A Day in the Life of a Vampire

The following was taken from a true vampire’s diary; it was found in a deserted basement where a mass murder took place. A police report was filed but the mystery remains as to who these people were…

6:00AM: Head to the headbanger’s ball … we don’t mean glam rock or anything like that, but actually … well, we’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. We must dress to the nines in all of our gothic glory and keep company with the best of people.

2:00PM: We get out of the ball and go straight to a house party in the village. The only criteria is that we bring a vile of pure virgin’s blood to get in the door as our cover charge. Oh wait, we also have to bring a virginal stranger we met off the street to this little soiree we are having. There may or may not be a sacrificial meeting of the minds in a few hours.

4:00PM: It is time for the sacrificial meeting of the minds to begin. We take all of the strangers we met off of the street and disrobe them in a private, dark hall in the basement. They have no idea what is about to happen; our goal is to weed-out the potential blood suckers from the weak little pigs of this earth. The ones that make it to the end will be turned, and the ones that do not get sacrificed.

9:00PM: A bunch of us leave the soiree and head to the local watering hole … it’s a favorite spot of ours and only the beautiful and rich get in as well. We dance the night away to the best in death metal and gothic classics throughout the ages.

How would you spend your time if you were a vampire?

– Bryce


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