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I was sad, am still sad, that my favorite store, NIGHTMARE TOYS, relocated from Madison, Alabama, which is within relatively easy driving distance for me, to Las Vegas, Nevada, which is not. But my sadness is tempered by how happy I am for my friends Philip and Kristy, the owners of the store. There’s no question that the move is a good one for them. Right now the store, like everything else outside of Georgia, whose Governor is trying to win the award for biggest dumbass in state government, is shuttered, awaiting the subjugation of the coronavirus. But the downtime has allowed them a more leisurely pace to get the new place up and running, so that’s one positive to take away from it. They also continue to do good business online.

Take a look at this video Kristy shared recently with her Facebook friends. This is the new store. It’s going to be gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than it currently is, once all the decorating is done. The artist who created the murals is named Tony Castle. He did some fine work rendering the icons of the Horror genre on the storefront walls, didn’t he? The only thing missing? An inclusion of Dracula!

TheCheezman • May 5, 2020

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