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A Batman Horror Movie?

Don’t get your hopes up. It isn’t going to happen. It was just an off the cuff remark made by James Wan, that’s all.

Here, read it for yourself: “In the past like most people I loved the idea of directing Batman, but a horror version of Batman. That would be a potential fantasy of mine, but I feel like he’s been done quite a fair bit. But, I do love the idea of doing an outright scary Batman. I feel like that’d be really cool.”

See, he’s not saying that he IS doing it. He’s not even saying he WOULD do it if given the opportunity. In point of fact, one could argue that he implies that he would NOT, as Batman has been “done quite a fair bit.” And that’s if he were even given the opportunity, which he won’t be. Warner Brothers is not going to, as they would see it, “waste” Batman on a Horror production when a straight, mainstream, PG-13-rated Batman flick would make more money. Wan, who jumped from the world of Horror to that of comics with AQUAMAN, which releases later this month, is merely saying that, in the past, the idea of doing a Batman Horror film appealed to him. It sounds appealing to us, too, but we, like Wan, should realize that it simply is not going to happen. The most we should hope for is a nice dark Batman movie with Horror elements, as we have been given in the past.

An ANIMATED Batman Horror movie, on the other hand, now that’s potentially doable…

TheCheezman • December 9, 2018

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