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A Blum-verse? Yes, Please!

How cool would this be? Jason Blum of Blumhouse has gone on record stating that he’d like to integrate all his films, all the films under the Blumhouse banner, into a shared cinematic universe, ala what Marvel has going on. Obviously Mr. Blum doesn’t have creative control over some of the properties he has produced. GLASS belongs exclusively to M. Night Shyamalan, as is true of all Shyamalan movies, and the fact that Blumhouse produced the latest HALLOWEEN and BLACKKKLANSMAN doesn’t mean that he could use them for any projects of his own. But even if we take those off the table, all the projects to which he doesn’t own the rights, that still leaves a sizable stock from which to choose.

I never cared for any of the THE PURGE movies, but drop Baghuul from SINISTER in there and I’m suddenly very interested. Or how about having Tree, the spunky heroine of the HAPPY DEATH DAY movies, having to contend with Baghuul? (There has been talk in the past about doing a mash-up of the INSIDIOUS and SINISTER movies.) Blumhouse has all the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, the UNFRIENDED movies, the OUIJA flicks, even DARK SKIES and TOOTH FAIRY. The possibilities are nigh-endless.

TheCheezman • February 8, 2019

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