5 Celebrities that Should be Vampires

The creature of the night hunts for his or her next unsuspecting victim, feeds on the helpless, and glows with super-human beauty. Don’t you ever wish that at least one of your favorite celebrities was a vampire and could live forever? Look no further; I’m going to offer a list of 5 beautiful people that reign the kingdom of Hollywood that I wish were blood suckers. Let’s see if your pick made the list…

1. Lady Gaga- This vamp tramp loves to “dance in the dark,” and the best thing about her is that she’s only in her mid-twenties. If this blond bombshell lived forever, she would without a doubt take over the world. My guess is that she would make her way back to Transylvania and move outward, collecting souls of men and make them her immortal slaves … it’s just a hypothesis!

2. Marilyn Manson- He was big in the 90s but if he lived forever, he could reign again as the king of scare. His voice is quite commanding when he sings and just his eyes make you want to cover your head when you go to sleep.

3. Rose McGowan- Even though her plastic surgery choices weren’t the best (in my opinion), she’s still a great candidate to be the next princess of darkness – think Elizabeth Bathory but in this day and age!

4. Anna Lynne McCord- This 90210 star potentially has what it takes to live forever. She is hot, has a great attitude, and sure knows how to act. What more would one want out of a sexy vampire? Talent just exudes out of this babe!

5. Jake Gyllenhaal- One word … smooth. In order to be a vampire, one must be a smooth talker and complete lady’s man. In my opinion, Gyllenhal fits the bill!

Who do you wish was a vampire? Why?

– Bryce


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  2. Seriously? What gender is Marilyn Manson? Talk about creep/emo. Jake Gyllenhaal…gay. Actress from 90210…sucks. Rose whatsername, never even heard of her. Try some people we could actually put up with forever, like Ryan Reynolds, Halle Berry or Woody Harrelson. Jesus.

    1. Guess it’s all a matter of opinion. I so can’t picture Halle or Woody as vampires, that seems weird to me. Ryan is pretty damn hot though. Rose played in Charmed and a few other big things, she is sexy and dark and would make a kickass vampire.

      1. Woody Harrelson does seem weird…I could totally see Ryan as one, he is so sexy. Halle Berry has got to be one of the most beautiful, wonderful woman on the planet, maybe she’d look good as a vamp or maybe not. I think Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lopez would be good vamps as well.

    2. what the heak i am 12 and i love marlin manson i have only 2 of his cds but i am not complaning bout that.i dont get how someone or thing can not like him u the no gender thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 4 d risin f d power which s ment 2 b a man (motal)born f man cönceive by a woman shld f no reason b a vampire s he/she porsess.

  4. I agree with Werewolf Paul’s Girlfriend in that Jesus would be an awsome vampire. Eat my flesh, drink my blood, blah blah blah. Also, the entire cast of the Simpsons so I can watch forever..\/.

    1. I’m pretty sure the cast of the Simpsons ARE vampires already. Have they even grown up a day in the 20 years they’ve been on? LOL.

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