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Sony’s gonna milk that sucker for all its worth. I’m talking about their contract with Marvel. They have the movie rights to Spider-Man and all Spider-Man characters. I have no idea how they determined which characters are a part of the package. Knowing how maddeningly specific legalese tends to be, I expect they listed each character by name. That would mean somebody on Marvel’s end had to sit down and write up a list of those characters. Then lawyers over on Sony’s side went through the list and, like when dealing with prospective jurors for a criminal trial, either approved those characters or struck them from the list. Probably they made requests for the addition of characters that weren’t on the list to begin with. Whatever. The point is, Sony has the rights to the Spider-Man characters and they’re using them. Though reports are that the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is on hold (thank goodness) and the Sinister Six flick is either in production or cancelled depending on the day of the week, VENOM is slated to come out this fall. (And the trailer looks surprisingly good.)

Depending, I would expect, on how well VENOM does at the box office, we may get a Morbius movie. That’s Morbius, the Living Vampire. There’s a script written, handled by the same dudes who wrote DRACULA UNTOLD and the latest POWER RANGERS movie, so that’s promising. I think the VENOM flick will succeed or fail deepening on whether or not they try to link it too closely with Spider-Man. If they’re gonna do a Morbius flick, they need to keep Spider-Man out of the mix altogether. They could always have Morbius encounter him later, but Morbius needs his own complete film to begin with.

Having always loved the character, I do hope we see a Morbius movie. And I do hope VENOM rocks. As for the rest, I’m glad SILVER AND BLACK bit the dust, and I hope the Sinister Six do likewise. Any connection with the godawful AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 needs to be severed and the stump needs to be burnt to prevent it re-growing. Sow that ground with salt.

TheCheezman • June 11, 2018

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  1. Terry Washington June 12, 2018 - 2:34 am Reply

    Just curious- WHO is lined up to play Morbius’s girlfriend Martine Bancroft?

  2. evilcheezman June 14, 2018 - 8:08 pm Reply

    No casting decisions have yet been made.

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