10 Celebrities Who Are (Probably) Secret Vampires

Either they haven’t aged or their demeanor is simply suspect, these celebs must have the key to eternal life.

Tilda Swinton is #1, and that’s not only because she’s played a vampire, –and a sort-of-evil archangel, –she has this androgynous, fragile quality; she’s a woman I would call handsome, not pretty. Angelina Jolie is #2 on the list, –but frankly, I don’t agree, and I know it sounds horrible and mean, but hey. Vampires don’t get breast cancer. #3 is Bianca Lawson, –eh, a little too B-list for me to give that many shits if she’s a vampire or not. Next: Jared Leto; he’s not a vampire, he’s just weird.

Dakota Fanning; dude… Not a vampire, of they could have used her in more Twilight movies. There’s a photo of her in the source’s gallery that shows sideboob, and it kinda skeevs me out. #6 is Nicolas Cage, and just because he thinks he’s a vampire, doesn’t mean we have to. #7 Gwen Stefani; also, not a vampire, but she definitely sold her soul to Satan to sell records. #8 is Pharrell. Yes. Definitely a vampire: check out a recent picture of this guy, he looks like a teenager, with baby smooth skin, and an overall just gorgeous face, –believe it or not, the man is in his 40s. The last two, also definitely vampires: Queen Elizabeth, and Oprah.

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