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Hammer Film’s The Vampire Lovers Coming to Blu-ray Packed Full of Extras

Awesome news for fans of classic Hammer Films! The erotic and horrifying classic The Vampire Lovers is coming to blu-ray April 30, 2013. What makes this especially exciting is all of the bonus features you get along with the film – all new interviews, excerpts of Carmilla read my the stunning Ingrid Pitt herself, and…

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Film Flashback: Vampire Lovers

These cold winter nights are perfect for getting warm and cuddly on the couch, drinking hot cocoa and watching a classic vampire film – and what better film than today’s film flashback – Vampire Lovers. This 1970 flick was the first in Hammer Films Karnstein Trilogy, based loosely on Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla.” The film…

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Books You Gotta Have: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories By Women

No self-respecting relisher of the macabre should ever deny themselves a copy of a book brilliantly edited and most instructively introduced by the legendary anthologist Stephen Jones. If there could be like, a King of Anthology Editors, it would be Stephen Jones; I have one of the older MBO Best New Horror titles (the one…

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Countess Draculas

Arguably starting with the film Dracula’s Daughter, the notion of the famous Count’s distaff side attracted audience members and storytellers.  Ingrid Pitt of course starred in a film titled Countess Dracula, although the character in question was in fact Ezebet Bathori (quite famous in her own right). In fact, the original source material, i.e. Bram…

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Who Should Play Carmilla?

Two film versions of “Carmilla” are in some stage of production right now. A stage play based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s last work just opened in Chicago. With the number of Draculas numbering in the dozens, little wonder those interested in the genre find this female literary predecessor increasingly interesting. The current wave of…

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David’s Most Sexy Vampires

“Sexy” pretty much by definition remains subjective, but that is what makes lists like this one subject to debate.  Not that we’re minding that!  In fact, we encourage it!  Please feel free to offer your own notions! To try and cover a broad range without using an untenable about a space, here are the rules…

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New Carmilla On The Way

Yet another live version of Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s classic is on its way to the boards! We’ve covered other stage productions of Carmilla in the past, including that of Chicago’s Wildclaw Theatre and even a Canadian high school‘s version. Now another struggles its way to the stage in front of a live audience. The venue…

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The Many Faces of Erzebet Bathori

Other than Vlad the Impaler, surely the one historical figure most often assumed to have been a vampire is Erzebet Bathori (Elizabeth Bathory), a 17th century Hungarian Countess and serial killer. One can understand why, especially given the gothic trappings added to an already horrific life story. For the record, she did not bathe in…

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Top Future Vampire Women

With vampire books and films and t.v. series swarming the media, one thing we can perhaps look forward to is some famous beauties finally getting around to sporting fangs. Offered for consideration–four such that have been mentioned more than once on the web and who could potentially be quite fetching licking some fresh blood from…

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Top Ten Lesbian Vampires

Go to any search engine of your choice and type in the phrase “Lesbian Vampire.” The results will include a fair amount of scholarly essays, pure porn, a Wikipedia article, reviews to more than a few very cheap movies (as well as some of much higher quality), places where you can purchase anthologies as well…

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Brad Pitt Opens Up About Miserable Role in ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Based on the dark and powerful novel by Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire is one of the most popular of all vampire films. Over 10 years after its release Interview continues to be one of the most beloved of vampire movies with new fans falling in love with this beautifully heartbreaking tale every day….

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Young Dracula “Fight or Flight”

Season Five, Episode One (and spoilers do follow) It is back. The British not-such-a-children’s show Young Dracula began its fifth season this week with “Fight or Flight” taking place months after the end of season four. As per usual, things have to some extent been reset. The situation of the series has undergone some definite…

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