A Monster High Movie and TV Show?!

I first wrote about Monster High a few months ago and the response I got from that one post was shocking! You gals absolutely love Monster High! It has gotten so popular the Mattel isn’t stopping at dolls, books, and YouTube clips – they’re going bigger – a Monster High movie and TV show!

TV Show
On Halloween, Nickelodeon premiered the first 30 minute episode of Monster High entitled ‘New Ghoul @ School’ and it was a huge success! It was just a Halloween Special, but since it was such a big hit there are now rumors of a full show. Unfortunately, that’s all we are going on – rumors. Sources are saying that more episodes on are on way, but Mattel has yet to either confirm or deny this. But judging by the popularity of the special they would be crazy not to make more full episodes.

Mattel, in conjunction with Universal Pictures, announced that it was developing a live-action Monster High musical! According to reports:

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are developing MONSTER HIGH the movie for Universal Pictures. They will write the script for the live action musical movie described as Beetlejuice meets The Addams Family and it will feature “famous monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman undergoing the trials and tribulations of high school.”

Here’s a little info on those two – Afred Gough and Miles Millar were both producers on Hannah Montana: The Movie and Smallville and they have written for Spider-Man 2, Shanghai Noon and a few other BIG titles. So if these two are behind the Monster High flick then you know it’s going to be huge.

Currently there isn’t more info on this upcoming flick; it appears that Mattel is being pretty secretive when it comes to Monster High’s future. All we know is that there is a possibility that there will be more episodes and that a live-action movie is planned.

So what do you fans think? Are you more excited about a Monster High cartoon show or a Monster High movie with real people? Let us know in a comment below.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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  3. I would love to see a Monster High Movie w/ real people. The show was pretty good cuz it shows how high school truly is. But the show isn’t enough. A movie would be so much better than the show.

  4. i have kids and asked them, they do not want to see real people, but they do want to see more of the cartoon type. they said it wouldnt be the same.

  5. Yeah I can’t wait for a monster high movie with real people and lots more animated shows & movie’s I LOVE MONSTER HIGH!!!! ;} wonder if the movie will be based off the books or totally defferant?

  6. I wish they would make the movie based on the books a bit more. The books had an awesome story line to them and while I love the characters on the animated tv series, it seems like they sort of dumbed them down and completely took out several central characters to the plot. They probably will base the movie off the animated series because it is so popular and most of the fans of the series now is because of the show. I just hope they don’t completely make a laughing stock out of the movies because I have been hoping they would make a movie out of the series. Let us just hope those directors and producers know what they are doing.

  7. It won’t be complete without doing live action and making it more for boys and girls and not just girls aside from the books and movies, there isn’t anything for guys to be interested in with monster high and that’s a huge failure on universals part so yes to live action and don’t let it be a sexist franchise im in my mid 20s and can enjoy it so do what’s right for the whole world not a small group of single minded individuals besides it will make them more money as it is if they do this they actually don’t have a choice in the matter for that reason.

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