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HALLOWEEN KILLS In (Un)living Color, and the Importance of Gay Representation

Watching the extended cut of HALLOWEEN KILLS recently, it struck me how every scene in my official HALLOWEEN KILLS coloring book—which I have fully finished with now, by the way, having burned through some substantial colored pencils to colorize the pages—is taken directly from a screenshot from the film. Like, down to even the small… Continue reading HALLOWEEN KILLS In (Un)living Color, and the Importance of Gay Representation


One of the special features included in the extended cut of HALLOWEEN KILLS, now available on Blu-ray and DVD, is a kill count. Before I watched it, though, I was keeping my own count, trying to see if I could keep up with the total number of people dispatched by Michael Myers in the film.… Continue reading HALLOWEEN KILLS Count

Movie Review: HALLOWEEN KILLS Extended Cut

In a way it feels like I’m cheating, providing two reviews for the same movie, but there are significant differences between the theatrical release of HALLOWEEN KILLS and the extended cut. Both versions are available on the DVD I just purchased yesterday and watched today while trapped inside by a snowstorm. (Both *trapped* and *snowstorm*… Continue reading Movie Review: HALLOWEEN KILLS Extended Cut


Thinking about the latest film in the franchise, HALLOWEEN KILLS, is the word “kills” supposed to be a noun or a verb? It makes more sense as a noun. These are the series of murders that takes place on Halloween. But it could also work as a verb, which is how I took it when… Continue reading HALLOWEEN COLORS

What’s Next for HALLOWEEN?

We can reasonably expect next year’s HALLOWEEN ENDS to put the definitive period to the current storyline of Michael vs. Laurie, which, as we found out in HALLOWEEN KILLS, isn’t really Michael vs. Laurie at all, but Michael vs. whoever is unfortunate enough to be in front of him and capture his fancy. But we… Continue reading What’s Next for HALLOWEEN?

HALLOWEEN: The Sister Angle

John Carpenter has been ambivalent about it, and he has been violently resentful. One could say the same thing about the man and HALLOWEEN II in general. He never really wanted to do the movie. Then once he’d agreed to do it, his ambivalence became evident when he chose not to direct it himself. Still,… Continue reading HALLOWEEN: The Sister Angle

Bob Odenkirk is in HALLOWEEN KILLS (Plus Michael’s Sense of Humor)

Yep, the guy I came to know and love from NOBODY. (I hear he’s also in some TV series called BETTER CALL SAUL but I’ve not seen it.) They needed a photo of the character Bob, the nerdy horndog dude killed by Michael Myers immediately after having, um, relations with PJ Soles’ Linda in the… Continue reading Bob Odenkirk is in HALLOWEEN KILLS (Plus Michael’s Sense of Humor)