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A Night with KISS

Remember that you heard it here first. KISS is currently on their “End of the Road” tour, supposedly the final tour the band will undertake. (I caught them in concert during their *last* final tour, too, back in 2000.) But both founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have stated that this “might not be the end” for the band. I don’t expect them to stop performing, though they may limit their engagements upon completion of this current tour, cut out the massive touring. Moreso, I predict the next stop for them will be Broadway. I predict we will soon be enjoying KISS: THE MUSICAL. Like I said, remember that you heard it here first.

Even if a person is not a fan of KISS’s music, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being blown away by their stage show. Nobody puts on a show like KISS puts on a show. N-O-B-O-D-Y. The pyrotechnics, the FX, the theatricality. It’s magical. I caught their act in Birmingham, Alabama last week.

The arena was packed, and even if you were sitting up in the nosebleed section, where I was, the two huge video screens made every seat feel like a front row seat.

And since this a site devoted to all things vampiry and of interest to folks who are into things vampiry, yes, the Demon did drink and spit up blood, at the end of a rockin’ rendition of “God of Thunder”.

(Why have they never used this song in any of the Thor movies? What a wasted opportunity!)

The religious wackjobs protesting outside the arena, all three of them, must still be under the impression that it’s real blood, the blood of some infant the band murdered backstage. Some of the drunks were messing with the wackjobs, but I just ignored them. Forty-six years after first putting on the greasepaint, KISS is still offending the uptight. Now *that* is staying power!

TheCheezman • May 1, 2019

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