9 Insane Facts You Didn’t Know About The Vampire Diaries!

The Vampire Diaries keeps dedicated fans tuning in week after week thanks to it’s mysterious story lines, but there are actually some interesting behind the scene secrets about the show you should know as well.

It’s insane to me that I’ve seen this show, watched it with devoted interest …and some of this stuff is completely foreign to me. Can you believe, for example, –and this might be the craziest one to me, –Ian Somerhalder auditioned for a role on True Blood, and he said that it went so badly, he couldn’t even watch the show for the first two seasons? 

Ian, babe, –what you should have done was watch the first two seasons and then stop, because shit got wiggity-whack after that. Additionally, some of the stars speak so many languages .. it’s crazy, –Nina Dobrev for example, –is fluent in Bulgarian! What makes this cool, is that it’s possible for them to dub their own show in foreign languages. Well. Some of them anyway.

By annimi

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