A Possible New Movie in the Works: ‘The Last Vampire’

‘The Last Vampire’ Movie In The Works (EXCLUSIVE) Variety “Vampire Academy” producer Michael Preger and his Preger Entertainment are giving more life to the undead, obtaining movie rights to Christopher Pike’s series “The Last Vampire.” Get The…

It’s been reported we may see yet another best selling vampire series in the theatres based on "the Last Vampire" book from Christopher Pike. How many of you have read the series? Are you excited about the possibly of this becoming a movie?

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  1. oh! I do recall these, they were ok. I guess the craze is making kids books into movies now…but ok is all they get, I guess they could be done well, we’ll see

  2. nope, cant give them better than ok, but I will add I read a LOT so my depth of books that are amazing & should be as popular as that silly teen dreck that’s hot now is deep…still these were better than some of the things that are “hot” now

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