12 Of The Biggest Beefs Between Characters On The Vampire Diaries

Counting the 15 biggest problems that characters from The Vampire Diaries have had with each other over the years, –past and present. I mean, between all the main characters on this show, they’ve all wanted to kill each other at some point or another. And then somehow, they all end up having sex, or kissing, or crushing on one another too.

1. Caroline and Stefan and Elena and Damon, Oh My! This is one of the more recent developments on The Vampire Diaries. Despite the fact that Elena and Damon are a thing, we all know that Stefan has like, the biggest hard on for Elena, he always has, since like, Day 1. Now, in walks Caroline, Stefan’s backup girl. Caroline is Damon’s ex. So… we have two sets of issues here; Caroline is probably not all that thrilled because Stefan’s probably always going to have feelings for Elena, and Elena’s probably not exactly thrilled with Stefan and Caroline. And Damon’s always pissed off about something, and this is just gas on the fire. So much awkwardness.

bitchkath2. Katherine Just Pisses Everyone Off: Do I really need to go anywhere else with this? She’s caused so many fights, so much trouble, and most of it was the huge wedge she drove between the Salvatore brothers, dating as far back as before they were even vampires. Katherine is basically the reason for The Vampire Diaries existence.

3. Damon and Stefan Constantly Fighting Over ElenaDamon and Stefan fighting over Elena in early episodes; remember when Damon got bitten by the werewolf and were all, “Romg, if Damon dies, never again will we watch the show” –we said the same thing back in 2011 about Elena too… and now she is leaving, along with another member of The Vampire Diaries cast. Figures. But yeah, anyway, the biggest conflict ever, was between Damon and Stefan over who got to be Elena’s boyfriend. And it really kicked off when Damon got bit by the werewolf, because that was one of his first super sweet moments with Elena… which really pissed Stefan off big time.

Tyler24. Tyler’s Psychotic Rage & Matt’s Need to Take Him Down a Peg: Tyler and Matt’s mom actually had a weird moment, that was super gross, but then, to add insult to injury, Tyler and Caroline paired up while Caroline was supposed to be with Matt. But, in her defense, Matt also sort of ended up flipping out when he found out she was a vampire, and despite the torture from her dad, and the torture from Tyler’s werewolf friends, she ended up being with Tyler for a lot longer than she was with Matt. Ever wonder if The Vampire Diaries cast ever echoes some of their characters’ feelings?

Klaus_and_Tyler5. Tyler Doesn’t Want to Be Klaus’s Hybrid Guinea Pig: Because who actually wants to be someone’s experimental lab rat hybrid thing? Tyler Lockwood has a really bad temper, and he not only fought Klaus’s ambitions, but eventually, ended up leaving town for a long while to try to get his transformations under control. Swoon over the Vampire Diaries poster for Tyler all you can now, because Michael Trevino is leaving the show with Nina Dobrev, soon.

6. Bonnie Hates Vampires… Her Best Friend is Dating One: This might take you back to earlier episodes; remember when Bonnie went all, vampires-are-evil-no-gray-area-just-evil? It was when she basically collaborated to kill like, all the vampires in Mystic Falls, because she was butthurt? This made things between her and Elena really tense at the time, because they were best friends… and when you BFF tries to like, for real, kill your BF… dude, not cool. By the way, you should stock up on your Vampire Diaries shirts with Elena on them, because… after this season, you can pretty much count those as collectors’ items.

7. Stefan Let Elena’s Parents Die: Remember how… Elena’s parents died in a car accident, via drowning, and Stefan rescued Elena, but couldn’t save her parents? It’s been a somewhat perverse thought I’ve had for a while, (I’m still a huge fan, I even have a Vampire Diaries necklace) but I have this theory that I think plays a big part in why Elena and Stefan don’t work as a couple, even though they’re sort of soul mates. I think that in some part, Elena can’t help but hold it against Stefan that he couldn’t save her parents. He’s got super strength, and super speed, but still could only save one person from the car? Even I have a hard time buying that.

Katherine-Stefan-katherine-and-stefan-21214398-500-2408. Stefan Hates Katherine The Most: This is one of the oldest grudges in the story; Stefan has never really forgiven Katherine, and it wasn’t until her death that he was finally able to just let go of all the negative energy he had stored up in toxic barrels with her name on them. She turned him, turned his brother, disappeared, and didn’t care enough to bother to let them know she was even alive. He blamed her for a lot of what went wrong, in his very long life. If you have any Vampire Diaries merchandise with Katherine on it, those are probably collectible too, since Nina Dobrev is pretty much ending her entire career with TVD.

9. Battle of the Blondes; Rebekah vs Caroline: Okay, guys, this one was totally classic, two blonde vampires, going head to head in high school, and plus! the younger vampire, Caroline, is also being crushed on by Klaus, brother of Rebekah, the older, more superior (in her mind anyway) vampire. Speaking of Rebekah, and lost cast members, if you have any Vampire Diaries shirts with Rebekah on them, keep ahold of those too, since she’s probably never going to be on anything except The Originals now. I’ve never liked my brothers’ girlfriends, at first anyway, it’s sort of a “You’ll never be good enough!” attitude that I think a lot of moms and big sisters share. And Rebekah totally hated Caroline, way down, even moreso after Caroline literally stabbed her in the back.

10. Caroline Has Stockholm Syndrome; Bonnie’s Not Giving Back the Necklace: This is from an early episode, and I remember how said it was when Bonnie and Caroline were fighting. Bonnie, along with being Elena’s best friend, is also Caroline’s best friend. They initially had their first big beef because Damon wanted the necklace back from Bonnie, and Bonnie’s Gram told her never to let it go, because it belonged to her ancestor, Katherine’s witch, Emily Bennett. This is back when Bonnie was really first discovering her witchy heritage, and the necklace thing really drove a wedge between her and Caroline. Caroline also had a battered housewife mentality at the time, courtesy of Damon.

11. Damon Did Sort of Kill Jeremy: Let’s not forget, guys, just a couple seasons ago on The Vampire Diaries, Damon broke Jeremy Gilbert’s neck, out of sheer spite with Elena. He says he knew that Jeremy was wearing the ring (magic resurrection family ring) but I suspect there’s a feeling among most of us, when we saw it anyway, that Damon didn’t realize it. He just acted, because he was being a dick.

tumblr_lz3ets5y5J1qkygcwo1_1280_large12. Caroline’s Dad, Bill Forbes, is A Complete Lunatic: Caroline and her dad, Bill Forbes, the one who left Liz because he’s gay, –which isn’t really pertinent at all to the story, it just establishes diversity among The Vampire Diaries cast. The real story is that, despite having been out of town for a long time, he used to be on the Mystic Falls’ Town Council, –which is basically just a league of vampire hunters, trying to keep vampire awareness alive. He finds out Caroline is a vampire, and tries to torture it out of her, for all intents and purposes.


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