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A double helping of Rice

Anne Rice and her son Christopher announced recently in a joint Facebook post that they will be teaming up to write a book together, a sequel to Anne’s popular THE MUMMY, or RAMSES THE DAMNED, which came out in 1989. If you read it, you probably remember that it ended with the promise for a sequel, but that next installment never arrived. Hey, look, she never said WHEN the book would come out, did she? Look at TWIN PEAKS. It took 25 years for us fans to get a third season. In fact, creator David Lynch intended it that way. Remember when Laura Palmer’s ghost, in the final episode of season two, promised Agent Cooper that she would see him again in 25 years? Who is to say that Ms. Rice didn’t plan for THE MUMMY sequel to take equally long to appear? Well, she did, it would seem, if you watched the video broadcast. She insinuated that she never got around to writing the book not due to some grand mad scheme like Lynch’s but because, uh, she never got around to it. But hey, she could be pulling the wool over all our eyes, couldn’t she?

Whatever the reasons for the delay, fans should just celebrate that the book is coming out.
WHEN will it be available for sale? November of this year—barring any more delays.

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TheCheezman • March 12, 2017

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