV shows and movies vampires LOVE humans such as The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, New Moon and I’m pretty sure eclipse too

  • Olcan

    I agree, humans, if you think about it, are obsessed with death, and killing each other oh, and , being normal, that they are not the best kind of creatures. So that’s why when we tell them about us, they think were freaks, so, just leave us alone, please.

  • Vampiresexist

    Vampires don’t either. And as one I resent that

  • Donald

    As a vampire, the wolves hate us because we did cast them into slavery. A few vamps tried to get them out. Then the war came. That’s a legend passed from teacher to student. Some wolves and vamps have actually married and had kids since the war started. It’s not over yet

    • Larise

      I, as a human agree completely, we are controlled and opressed by our lust for death and destruction. And are much more vulnerable to the call of darkness that lurks in the soul of weak willed and weathered down men.

  • Ayush

    I also want to became a vampire now