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Fessenden Does Frankenstein

This is news that gets me excited. Writer/Director Larry Fessenden, who has previously graced the world with such stupendous films as WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER, and BENEATH, is taking a stab at Frankenstein! Here’s the official spiel for the film DEPRAVED, due out on the festival circuit this month: “Alex (Owen Campbell) leaves his girlfriend…

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No more DEATH DAY, Bughuul heading to TV?

I’d be fine with it, actually, if Jason Blum brought his SINISTER franchise, along with its star Bughuul to television, as he recently suggested he might do on Twitter. This announcement came after he answered a fan’s question regarding the possibility of seeing SINISTER 3 in theaters with a resounding “nope.” (In regards to television…

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Was there a REAL Phantom of the Opera?

Okay, so Gaston Leroux (No one hits like Gaston! Matches wits like Gaston! In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston!…What, nobody? Really?) was a journalist before he became a novelist with his THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in 1911. The book was, in fact, first published as a series of articles in the French…

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Victor Hugo on Dracula

Some interesting things purported in this linked article. Allegations that the Ottoman Sultan kept Vlad Dracula’s head in a container filled with honey? I’d not heard that one before. It is commonly accepted in Dracula lore than the Sultan did have Vlad’s head displayed after the latter’s assassination, as a warning to others who might…

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Baker Book and PLAN 9 Model Kit

Monsters in Motion is a repository for all kinds of cool stuff. Stuff you can’t get anywhere else. I’m not getting paid to pimp them, either. This is strictly voluntary on my part. I do that sometimes, with sites I like. I have in the past purchased a THE TINGLER model kit from M.I.M.. My…

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A Word to the Unwise

I get a lot of requests from people wanting me to transform them into vampires, or wanting me to tell them how to transform themselves into vampires. I don’t even bother responding, most of the time. I don’t know if these are people who are mentally disturbed, or if the requests are from children, or…

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Book Review: FANTASMAGORIANA: “The Death’s Head”

A prodigal son story, in which the wayward offspring ran off to join a troupe of performers and in the process pissed off dear old dad. Instead of waiting patiently for his son to return home like the father in the Bible story, however, the father in “The Death’s Head” disinherits his son and leaves…

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Ratings For The Season Finale of THE PASSAGE

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. It all comes down to the ratings. Ratings are dollar signs. And as I’ve said before, the numbers required for a show from one of the networks to be considered a success are ridiculously high compared to a cable series. The two-part season finale of THE…

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Of Rooks and Wolves

I’ve been waiting for my character, The Rook, who may have been turned into a Tulpa, to put in another appearance. Things have been quiet here lately, though, although I do think he may have followed me home. I haven’t seen anything, but there’ve been unexplained noises, and something has scared the hell out of…

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Beating A Dead Horse

An appropriate analogy, don’t you think, since we are addressing the subject of zombies? Never mind that ratings for THE WALKING DEAD are at the lowest they’ve ever been in the show’s history. And never mind that actors are jumping off the ship right and left. AMC isn’t giving up on THE WALKING DEAD. Not…

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MOMO Is Back

My online buddy Lyle Blackburn recently commented on the irony of this, the fact that he has a new book out entitled MOMO: THE STRANGE CASE OF THE MISSOURI MONSTER (get yourself an autographed copy here!), at the same time as the “MOMO Challenge” is all up in the news again. I told him it…

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Speaking Out For The Victims Of Jack The Ripper

I’m not sure if the lady who is the subject of this linked article would like me very much. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of use for Ripperologists, of which I am one. Also, I think she’s wrong. Based on my own studies, I believe there were more than five victims of the…

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