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One Less Dracula

Here’s a bit of bummer news. That Dracula movie set to be helmed by Karyn Kusama (director of JENNIFER’S BODY) for Blumhouse has reportedly been scrapped. “Miramax is said to have exited, torpedoing what would have been a modern take on the mythos,” according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. DEADLINE went into a little more detail,… Continue reading One Less Dracula


The first images of Nicolas Cage as Dracula from the forthcoming film RENFIELD have been revealed to the world, and they are everything they ought to be. It’ll be a little over a year before we get to see the movie, but Mr. Cage is already hard at work channeling the Count. Nicholas Hoult may… Continue reading Here’s….Dracula!

Nicolas Cage is Dracula!

I promised over on our Twitter feed that I’d have more to say on this subject. Well, here it is: I’m stoked. A few short years ago I would have thrown my hands in the air in resignation. “Well, there’s one movie I won’t be seeing!” I would’ve said. Because at that time, the *other*… Continue reading Nicolas Cage is Dracula!

New Dracula Cast!

This is not the Dracula for the forthcoming Universal Horror movie, nor the other Dracula movie from Chloe Zhao. Both of those are in development, but no names have been revealed yet, no performers cast. No, this is yet another Dracula! (And can we ever have too many? I think not!) This is the Dracula… Continue reading New Dracula Cast!

The First DRACULA Artwork!

My compatriot Hans de Roos has done it again. This is the guy who brought to us the lost Icelandic translation (in actuality an entirely different version) of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, aka MAKT MYRKRANNA or POWERS OF DARKNESS, the guy who discovered the actual geographic location of Castle Dracula (the location of the one in… Continue reading The First DRACULA Artwork!

Mego Hammer Dracula

There’s this certain Walmart I’m no longer allowed to patronize. Generally speaking, the Walmart franchise is not known for its geek fare. They have a good selection of T-shirts, and there’s occasionally some good stuff. (I got a great Alien Queen figure for just 20 bucks at Walmart.) But—again, speaking in generalities, Target has a… Continue reading Mego Hammer Dracula