10 True Blood Dating Tips; Wisdom From The Coffin and Beyond

1.  Respect Your Date


Everyone has feelings, so try not to stare at any physical defects, even if their dental issues skeev you out.

2.  Wear What You’re Comfortable In


The lumberjack look doesn’t work for everyone… but when it works, it …shit, what was I talking about?

3.  Be Willing to Try New Foods


If you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, taste it. You might like it so much, you’ll want to punch your date in the face!

4.  Don’t Worry If It Doesn’t Work Out

breakup talk

It’s unlikely you’ll meet your soulmate right way, just hang in there, and don’t be afraid to have that hard talk with someone.

5. Avoid Embarrassing Situations at the Office


Be aware of dating anyone that might be related to any of your associates; that could lead to awkward confrontations at the office.

6.  Don’t Move Too Fast!


Careful that you don’t ask for or give your date any items that might make them uncomfortable, like keys, or live animals.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Point Out Your Own Needs

going down

It the girl or guy seems to be getting all the action, bring it up; if they have a problem pleasing you, then work it out together, or agree to see other people.

8.  When Is It Time To Invite Them Over?

eric in thee house

When you’re comfortable with their personality, and feel like you can trust them enough that they won’t kill you in your sleep. Or before you’re asleep.

9.  Pick Places You Can Both Enjoy


Dating is hard enough without bombing on your first destination; figure out what your date likes first!

10.  Respect the Parents


Alway keep in mind; a person’s relationship with his or her parents is different. Respect the parents, even if your date complains.

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