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A Black Dracula and a Bisexual Dracula

There are rumors going round. The upcoming BBC miniseries DRACULA starring Claes Bang in the title role will feature a bisexual vampire Count. This one seems to be true. And the online reactions have been about what one would expect. From the overwoke dilettantes hooting “It’s about time!” to the purists and those tired of PC inclusivism bitching and moaning. How do I feel about it? I fall somewhere in the middle. Bram Stoker himself was likely bisexual. (We don’t know if he acted on it.) And one can, if one chooses, read subtext into the DRACULA novel of all kinds of repressed Victorian sexuality. It could be an interesting take on it. No, it isn’t in the book. But so much that has been added to the Dracula mythos over the years is not in the book, either.

Then there’s the rumor that Wesley Snipes may be playing Dracula in the upcoming reboot of BLADE. This is a for sure departure from all the established canon. But I would be okay with it. Why, when I raised holy hell upon hearing the rumor some time back that they were considering doing a Superman movie with a black guy in the title role, would it not bother me here? Superman is a white guy. This is established. And Dracula is a white guy too. But there have been so, so many different depictions of the character. Count Dracula has been portrayed on film more than any other character, with only Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes coming close. So many different actors and so many different interpretations. Patrick Lussier’s DRACULA 2000 depicted the character as being Judas Iscariot! With such a myriad of differing depictions of the character, having a black guy in the role would be just one more of the multitude. And hey, we already have BLACULA!

TheCheezman • November 10, 2019

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