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A Christmas Ghost Who is Not Jacob Marley

Also this ghost is not representative of Christmases past, present, or yet-to-come either. And unlike those literary ghosts given immortal life by Charles Dickens, this particular ghost might be real. Like, real-world real. The Cobden’s Hotel in Capel Curig, Wales is said to be haunted, by several ghosts, in fact. One of them specifically chooses to act up at Christmastime, turning lights on and off. This allegedly happened every year, resulting in the spirit being nicknamed the “Christmas ghost.”

Sadly the hotel closed down in 2016. Laurie Pett, son of one of the hotel’s former proprietors, visited the now empty and boarded-up hotel and took a photograph of the hotel bar through the gaps in one of the windows. “Firstly I don’t know for sure, I’m aware of the power of suggestion, and of light anomalies so it might be nothing,” he said of the photograph. “But when I looked closely at the dark leather seat, or small settee, behind the white shadow, you can see two old men sat on the seat, with their caps on, and the shirt and tie of one of them, they are very faint but it’s there.” Take a gander at the photograph. Do you see it? If I’m being honest, I don’t see nothin’.

There is some good news regarding the haunted hotel: it is being renovated and is scheduled to reopen.

TheCheezman • January 7, 2020

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