2010: A Year of Vampires

This was a big year for vampires; they’ve been everywhere. When 2010 began, vampire fans were enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready for a year of vampire madness. It wasn’t unfounded; the vampire had a lot of potential this year, with so many people ready to gobble up whatever the entertainment industry decided to cook up, as long as vampires were a main ingredient. And we got it.

Films this year were pretty out of control; I don’t think that the Twilight machine churned out the blockbuster that they swore they would, but there’s still two more of those to go. This year, Eclipse came out, which was pretty entertaining, and even emotional, moderately improving on the last film, New Moon, that came out in 2009, which I also liked (I took my grandma to see it, she was very impressed with Jacob’s ab muscles; we both were). Eclipse was epic; the film was attractive, more violent, and it was also epic in length. I am still intrigued enough to watch the next film, which might be saying more than most people.

But that wasn’t the only film in 2010’s vampire repertoire, another notable film was “Let Me In”, the American remake of the Swedish hit film, ‘Let the Right One In’. To be honest, I’ve been a little cautious in my approach to Let Me In, but everyone has told me that’s it’s better than expected. I’m remake-a-phobic, but I’m sure I’ll see it soon, and probably pass on my own colorful little review in no time.

The other movie to make a big splash this year was Daybreakers, which made its waves by presenting vampires in a new, original plight. However, it seemed to succeed not so much because of its few big name actors, but in spite of them. Their performances weren’t particularly memorable, individually, but together, they pulled through and made a single, inseparable force to be reckoned with.

A couple other films broke out of the starting gate as well, but pretty much dropped dead where they stood. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, went straight to DVD, and Lost Boys 3 was fun, but the first sequel was so horrible that it made too many fans of the original film too paranoid to go near the third film. So although it might have been more of a success, it made so many people wary, that it won’t become a cult classic, most likely, for another couple of years. If ever.

Vampires in television this year were probably bigger than all the vampires in theater could ever hope to be. Because we all know that what everyone was really looking forward to, was True Blood’s third season. Honestly, this show could give someone considering suicide a reason to live. There have been days when I’ve actually thought to myself, “God, I hope I don’t get in a car accident, I really want to see the end of this season.” Alexander Skarsgard  has helped me become a safer driver.

True Blood broke records with its ratings this year, and next year, I’m predicting it will be just as popular. They’re introducing new villains, and it’s based on one of the most popular books in the Sookie Stackhouse series. The cherry on top of True Blood, was the return of The Vampire Diaries, which isn’t as popular or as graphic as True Blood, –basically, it’s like True Blood for younger kids. The story is much different from the books, so you never know what’s coming, and Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder is one of my other reasons for being a safe driver. And always buckling my seatbelt on the plane. There’s also been rumors circulating that a companion series may soon make an appearance.

Doctor Who brought us an episode that featured creatures similar to vampires, in Vampires in Venice, there are rumors of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot, BBC’s Being Human was so good that there’ll be an American remake in 2011, there’s vampiric atmosphere in Sanctuary, and Supernatural was good as always, although there aren’t too many vampires featured in the show. Sadly, The Gates didn’t last very long, before it was canceled. I suspect because it was too similar to Desperate Housewives, –even with the succubi and vampires. And don’t try to tell me those bitches aren’t succubi and vampires, because honestly, no one can simultaneously suck the life and sex out of men better than those women.

We covered great books these year too, featuring vampires, like: The Passage by Justin Cronin, Knuckle Supper by Drew Stepek, Vampyre Kisses with Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, the Eternal Vigilance series with Gabrielle Faust, and Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney. Vampires, actors from tv and film covered magazines and tabloids for their dirty deeds, and their accomplishments, and according to the media, vampires have contributed $7 billion to Hollywood’s economy. Doesn’t do a lot for the rest of us, but it might trickle down to improve the rest of the economy too, who can say? True Blood, Let the Right One In, and its American remake, Let Me In, all inspired comics and graphic novels; there was also a ‘Pinocchio the Vampire Slayer’ comic book as well. Vampires even invaded children’s books, with Dick and Jane and Vampires, –which to me, sounds like a bad porno title.

We got short webisodes from True Blood, and a web-only series called “Vamped Out”, and plenty other random vampire events, like the indecision to bring in Kate Beckinsale for Underworld 4. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Kate will be back; it won’t be the same without her. World of Warcraft added Blood Elves to their list of races, and Vampire: the Masquerade got its own MMORPG. Speaking of people getting things, Robert Pattinson now has his very own clone; an even waxier Robert now stands in Madam Tussaud’s wax museum. Even American Idol got in on the vampire fun, by dressing up their contestants as vampires for a Ford commercial. The assholes in the anti-tobacco companies have used vampires for marketing ‘truth’ too, despite the obvious multiple points of irony.

This year brought us some pretty sad moments too. Leslie Nielsen, of Love at First Bite, among his many other films, passed away. Peter Steele, the vamp rocker of Type O Negative, and Jean Rollins, director of many vampire films, were also lost this year. But with their passing, there are also so many more new directors and musicians that will follow, inspired, in their footprints, hoping to live up to the shining example of creativity and originality in the face of mediocrity that they presented to us while alive.

The year was rich with drama, comedy, and heartbreak, and horror, and vampires were at the center of it all. 2011 is bringing us new vampire series, new movies, new books, and hopefully, some new music, because I don’t know about you but I am sick of Vampire Weekend… barf. But only time will tell whether or not 2010 was the peak of vampire popularity; we know we can rely on True Blood to keep us afloat, but what about the new films? Will they suck? Or will we bite our tongues in 2011, and celebrate the vampire with even more fanfare and pomp than this year? What do you think? Will vampire un-live up to the challenge of keeping us interested next year?

By annimi

Ashley writes for Vampires.com, Werewolves.com, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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  3. This is all about 2010, right? Blood Elves have been a playable race in World of Warcraft since 2007, so I don’t think that really belongs here (plus they aren’t exactly vampire related other than the name, unless you count their addiction to magical energy, which would be stretching it I think).

    1. Thanks Tsubomi. I think we were recapping some of our own topics in 2010, and one of which was a World of Warcraft post on the Blood Elf. When were the Darkfallen introduced? The vampire inspiration is definitely there.

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  8. i think that 2010 was a great year for the vampires, but with all that went on i think it is impossible not to think it will spill over into this new year. after all vampires are still hot and books and movies (among many other vampire objects) are still being produced or are on the idea board. i just hope that they wont become cheesy this year.

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