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Dracula’s Ball

Hey there vampire lovers, do you know what big event is quickly approaching? Shampoo Nightclub’s hugely popular Dracula’s Ball. One of the biggest vampire parties out there, perfect for the vamp fan looking for kickass live music, wicked costumes, dancing and an overall good time. Here’s what the Dracula’s Ball’s official website has to say…

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Dracula’s Tux

The phraseology of this article leaves a bit to be desired in terms of professionalism–not that I don’t sometimes leave a tad to be desired myself with my writing, as I do, in first person here and on our sister sites (,,, and–and tries just a teensy bit too hard to sound…

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Dracula’s Guest: The Deleted Chapter of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Dracula’s Guest is a deleted chapter from Bram Stoker’s legendary novel Dracula which was written with the rest of the story but omitted from the final version published in 1897. Even though it was left out of the book, Dracula’s Guest was eventually published in 1914 in Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Tales. While it’s…

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For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

“…Dracula’s Castle, is up for sale by its owners — the Habsburg royal line — and the Romanian government has apparently placed an $80 million bid on the storied mansion.” Yeah but… how many bathrooms does it have? Is there a pool, –and what are the schools like in this neighborhood? Just think, with a…

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Dracula And “The Devil’s Waltz”

When you look closely at the original Bram Stoker Dracula novel, one of the things that strikes you is how much the story is in fact about loyalty and relationships.the night desk’s insight:As weeks progress, we are draw deeper and deeper into Dracula’…


New Original Vampire Show in the Works – Vlad Dracula

A brand new vampire show is on the way! Woo! Famed film writer and creator J. Michael Straczynski (Thor, Underworld: Awakening) has partnered with producer Roy Lee (How to Train Your Dragon, The Ring) for Vlad Dracula, an original series in development for Starz. Starz is best known for their hit show Spartacus, a series…

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Dracula’s War is Coming

Director Jonathan A. Moody’s film Dracula’s War was announced forever ago (…a few month ago) and I’ve been waiting for more info on the project, but none came, making me think the film had been axed. But according to the Sick Flick Productions’ Facebook Page, the movie is still in the making! So the good…

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Countess Draculas

Arguably starting with the film Dracula’s Daughter, the notion of the famous Count’s distaff side attracted audience members and storytellers.  Ingrid Pitt of course starred in a film titled Countess Dracula, although the character in question was in fact Ezebet Bathori (quite famous in her own right). In fact, the original source material, i.e. Bram…

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Dracula’s Lament

I like Jason Segel, despite not liking most of his work, or at least the work he is known for. I despise that sitcom he stars in, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I’ve seen a few episodes, and it’s typical dumbed-down sitcom joke-bait. And I didn’t at all care for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. It’s the…

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Dracula’s Bleak Midwinter

Christina Rossetti wrote the poem “A Christmas Carol”, aka “In the Bleak Midwinter”, in 1872. It was set to music in the early 20th Century, at which point it became a popular Christmas song. Though its popularity has waned in the decades since, you still hear it on occasion. Here are the lines/lyrics: “In the…

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Film Flashback: Dracula’s Daughter

There may be a handful of new vampire movies being released every month, but we can’t forget about those old school vamp flicks. So it is film flashback time, and today’s vamptastic film is Dracula’s Daughter. Dracula’s Daughter is a 1936 vampire horror movie that was a sequel to the 1931 film Dracula; it was…

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Watch ‘Dracula’ … And Here’s Why

One of the most amazingly bizarre reinterpretations of the Dracula story is airing this season on NBC, and if you are not watching you’re seriously missing out.the night desk’s insight:If you have yet to see this incredible show, someone has come up wi…

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