5 Reasons to Love The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is back again for its second season and the fans are going crazy for their favorite show, as they should because come on, the show rocks! So this one is for all of our Vampire Diaries fans out there – what are five things you absolutely love about the Vampire Diaries? Let us know in a comment below!
Here’s my list:

1. Vampires! Ok ok, this is an obvious one. But I LOVE vampires and a show about vampires gets 100 awesome points. Actually, I love all supernatural things and Vampire Diaries has not only vampires but witches and werewolves too. So Vampire Diaries gets 1000 awesome points.

2. Many may not know this, but most of the cast members on the Vampire Diaries are huge do-gooders. Philanthropy is a big thing with these guys, which is something I have never ever seen from another show before. If you follow their twitter you’ll see how important it is to them that our world and all the living things in it are taken care of. Ian Somerhalder constantly fights to save our waters, animals and people. Same with Candice Accola, Nina Dobrev and the others. They make a huge difference by helping out charities and voicing their concerns. You may wonder why this makes me love the Vampire Diaries more, but for me, knowing how caring the cast is makes me want to support the show even more.

3. The cast is gorgeous! I swear, if there was award for the sexiest cast the Vampire Diaries would win hands down. The women are all flawlessly beautiful, and the men, mmm mmm, sexy as hell. Every shirtless scene with Damon or Stefan leaves me drooling. Those boys should be shirtless in every episode. Even with clothes on they’re hot, I mean, have you seen the season two promo photos (if not check out the gallery below)?

4. On top of looking good, the cast is full of incredibly talented actors. There’s nothing worse than watching a show with awful acting, but the Vampire Diaries nailed it. Take Nina Dobrev for example, she not only plays Elena but Katherine as well. Two very different characters and she has done an amazing job getting each one right. Then there’s Ian Somerhalder who blows me away every time he is on screen. The tortured Damon isn’t easy to portray, but Ian captures every moment perfectly – from the sinister and sexy scenes to the heartbreakingly sad and deep ones. I could go on and on, but every cast member gives an excellent performance.

5. The show has a diverse storyline, which I think is great. You’ve got the main characters, Damon, Elena and Stefan, and all of their drama, which takes center stage. But there are also the secondary characters and their stories. Most shows have this, but it’s usually background noise that doesn’t fit in with the whole story, but not Vampire Diaries, every separate plot line works and keeps you interested.

Now it’s your turn, we’d love to hear from fellow fans, so what 5 things do you love about The Vampire Diaries?

The sexy season two promo photos:

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. I suppose listing Damon over and over wouldn’t work, would it? Neither would listing the actor’s name hehe. He is perfect for his role in many ways, he looks so handsome and dangerous! I agree on the performances as well, amazingly talented people.

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  4. 1 the show is awesome, and im not really one who watches teen drama shows
    2 the actors and actresses who were cast are perfect in their roles, i wouldnt change a single one
    3 its different then other shows but interesting and that keeps my attenion
    4 it isnt always focused on Damon, Elena and Stefan they give everyone their screen time
    5 the epiodes are suspense full and every thursday after the show is done im already wishing it was the next week

  5. 1: Although it is a vampire show, we don’t just see vampires feeding only, we see a bit of everything: Love (mostly, im glad), feeding, Elena’s family and friends’ lives, it is about everything.

    2: The cast and their acting: Their acting is excellent, and they are nice to fans and care. They’re very talented, and Nina must be very talented to play two parts completley different, read two scripts, etc.

    3. I love how it brings the good side of vampires, it tells us like everyone’s different, Pearl and Anna, for example. I love how Damon changes throughout the show and i like it when it is shown that he cares.

    4. The fact that how each episode ends… it makes you want to have more and more

    5. How it includes everything supernatural, not just vampires

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