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I just don’t know about this one. I’m skeptical, but there’s an off-chance that it might work, if handled correctly. Still, that’s a big “if.” First and foremost, they CANNOT plan for it to be a “found footage” production. That shaky-cam stuff gets old fast, and is best appreciated in limited doses. No way are viewers going to tune in every week to risk motion sickness. Also, is there really enough undiscovered material left in the Blair Witch mythos to fuel an ongoing television series? A mini-series, maybe, but how much is there left of this story to tell, without sending some protagonist back in time, DARK SHADOWS-style, to the days before the Blair Witch got executed. (Actually, that’s not a bad idea.)

I’d almost prefer it if every episode wasn’t about the Blair Witch, per se. Maybe do like they did with FREDDY’S NIGHTMARES back in the 80s. (Do you remember that one?) Freddy wasn’t in every episode. In some of them, he just served as a host. (The episodes were of wildly varying quality, too.) Maybe do a sort-of anthology show, set in the town of Burkittsville, where all manner of supernatural things happen, only some of them relating to the Witch. Her presence would always be there, hovering, but they’d be able to explore fresh stories, too. I’d give it a try.

TheCheezman • March 6, 2018

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