5 Cool Facts About Multi-Talented ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Kat Graham

The Vampire Diaries is back on our screens tomorrow, putting the second half of season 6 on course for a dramatic climax. Today, we look at the shows star Kat Graham and her multi-faceted career. Here’s 5 things about the beauty.

Kat Graham is crazy sexy, and she’s been in a lot of different stuff; she’s had small roles in movies (I remember seeing her in The Roommate) and on other TV shows, –like Grounded for Life, –which I was only watching because it’s on Netflix and I have no life. Trust me, has nothing to do with liking the show, or any other “Malcome in the Middle” sitcom types, where the kids run wild and their parents are completely idiotic white trash.

Cool thing #1? She’s a fairly successful musician, with a new album coming out called 1991, a tribute to early 90s pop R&B. Cool thing #2: she was actually born in Switzerland. They really know how to grow em over there, dude. Cool thing #3: She also been in other films, such as Addicted and Honey 2. Cool thing #4: Kat Graham was engaged to a total hottie with an adorable chihuahua… there’s something irresistible about a hot guy who walks around with a chihuahua in one hand. But they split up. Cool thing #5: she’s likely to become the female lead in The Vampire Diaries, and she’s showing up in a short film titled “Muse”. Let’s hope at least Kat Graham keeps her movie career as live and kicking as possible.

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